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Share Your World ~~~ May 15, 2017

It must be Monday, so time for Cee’s Share Your World.

I’ve been terrible in writing posts lately and I apologize for that. In between feeling sick most of the past few months and having a terrible case of ‘blank page syndrome’ with my writing I’ve felt I’ve really let my readers down. Hell, I’ve let ME down.

I’m trying to get back into flash fiction and writing my books but it’s been a struggle to concentrate.

If I can ever figure out what my stomach problems are maybe it can be fixed. I’m trying….that’s all I can say. Hope you guys stick with me.

Now, enough of the maudlin crap. Here are this week’s questions.



How many languages do you speak?

Two if you count sarcasm as a language, which I do, by the way. Otherwise, just good old English. I took Spanish, French and German in school but I never was very good at them. I think it’s because my teachers didn’t make it interesting enough. I mean, let’s learn how to talk the language, not just put a sentence together. Maybe it’s the way I learn things. By actual doing. I would have learned the languages better if we would have had conversations with them. Or maybe I just don’t have the knack for picking up languages. I dunno.

What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating?

I haven’t been doing a lot of reading. Mostly blogs if I do. I have tons of books to read but again, that concentration issue is not letting me enjoy reading. As for watching, I hate to admit this, but I got hooked on Netflix a few months ago. I watch it on my computer. I’m really into the English crime shows. I finished 19 seasons of Midsomer Murders and a few seasons of Father Brown (just waiting for the next seasons to get on Canada Netflix). Now, for some strange reason, I started watching iZombie.  I’m almost through season one. Please don’t judge me. I actually like the show.

As for eating. Not a whole lot. Because you know, stomach problems. I have had to cut out anything with milk, cheese, beans, spicy, tomatoes and tomato sauce and some vegetables because they make my stomach worse. My doctor says I have developed ‘food sensitivities’ because of my diabetes. I think I’ve developed IBS but eh, either way, it sucks. I’ve been living on chicken and bland ass food. I hate it. But I hate the fiery, crampy, volcanic stomach more.

What was the last photo you took with your phone?

I finally was forced by my telephone company to get a smartphone. I had an old flip phone for a lot of years. We use it for emergencies only. We’re old. We take it in the car with us in winter in case something happens. I make the husband carry it if he goes somewhere, in case. We use it rarely. Anyway, I got a great deal from the phone company because they were forcing me to upgrade my cell phone. I played with it when I first got it last year and took photos of Sam and the cats. Then I turned it off and put it away. Soooo, the answer is Sam and the cats.

What is your favorite time of day?

First thing in the morning after I get up. I’m always the first one up and I love the quiet. The TV that the husband insists on being on 24/7 is in stealth mode because he is sleeping and hasn’t watched it in more than 4 hours. So the house is quiet for a change. I make my first cup of coffee and sit in front of my computer and just listen to the silence for a while. Ahhhh, my kind of peace.



Hope everyone is having a good day. If not…tomorrow is the start of another chance to change things. 

If you feel like joining Cee and me in our questions and answers, please do! I love hearing from you all. 







18 thoughts on “Share Your World ~~~ May 15, 2017

  1. I had to smile at your relationship with the smartphone 🙂 Reminds me of hubby. He still has a flip phone and it’s only used when he’s out or when I am out and call him. I, on the other hand, like my smartphone, it is the large IPhone 6+ so I can read lots of stuff on it, like blogs and emails. I am not clued to it, but it has become useful. I can see how you feel peaceful in the mornings…I have that same quiet time in the evenings. Hugs!


    1. Well, I don’t go globe trotting as you do, my friend. 😉 If I did I would use my smartphone more. Maybe. LOL Your hubby and I would get along I think.


  2. Oh my goodness!! I binge watched Midsomer Murders until there were none. I think there are a few more new one shows now. I’ve bee going there. Same with Father Brown. Still catching up on the earlier shows. There is a new Aussie show on PBS called 800 Words that I’m crazy about. He’s a writer and his posts are all exactly 800 words. I’m up no later that 5:30 in the morning no matter what. I watch the sunrise from my recliner with my laptop and coffee. I love that time of day even though there is no one else here. Food, bland and plain. I’m old too. May even lean toward diabetic. Afraid to go get it checked. Pictures, the rainbows on my last post. They were glorious!!!! I got wet taking them..:) Hang in there. You are no sissy. You can do it. 😉


    1. I binge watched Midsomer Murders too. I love that show. I really like Father Brown too. There is something about a good old British murder mystery. I would go check if you are diabetic, Marlene. It really is controllable if you do things right. Just one piece of advice. Don’t listen to the doctors too much on how to control it. They’ll kill ya. Talk to other diabetics and do research….IF you have it. Otherwise, don’t worry. But….do get checked my friend. Please. If nothing else it will be one less thing you need to worry about. 😉

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      1. It’s on my to do list, Jackie. I know what to do, I just want that sweet roll sitting there waiting to eaten at the quilt group or the grocery store when I’m feeling a bit blue. Somehow I just can’t resist and feel awful after. I always feel like I’m sleeping off a drunk after I have something sweet. Do pretty good most to the time until the stuff hits the fan. Good thing I’m not much of a drinker. 🙂 Not good for me either. The rains have finally stopped for the season, (I hope) and will make an appointment. I have co-pays so I’ve been reluctant. I’ve also been watching a lot of British TV. It’s not so in your face stressful. Finding I like the OLD detective series so much more than the newer shows. They were gentler. Take care and giant hugs. I’ll let you know when I get the courage to go get tested.


        1. You might not be diabetic, just have a reaction to sugar. But, it’s better to have peace of mind. I like the older detective stuff too. 🙂 Keep me updated! Big hugs!

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  3. On my other internet hangout many many years ago (I’m talking 2000!), one of the posters there “invented” Sarcafont, which was bold and italics together. Anything typed in Sarcafont was to be read as a sarcastic comment. It didn’t work too well with the newbies who had no idea what it was, and obviously didn’t catch on outside of the message board!


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