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Good News Day

Hope everyone has a great and positive week!

About once or twice a month I will be having a “Good News Day”. This is when I post only good news stories from around the world. Everyone needs a good dose of good news during these trying times, so my aim is to provide you with just that.

Reading good news not only puts a smile on your face it restores your faith in humanity just a little bit at a time. So, read on and I hope you enjoy my picks for today!

Now, who could resist that face? Cutest Cadbury Bunny!

Personally, I’m all for saving the bees and this smart idea is wonderful!

Glowing Fishing Nets Could Help to Save Endangered Sea Animals

Jesse Senko working with fishers in Baja Sur California, Mexico. Photo courtesy of Arizona State University

Photo by Pixabay on

Great news for Canadians! I love it when we get together to do great things!

There you have it for today. I do hope you enjoyed my first post on Good News Day! Do YOU have any good news you would love to share? Go ahead and use the comment section and have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Good News Day

  1. What a great idea – Good News Day! I like the stories you chose. That dog as the Cadbury bunny is adorable! I checked out all your articles. Nice choices. I rarely stick my head in news of any type (just haven’t had time lately), so I don’t have anything to share. If I come across anything, I’ll be back. 🙂


  2. I read this the day you posted it but got side tracked somehow knowing I wanted to take my time with a comment. You are right! We need more good news. I don’t even have a news channel anymore since I no longer have cable TV. I’d rather watch a murder mystery than the news. These are great stories. We need to do everything possible to save the bees so they can save us. Love the therapy dog. Too cute for words. And the glowing fishing nets is a possible solution to lazy behavior on the fisherman’s part. We need to do more but this is a start. Keep up the good news, Jackie. I’m a fan.


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