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I enjoy reading, writing, and painting. I love animals and at present have one dog (Sam) and 2 cats (brother and sister, Notwen and Pouncer). I've lived in various places in the USA and now in Canada. I've always enjoyed watching life and people and have developed an appreciation for it all. My outlook is sometimes out of the normal.... but that's what makes things so interesting! I am always interested in the opinions of others. Everyone has their own outlook and it's always worthwhile to listen!

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  1. Funny I just clicked over to FB and your quote was staring at me. I smile because this morning, or afternoon now on, I’ve been working on several projects and felt a little depressed because I feel like my writing sucks. I said to myself stop worrying if anyone reads my work just write out your emotions. Then bam! Your quote smacks me in the face. Thanks Jackie, I needed those words.


    1. I was in the same spot as you, Kim. I haven’t been writing because I was feeling like….why try? I’ll never be as good as so and so or I’ll never be able to write something meaningful…then I thought… I need to stop comparing myself to someone who has way more experience than me and who writes completely different! But…it’s more than writing. I was also comparing myself to some others my age and thinking they were so much better off….I am me, we are who we are. No worse than anyone else….just different. And different is good. 🙂


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