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Sunday Smiles ~~~ Snow Day!













5 thoughts on “Sunday Smiles ~~~ Snow Day!

  1. So true!! We are a bunch of wusses. Portland doesn’t even have more that a couple of snowplows. They just shut down the city. 😦 These were great. Hope you are staying warm and cozy.


    1. I am staying warm and cozy. For now. Soon I will have to shovel for the 2nd time today. Sigh. But I have creamy chicken soup in the slow cooker and the house is warm and cozy. It’s all good. 🙂 Hope you stay warm and cozy also.

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      1. It’s rained since late yesterday. Pouring out. Dark and dismal. I polished off the asparagus soup I made yesterday when my daughter was here. Should have bought more asparagus yesterday at the store. 😦 Still in my jammies and not going to get dressed today. Chicken soup sounds good. I’m sorry you have to shovel. As you know, the last time I did that massive shoveling, and added stress, I came down with Bells. Take care out there. Spring is on it’s way.


  2. We have an entire population of wusses in the south. They close down at the threat of a snowflake. I had to laugh when the news broadcasters started talking about ‘cabin fever’ with a forecast of 3 inches of snow!


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