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The New Sam and Me Cartoon

Hello, People!

I do hope everyone’s weekend is going well. Have fun and be safe!

Today I wanted to do a new Sam and Me cartoon but my old place of doing the cartoons shutdown. So sad as I really liked using them. So I found a new place to make my cartoons. Let me know what you think!






As you can see, Sam, me and the cat look a bit different on this cartoon than the old one. What do you think? Better? Worse? Not too bad?




26 thoughts on “The New Sam and Me Cartoon

      1. I feel sorry for the cat and his hairball. :)) I did not know there were programs that could do cartoons. I liked it but it doesn’t look a lot like Sam, does it? You looked snazzy in both cartoons.


    1. Yes, Bitstrips bit the dust. Without fanfare or reasons. I’m hoping this one will work out for me. I’m not talented like you are Bill, I need all the help I can get. πŸ˜‰


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