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Meditation: What kind is best for you?

Meditation sounds like some New Age stuff but it’s been around for thousands of years. During my research, I’ve come across over a dozen different mediations. So, what is Meditation and how can it help you?

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Personally, mediation used to help me through migraines. I used to get them almost every week when I was a teenager. I didn’t know about ‘Meditation’ back then, this was in the late sixties, early seventies. Most people never even heard of meditation back then, I know I didn’t. It was later in life when I learned what I had been doing is a form of meditation that helps with pain.

Thankfully I haven’t had a migraine for many years now. I still meditate though, just for different reasons. Now, I use it to stay calm in stressful situations. It has also helped me find peace with the passing of my late husband. It’s certainly not a ‘cure’ for things but it definitely helps keep you calm and centered.

 Meditation has been shown to be helpful in taming stress and anxiety, reducing cardiovascular risk factors, managing chronic pain, and improving sleep.

I won’t go into specific details about each and every type of meditation in this post. I will write a post for each type of meditation going forward. Right now this is a sort of introduction to it.

Do you have to dedicate hours to meditation to achieve any benefits from it? NO, you don’t. Even as few as five or ten minutes will work. I have found it just takes practice. Like most things in life, if you want to become proficient in something, you practice it.

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Do you need to have a specific place to be able to meditate? NO, you don’t. That’s one of the wonderful things about this, you can literally do it anywhere! Hell, I’ve done it in the bathroom. It’s just anywhere you can find that is quiet and lets you concentrate. You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor with your hands doing that “ohmmmm” thing and emptying your mind. I find it almost impossible to completely empty my mind so I believe it’s not about perfection, it’s about training our minds not to wander so much. Just sit or stand relaxed and focus inside your mind and body.

Bottom line, which form of meditation is right for you? Answer: Whichever works for you! Whichever one you will do! Relax and experiment until you come up with what feels right for you and which fits with what you need. I don’t really think there is a wrong way of doing it.

In the coming months, I will write about various different types of meditation and how they can help you. Below is a list of types of meditation I will discuss in further detail in future posts. I will also discuss what beginners can do to start! If you are interested in any particular one feel free to let me know and I will make sure it moves up the list!

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Cultivation practices
  • Guided imagery
  • Movement meditation
  • Future visualization meditation
  • Gratitude meditation
  • Forest bathing (my personal favorite)
  • Body scan meditation

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If I find any others in future research that sounds interesting I will add them to the list. Hope you will join me in discovering how many ways you can do meditation to help yourselves be the best you can be!

6 thoughts on “Meditation: What kind is best for you?

  1. I honestly didn’t see this coming, Jackie. I totally agree with you on the meditation. It’s not always easy to stay in a routine of it like doing my yoga or QiGong everyday but those few minutes of closing the eyes and doing deep breathing exercise for a few moments makes a huge difference. It helps with the anxiety. I like walking meditations best. Like forest bathing, just looking at something green helps. I focus on nature when I walk at every opportunity. Great subject.


    1. I’m full of surprises? LOL My new blog is going to be full of uplifting and good stuff. I’m so tired of all the dark in the world and in my life. Time for a change, Marlene! You are actually my inspiration, you know because no matter what life has thrown at you, you keep a smile on your face and love in your heart. It shows at every exchange we’ve had. More new things will be coming! 🙂

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  2. What a great idea, Jackie. I have been seeing so many things lately that talk about meditation, and I wonder if it’s a sign for me. My mind is always overactive to the point where I don’t sleep at night because my mind simply won’t stop. I’m looking forward to your posts.

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    1. Ah, read and learn my friend! LOL Hell, I’m still learning myself so we will learn together. Even though I’ve been using meditation for years it’s an ongoing learning process about how and what works for me. At different points in my life, I’ve used different variations. Things are ever flowing and changing.

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