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Share Your World ~~~ August 21, 2017

Cee, who usually hosts Share Your World is on a mini vacation this week. So Emilio kindly offered to host this weeks edition. Thanks, Emilio!

You can find Emilio’s blog here. While you’re there take a look around, he’s a wonderful photographer!

So, here we go with Emilio’s questions and my answers.

Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?

Once that I remember. Many years ago I was living in Nacogdoches, Texas. I was piss poor broke and couldn’t afford my tags for my car that year. I also couldn’t afford insurance but I needed my car to get around and look for work.  I pulled into the local Wal-Mart parking lot to put in my application for employment and I just happened to be spotted by a cop. As I got out of my car to go inside he stopped me and asked about my out of date tags. I told him my sob story and he let it pass without a ticket but warned me to get my tags somehow, someway. Also, until then not to drive unless I have to. He was a nice, understanding guy.

What have you always wanted?  Did you get it?

I’ve always wanted to live in the woods in a small cabin with nothing around but wildlife and trees. Did I get it? Um, no. Don’t see me ever getting it either unless I win the lottery. And that you have to play to win. Which I don’t. Well, sometimes I do. The husband does, so I’m hoping he’ll win it for me.

What is your perfect pizza? 

I’m kind of fussy about my pizza. I absolutely will not have fruit of any kind on it! My perfect pizza is sausage, pepperoni, onion, mushrooms, black olives and extra cheese. Mmmmm, now I want pizza.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.


Coffee inspires me. It helps me through the good times, the bad times and the boring times. Coffee is my life blood. 😉



Hope everyone is having a good week. Hang in there if you aren’t because everything is temporary, especially the bad stuff.

13 thoughts on “Share Your World ~~~ August 21, 2017

  1. Ah, Jackie, you made me smile. First of all, pizza. I agree, no fruit. Ever! Wait. Aren’t tomatoes a fruit? OK, only tomatoes. That cabin in the woods? I’m still looking for mine. I enjoy people on social media but I can shut down when necessary. And since I’m an introvert, I occasionally need to shut down, just hibernate for an hour, a day. Imagine me, my wife, and our cabin. She’s the same way, my wife. She comes from a BIG family so likes to get away. Often. And coffee. Yes. Good! I just finished my second cup. Hot when I first wake up in the morning and iced once I get to my office!


  2. Fun questions and great answers. I’m not sure coffee inspires me but it keeps the breath going in and out. I can barely eat pizza anymore and it has to be sausage. Pepperoni hurts too much as does so much else. Oddly, I’m an extroverted introvert. Oxymoron much? I love to talk to people to find out about what’s going on and learning new things but I want them out there. Not in my space. Like you, I require a LOT of alone time and always look forward to company leaving. 😦 I’m bad. Love to see you but don’t let the door hit you in the ass. My daughter comes on Saturdays to do her laundry and take me somewhere to blow the stink off. Because she is quiet and introverted too, she is barely tolerated and I love seeing her go home too. I’m awful that way. A cabin in the woods would be great but I need access to the gossip for story telling. 🙂 Hope I’m not too far behind here. Up and running again. 🙂


    1. Nope, not far behind at all! 🙂 Glad to see you up and running. I could go without the internet if I had to. As long as I had lots of books and writing materials. And of course my fur babies. They are the only company I really tolerate anymore. People, eh, I can take or leave. Usually leave. LOL

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  3. I am happy you encountered a ‘good cop’. I did too…in 2004 I was picking up my son Mike one evening (read early morning, after having slept for 2 hours) and forgot to put on my lights after leaving a brightly lit pickup location. The cops stopped me, thinking they had caught a drunk driver, but it was sleepy me…and they just let me go. We have to have luck sometimes. And I’m lucky to have you as my friend ❤


    1. Aww, I’m lucky as well in our friendship. ❤
      There are understanding cops out there, unfortunately, they don't get the press like the bad ones.


  4. I remember driving home from a friends place after I had three glasses of wine and I was was really worried I may have been over the limit (but I probably wasn’t). Then I saw the police up ahead on the load flagging down drivers for sobriety tests, Luckily the guy in front of me swerved a bit too far and bumped into the cop car. They flagged me passed and let me go straight through 😀


  5. Okay so I have to disagree, pineapple pizza is my favorite. 🙂

    I would still love that cabin in the woods but like you I’d have to play the lottery to have any chance of having it and I don’t so no cabin in my future.

    As for being pulled over by the police, um yes more times than I’d like to count. There was the car that was built for racing but was street legal but the police kept pulling me over to tell me my car was too loud and I’d have to show papers to prove it was street legal. There were also two speeding stops, one for 4 miles over the limit (it was the end of the month so I guess I got caught in the end of the month ticket sprees).


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