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NaPoWriMo Day 17 Poem ~~ Love’s Embrace

Hello people! For today’s poem I’m doing something that is far from what I normally do.  Romance, yeah, not my usual stuff that I write about. Since this month is about stretching my writing, after all I am doing National Poetry Writing Month, and many think of poetry as romantic.

I thought I would venture into romantic poetry a bit. Now I have to admit, I did have some help, so I am dedicating it to that person. They know who they are.  Hope you enjoy it everyone.




Love’s Embrace

On my garden seat we sat that first day,
Looking out over the back fence,
We watched cows and birds frolicking
while we held hands.

Marvelling at the place we now found ourselves,
our fingers locked tight, as we lean into each other
not speaking, sitting in silence,
we soak up each others space, willingly, wantingly,
rejoicing in the presence of the other.

Heads touching, we broke the silence,
both whispering simultaneously,
we have it so good”, I you, you me
we have waited so long, so many months
this is now our time, to live and love.

My arm encircles you, our heads turn to each other,
we kiss softly, sigh once, look back over the fence
each enjoying the  nearness of the other,
the evening cools, beckoning us to move
look for warmer climes in which to further engage.

Our bedroom affords us the feeling of being alone
in the universe, we snuggle close, kiss,
hands softly touching, each searching to delight the other
lips on necks, gasps of sheer pleasure
the need to find, engage, to awaken our bodies.

Slowly we undo buttons, snaps, zippers
free our bodies for further exploring,
our hands roam, fingers trailing,
aware of parts that excite,
we search ever wanting to arouse the other.

Engrossed in our bodies tingles,
we fail to hear a rain softly falling,
adding to the intimacy of our bedroom,
cocooning us in misty dusk,
we murmur sweet words as we invite
each other into our most intimate of places.

The ecstasy that follows, reinforces
commitment, connection, devotion
we smile as we float on a loving high
our bodies sated, we hold each other close
whispered, “I love you’s” cover us with warmth.

We sleep entangled in loves embrace.



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NaPoWriMo Day 16 Poem ~~ Lies?



I am a tall, lanky woman, hair of deep blue
Eyes that sparkle purple, skin a reddish hue

My smile is quite scary, teeth made of wooden rounds
Fingernails long and sharp, arms that hang to the ground

Legs like strong oak trees, hair growing lush and long
Body that defies description, so muscular and strong

A round firm butt, that sticks out to there
Small and perky breasts, I even have an extra pair

A brain that is as small as a pea
All this fits me to a T!



This poem is brought to you by the NaPoWriMo’s website’s prompt for today. We were to write a 10 line poem, where each line is a lie.

I’m also doing this poem for The Daily Post’s Weekly writing challenge, which is to write a poem.

Hope you enjoy!



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NaPoWriMo Day 15 Poem ~~~ Two Kittens

Today’s poem I have tried to follow the NaPoWriMo website’s prompt. As I have no idea what I am doing half the time, I sure hope this works.

Today, I challenge you to write a poem in Terza Rima. This form was invented by Dante, and used in The Divine Comedy. It consists of three-line stanzas, with a “chained” rhyme scheme. The first stanza is ABA, the second is BCB, the third is CDC, and so on. No particular meter is necessary, but English poets have tended to default to iambic pentameter (iambic pentameter is like the Microsoft Windows of English poetry). One common way of ending a Terza rima poem is with a single line standing on its own, rhyming with the middle line of the preceding three-line stanza.


(c) JLPhillips 2013, Pouncer and Notwen, innocent looking right?
(c) JLPhillips 2013, Pouncer and Notwen, innocent looking right?

Two Kittens

Once in a barn, in a pile of hay, sat two kittens
Brother and sister, twins I was sure
I knew I had to have them, I was truly smitten

I’ll take them both I said to mother cat
And give them lots of love and care
She stared at me,  flicked her tail and sat

I bought them treats and a place to climb
Then took them home with me
Two little furry bundles, kitty love is so sublime

A few days later I gave them names
To fit their different kitty natures
As they slept and played their kitten games

The male was Notwen, the female Pouncer
So much alike,  so different in ways
Playing and tumbling, he could never trounce her

They are years older now, still together
They don’t play as much, but still
Where one is the other, always in fetter

So glad I got those two kittens whom I fell for against my will

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NaPoWriMo Day 14 ~~ Apple Blossom Rain



Apple Blossom Rain


I sit with you, early morning spring

The apple blossoms floating down

Like fragrant, soft rain

As we laugh, we lift the veil on our lives

Now free to explore each other

Let’s see how we fit as one

Our experiences to share

As innocents pursuing discovery

I place a soft petal against your lips

Sparkling dew adds a layer of loveliness

Our lips brush,

The warmth of the morning grows

Our hearts beat loudly

Calling to each other,

Across a void of miles, embracing

Accepting no differences now

Your head rests upon my chest

Apple blossoms falling like spring rain

Their fragrance sweet and innocent

We are in a perfect place

We are content

I would like to thank Michael from Morpethroad for helping me once again to write this poem. I had writer’s block and he came to the rescue. Please go visit Michael’s blog and say hi! Thank you

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NaPoWriMo Poem 13 ~~ The Dragon Tree



The Dragon Tree

I walked and dreamed until I spied a tree
That was shaped like a dragon, I stared, then smiled
Like a petrified piece of my imagination
I could see it plainly, so sat upon a log to begin my story

Knights in shining armor, upon dashing steeds
Dragons fierce and spitting fire, wings upon glistening bodies
Eyes staring, mysterious and forbidding, orbs watching
Dangerous yet beautiful in its glory

Maidens fainting at the sight, hoping to be rescued by the knights
Swords drawn, ready for a fight, noble men, brave deeds
They fought, and won, but sometimes lost, to beasts that flew
Around their heads, fire and strength, against cunning and steel

So my day was very well spent, as I weaved tales around The
Dragon Tree in the forest, where I walked one day
And sat upon the knee of a tree while my imagination flowed
Like the stream, wild and free


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NaPoWriMo Poem 12 ~~ Memories



Memories can be sharp and focused, or soft and blurry
They are hunters in our sub-conscious, feeding on our
Insecurities or rejoicing in our achievements
Gliding in ever-widening circles within our minds

Memories, happy, sad, pleasant, bad, small or large
They become colored, shades of browns,
Reds, black or striped, each one unique
To our own lives

Memories can mold to any surrounding,
Preferring the wide open spaces of your imagination
They glide silently in the sky of your mind
Searching for bits and pieces of your life to feast upon

The seasons change, memories migrate, choosing to live
And breed in the choice spaces it finds within,
Clinging to your heart, small memories grow
Until they are grown and can fly free

Never be afraid of memories, respect them
Let them come and go as they want or need
Accept them as a part of you, let them help you
Soar among the living, heal, grieve, love

For your memories are a living, breathing, flying part of you.



I took today’s prompt from the NaPoWriMo website and used it; Today’s prompt is a “replacement” poem. Pick a common noun for a physical thing, for example, “desk” or “hat” or “bear,” and then pick one for something intangible, like “love” or “memories” or “aspiration.” Then Google your tangible noun, and find some sentences using it. Now, replace that tangible noun in those sentences with your intangible noun, and use those sentences to create (or inspire) a poem. 

I choose ‘hawk’ and ‘memories’. Hope you enjoyed my effort. Thank you for reading.

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NaPoWriMo Day 11 Poem ~~ Being Mellow


Taking Time to Mellow Out

The alarm rings, jarring me out of sweet dreams
I yawn, stretch, not wanting to rise
Swing my legs over the edge of the bed
Stand and scratch, another day begins

The day drags on and I’m worked to the end
My boss is an idiot and I just shake my head
Wishing I was rich, no need for this job
Watch the clock till my time is done

Finally, the end of my work day arrives
I run out of the door, my way is clear
I start my car and the music blares
The sound washing my boredom away

I drive home shaking off the day’s frustrations
Thinking of hot coffee, freedom, relaxation
But first to walk the dog, feed the cat
Make dinner, call friends, sort the mail

I drink coffee, eat my food, watch a bit of news
Then finally, when I’m all relaxed, my fun resumes
My music plays softly, I open a book, I laze on the couch
The words they take me so far away

This is how I mellow out my days and night
After the world gets rough in its play
I go somewhere else, even if only in my mind
For adventures, comedy, drama, mystery, suspense

It’s a world of words, but it’s so real to me
I feel my cares get washed away in black/white squiggles
Whether I write them or someone else, makes no difference
Imagination is a great place to be, so I visit regularly



This was written for two challenges, NaPoWriMo and the WordPress Daily Prompt, which was; After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

Hope you all enjoyed my efforts. 


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NaPoWriMo Poem 10 ~~ Sailing




Our harbors have been our home

Safe, secure, all tied up

Adventure beckons, we must set sail

Our respective foreign ports to explore

Each day a new adventure

So pleased I have sailed into your port 

Welcoming and loving

You have made me feel so very much

At home in your world

We will have many adventures

Hand in hand walking through life

Our love is deeper than the ocean

The storms have passed,

We look forward to the future 

Into the sunlight, out of all gloom

Our ships now tethered

Forever to each other







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NaPoWriMo Day 9 Poem ~~ Once Upon A Time


Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, I had a dream that I lived in
That dream got shattered, left on the curbside of life.

Once upon a time, I listened to others,
Thought they knew more than me what I wanted in life

Once upon a time, I wanted other things,
Material things, inanimate objects ruled my life

Once upon a time, I thought I loved, wanted it
An emotion that was denied me throughout this life

Once upon a time, I lost it all, love, objects, sanity
Everything was turned inside out, including almost losing my life

Once upon a time, I fought back, against all odds
I wouldn’t let go, I wanted to live a life

Once upon a time, my outlook changed, my needs, my wants
I took this second chance to actually turn around what was this life

Once upon a time, I took charge of me, my ideals changed so drastically
What I used to want, I wanted no more to be a part of my new life

Once upon a time, I thought love was lost to me, never to be seen again
But I was wrong, love walked calmly and surely in and made me look again at life

Once upon a time, I never realized how much I missed having someone
My heart was sleeping, now it’s awake and ready for living a life

Once upon a time, is no more, it’s gone like fairy tales of old
I can only smile, laugh, breathe the fresh air of the love of my life

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NaPoWriMo Day 8 Poem ~~ Wolves

Hello people!

Hope your week is going great for each and every one of you.

Today I am doing a new form of poetry, well, it’s new to me anyway.  The things I’m learning in this monthly poetry challenge!

The type of poetry is called “lune form“.  The type I am doing was developed by Jack Collum. It’s a 3 line stanza. The first line has 3 words, the second has 5 words, the third has 3 words. It’s based on the Haiku. One can write a poem using just one stanza, or string a bunch of stanza’s together to make the poem.

What I have done is string a bunch of stanza’s to create my poem about wolves. Anyone that knows me well, knows I love wolves. They are such misunderstood and intelligent creatures.

I hope you enjoy my poem, and please leave comments! I love them!


(c) JLPhillips 2014
My painting of a wolf


Intelligent eyes shine
Endangered in many areas now
Unnecessary war fought

Trying to survive
In hostile man made environment
Is so unfair

Man could learn
From the ways of packs
Love, loyalty, care

Many different colors
Belonging to the same family
Acceptance is there

Each knows place
In the pack for efficiency
And for survival

They work together
In a tightly knit group
Wonderment to see

Howls sound out
Loud and eerie to humans
Talking between packs

Alpha male, female
Breeds to continue the lineage
Big happy family

Humans need humanity
When they deal with wolves
They aren’t enemies

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NaPoWriMo Day 7 Poem ~~~ Ode to My Treadmill


JLPhillips (c) 2014
JLPhillips (c) 2014

I Love/Hate My Treadmill

You run, I walk, and together we go nowhere

There is no passing scenery to enjoy

even though we are constantly on the move

I sweat, you don’t, but I still love you even when I resent you

Your red blinking lights flash brightly

My joints ache trying to keep time with you

My love of you is balanced by the hate of you

I love you because you help me shed pounds and inches

I hate you because you are relentless

I walk, you run, together we will turn this mass of flesh

into toned muscle, or as toned as a middle-aged lady can get

My computer beckons me away from you,

but I remain faithful until our time is done for the day

I love how you keep track of the miles walked,

uphill or down, fast or slow,

You even care enough to rate my pulse

as my heart speeds up for you and I am breathless

You run, I walk, toward the same goals in life

to be fit, to be healthy

You convince me to walk faster, go further than ever before

to a future I am longing to explore

Your faith in me never falters, as long as I keep your treads oiled

and the electricity on.

I try my best to impress you, yet your stoic hum never falters

So I grit my teeth in effort, my legs pumping ever faster

till I am breathless and begging you to stop

I walk, you run, and though I am panting and spent

your lights blink on as if you don’t care

I love you and hate you

I also know I will return to you tomorrow

like the fool that I am

I do this because I love,

 the future is brightly shining

 now I will be able to walk into that promise of tomorrow

because of you, my beloved steely treadmill

The NaPoWriMo prompt today was, to write a love poem about an inanimate object.  Hope you enjoyed my effort today.

Thanks, and I love comments, so please feel free to do so!


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NaPoWriMo Poem Day 6 ~~~ Outside My Window

Hello people!

Hope your weekend thus far has been super good! Today I am taking a prompt from the NaPoWriMo website for my poem.

Take a good look outside your window. Spend a minute or so jotting down all the nouns you see outside. Tree. Car. Bus. Dog. Then spend a minute or so writing down all the colors you see. Finally, think about taking place outside. Is the wind blowing? “Blow.” Is someone walking their dog? “Walk.” Spend a minute or so writing down these verbs. Now you’ve got a whole list of words from which to build a poem, mixing and matching as you go. Happy writing!


You would think I didn’t see a lot from looking out my window here in my writing room. It looks out the back of my place and all you see is coolies and tall dried grass right now. But if you sit, like I do and just watch, you might be amazed at how busy it actually is out there.


JLPhillips (c) 2014
JLPhillips (c) 2014





Outside My Window

Spring blue skies, clouds bustling by

The wind blows them across, like white dandelion fluff

Brown dried grass in the coolies dances in rhythm

Wind plays with the hair of the ground, teasing, tossing

I watch as a hawk slowly drifts in circles

Then another and another joins it

Doing acrobatics, glinting in the sun

Their cries a triumph of joy and freedom

Reach my ears as I squint against the glare

A lazy fly buzzes near, landing and preening

It’s iridescent wings of flight, to quickly move on

A rustling is heard beyond the picket fence, slowly it draws near

Stealthy and slowly I watch a pair of yellow eyes as they

Transform into a sleek gray form, a panther in another life perhaps

The whiskers of white, twitch, once, twice, thrice

Its eyes spot me in the window, as I hold still and breathe softly

A gaze of mysterious thoughts watch me steadily, not blinking

With a flick of a long tail I am dismissed, not worthy of stalking

Spring is slowly stretching a winter sleep from its midst.

I smile to myself, taking a slow sip from a fragrant cup

Life is awake and well outside my window today