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Word Fun ~~~ Phobia Words

Today I thought I’d have some word fun. I love words, as most of you know, and I wondered where do we get those strange words for phobias? Yeah, my mind is a strange place….

Anyway, phobias, which are just basically fears, seemed like an interesting topic of conversation. We all have them. If someone says they aren’t afraid of something…they lie.

Now me, I have arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and claustrophobia (fear of closed in spaces), I also have achluophobia (fear of darkness).

What about you? What are you terrified of?

Here’s a list I came up with for words that mean some strange fears. Ok, maybe to those that have these fears they aren’t strange. So I should say, strange to ME fears.

What do you think?



For all you Vampires out there…. alliumphobia (fear of garlic)

Here’s one of Trump’s fears….allodoxaphobia (fear of other people’s opinions)

Now this one is not one I understand at all…. bibliophobia (fear of books)

My cats have this one…..brontophobia (fear of thunderstorms)

Now, I wouldn’t say I have this fear, I just like to avoid them…..  catoptrophobia (fear of mirrors)


I wonder how people with this fear go the bathroom?….. coprophobia (fear of excrement)

Another one of Trump’s………criticophobia (fear of critics or criticism)

I know someone who has this….ergasiophobia (fear of work)

I’m not sure what to say for this one….. eosophobia (fear of dawn)

I only have this when I gain too much weight….. geniophobia (fear of chins)

And I know I don’t have this one! ……graphophobia (fear of writing)

I swear there are some people who have this that I know…..hedonophobia (fear of pleasure)

I don’t think anyone who is in the world’s oldest profession has problems with this one…… ithyphallophobia (fear of erect penises)

Ok, I have to admit, I have a bit of this one…… koinoniphobia (fear of rooms full of people)

Know anyone with this one?……  linonophobia (fear of string)

My ex-mother-in-law had this one to the point she would faint if she saw one…..musophobia (fear of mice)

Wonder what someone does if they have to go out in a storm if they have this one?…… nephophobia (fear of clouds)


Hearing about some….I have no doubt a few people have this one…… novercaphobia (fear of mother-in-laws)

Lot’s of people have this one!……ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)

Do you have this one?……phasmophobia (fear of ghosts)

I know too many people who seem to have this one!……phronemophobia (fear of thinking)

This is one for all those old men in politics who seem to have this one about women! …… prosophobia (fear of progress)



Hope you enjoyed my little list of fears.




11 thoughts on “Word Fun ~~~ Phobia Words

  1. What a cool list! I have a fear of snakes, but I think I could get over it. Like you, I have a fear of the dark. I grew up with siblings that used to take me to the basement with them to play, and then they’d tell me a boogie man was going to get me. They’d turn off the lights and run upstairs. I’d stay down there and scream until Mom came to get me. Boy was she mad – at me! Not the other kids. 🙂 Heights is another. I try, but heights give me the willies.


    1. Maddie!!! Naughty siblings! I never used to be afraid of heights until I got through menopause. Now, I can’t hardly handle them. Eh, go figure. 😉


  2. I’m with you on the first two. Spiders, closed in places and snakes of course. I’m getting better with the garden snakes and small spiders and I can occasionally ride an elevator but prefer not too. My first husband came at me with a lit lighter one time and never did it again after my meltdown. He was playing and I had a critical adverse reaction. Probably burned at the stake a couple of lifetimes. Lightning is another one. I will not be outside during and electrical storm. Almost spent the night in a shopping mall once because I was afraid to cross the parking lot to get to my car. Took a ride with a stranger to get there and felt safer with him than the lightning. My mother had a phobic reaction to cats. Would run out in the street in front of cars to get away from a kitten. Scary! That’s a darn good list of phobia. Wow! We sure are an odd lot. 🙂


    1. We are an odd lot. 😉 I’ve never really been afraid of snakes. I have a healthy respect for them and prefer they go one way and me the other but I’m not really afraid of them. It must be hard to be afraid of lightening so much. Me, I’ll stand in the storms and watch. lol

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      1. We lived in Georgia for 4 years and the rattlers, cotton mouth, and water moccasins were everywhere. I found out I could fly when approached by them. I never understood the fear of lightening. Must be past life because I don’t remember anything from this one to cause that. Had a strike right behind me on a walk one day and found out the dog could fly too. So close it made our hair stand up. Don’t mind storms but lightning, I have a very healthy respect for.


  3. I had nephophobia when I was a little girl, it’s what tipped off my parents that I was not quite right.
    Now? I fear the death of loved ones and being homeless.


    1. so you don’t have that fear anymore? Sometimes it’s hard for a person to understand anothers fears if they don’t have that fear themselves.
      I don’t fear death of a loved one, been there a few times and I know I can survive it. Nor being homeless as I’ve been so close in the past but something always helps me. My optimism and positive thinking at work. I fear HOW I will die. And I fear being put in a nursing home. That one is becoming a big one……sigh, getting older is a bitch…..


      1. No, we had a bad storm, with a tornado warning. Scared the shit out of me, so I developed a huge fear of clouds.
        I was shortly diagnosed with OCD around the age of 8. :/


  4. I enjoyed your list of fears, many totally unknown for me. I don’t have any diagnosed/able fears, but hubby has some degree of claustrophobia. He didn’t even know it before we visited the catacombs under Rome in Italy. It wasn’t a pretty experience for me either, but for him it was horrible. He also doesn’t like rooms without windows…and that includes all examination rooms at his doctors 😉


    1. I aim to educate! haha! I have a bit of claustrophobia. I can ride in elevators if I have to and drs rooms don’t bother me. It’s like dark, confined spaces weird me out. I think it’s more the dark than anything.

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