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My Incomplete List of Small Pleasures ~~ November 10, 2016

Hello, People!

This has been a tough week for many people, like my friends in the states, as it was election week. Whew! That one was certainly one for the books, eh?

I’ve been reading so many posts on here and Facebook that are full of disappointment, fear, and anger. Friends are arguing, family members are fighting and even strangers are blasting each other.

Nothing new for Facebook users I’m afraid, but I’ve sensed this underlying thread of something….not sure if it’s just fear or something more. Uncertainty I think.

A huge uncertainty for the future of many people.

Now this is not going to be a political post. I don’t do those. Was I disappointed in the election? Yes, I was. I’m a United States Citizen, living in Canada. I love both countries. I think what a lot of people fail to see is this……One man can not run the country. Even if he has a god complex. That’s just not how it works.

Anything he wants to do has to be approved by many. That’s how democracy works. The only thing that gives me hope is that the man will have many more “handlers” now than in civilian life.

Now, me, I wonder how he plans to redecorate the white house? Hmm, will it turn out to be the ‘Gold House’? 😉

That’s about as political as I will ever get. Enough said on that subject. Let’s move on to my list…….

The Incomplete

Sunshine ~~ Ah, even when I feel bad, as long as the sun is shining I have hope that things will get better.

Friends ~~ I love my friends. They cheer me up, make me laugh, and make me feel like I belong.

My dog Sam ~~ A day without Sam would be a dark day indeed. How so much love can be inside a small eight-pound bundle of fur is beyond me. He accepts me at my worst and cuddles me until I’m ‘me’ again. I love this little dog so much.

Sweet smelling candles ~~ A flickering light, tantalizing fragrance, a feeling of zen, right in my own little room. Blissful.

My stubbornness ~~ It makes me get up and do things even when I feel like crap. It keeps me moving. Otherwise, I’m afraid I would lay down and never get back up some days.

Other people’s talents ~~ There are so many talented people out there. Writers that make me strive to be a better writer. Singers who make me feel each line. Poets who make me appreciate that written word. Artists who make me smile with their drawings, paintings, and carvings.

Beauty in this world ~~ Which there is plenty of it if one looks for it. Take a look around and then try to tell me I’m wrong. No matter how bleak things can look there is always a beauty close by. It might be hidden but you can see it if you try.




Tell me something that gives you pleasure. 






23 thoughts on “My Incomplete List of Small Pleasures ~~ November 10, 2016

  1. Most of the president add some kind of entertainment to the white house, he will probably put a golf course. Needless to say I was depressed and did my share of crying yesterday. I am happy my surgery was canceled, I think my darkness wouldn’t have been good for recovering. I am exercising great restrain on FB. It is amazing me how many of my friends were Trump supporters. I have a lot of friends from the games I use to play and my lupus community. After seeing the Trump and Obama meet I felt a little better and the tentative ideals for “Trumpcare”. Though racism is being reported blatantly being exposed in the public. That’s what I feared for my children to have to face.

    Sorry for such a long reply. Bottom line I’m looking for sunshine.


    1. I understand, Kim. I think most Trump supporters are going to be surprised at how he is going to back pedal on a lot of issues. Only time will tell my friend. On the bright side we have outlived many such trials, we will this one also.


  2. I didn’t realize you are a US citizen living in Canada…interesting! One more thing to love about Canada, along with Rick Mercer and Red Green! Good post, re the election–“handlers”, yes. Though one commentator, immediately after Trump gave his “newly elected” speech, remarked that Trump doesn’t like the teleprompters, prefers to ad lib…so I’m not sure how much his “style of speech” will be reined in. If he does even half of what he’s promising, I’ll figure he was a success 🙂


    1. Oh Delyn, the man already believes he’s a success and will be the greatest president evah! 😉 The man’s ego knows no bounds and now it will be even worse. It shall be an interesting four years…..I just truly hope for the best.


      1. Yeah, the whole ego thing…plus other personality traits…I will continue praying for good 🙂 What else can we do, ya know. Moving to Canada is not an option for me, or I’d likely be there 🙂


  3. On Trump, the idea of him having handlers I hadn’t thought of and that might be a good thing but then I remember both the house and senate are going to be republican and he gets to seat the next Supreme Court Justice, maybe two. As for the White House. people joked (before the election mind you) that the White House would be beneath him and he’d put his VP in there then move himself and family to a nearby mansion filled with gold.

    On the subject of small pleasures, children. Today my grandson spent the afternoon with me. His innocence and laughter had me forgetting the election while we played.


    1. Like you said, the house and senate are republican….BUT that doesn’t necessarily mean he will get his way in things. He has a way of upsetting and pissing people off. He also has a rep for flipping on decisions. I think he is going to surprise his republican people and try and do things his way. They will be so busy trying to keep him in line that they won’t get into too much trouble. Now that’s just my opinion but time will tell.


      1. I do hope you are right. At the moment I am not feeling good about his choices. Already the possible make up of his cabinet has been covered in the media, and they are not good people, some are from George W. Bush’s term. The group advising him on his cabinet is a lobbying group.

        I do know there are many republicans that don’t like him and I think he will finally learn for the first time in his life that he can’t get his way all the time. Already congressional republicans have explained to him why he can’t build his wall. 🙂


  4. Thanks for your sympathetic post, my friend. I’ve been too ‘blue’ to even visit blogs this week. Even searched for homes in Europe….and tells you my mindset right now. Anyway, one good thing happened this week: the new nest for our Osprey couple is in place! I hope Mama will soon muster the courage to take possession of her new mansion. More on that shortly.


    1. Hang in there my friend. Although, I suppose with your job you could live anywhere. And the ospreys have their new home now! How exciting! (I owe you an email, will write soon my friend <3)

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