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Truth or Fiction

To my few (and I do mean few) loyal readers, thank you for stopping in every week. As for last weeks story, it was……false!

Not to say I haven’t heard ghostly footsteps before, or even seen them! Just not like I said in my story. One day I will write about how it came about that I actually saw them. Just not today. Or last week. ha!

Anyway, on to this weeks story. Is it Truth or Fiction? You tell me.


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A Good Deed


She had heard from a friend about a dog in need. Everyone knew how much she loved animals and this friend was very concerned about this dog. It was her friends’ neighbors dog. Tied up in the backyard with a heavy chain. No food, no water…in the middle of summer. Also, they were having an unusually hot summer, even for this hellish place.

Her friend said she tried talking to the neighbor and offered to take the dog off his hands. But no go. The neighbor wasn’t giving up the dog even if it was painfully (for the dog) obvious he wasn’t taking proper care of it. Half the time this guy wasn’t even home. Who knows how often, if ever, the dog got fed and watered. Her friend said she had been living next door for six months and never saw the dog off the chain. Once she thought she heard the man beating the dog but by the time she got outside the man was gone and the dog was shaking and crying. She felt terrible for days afterward.

The friend reported the man to the Humane Society but no one ever came to investigate. Short staffed they told her. So that’s why she told her story to her, in tears, not knowing who else to turn to.

That same night, after her friend’s tear-filled story, she went to see the dog for herself. She wasn’t sure what she expected but it sure wasn’t the pitiful sight she saw. The man should be shot! Treating any animal this way. She peered over the back fence and in the bright moonlight could make out the form of the dog cowering away from her as far as its heavy chain would let it. It didn’t bark, didn’t whine, didn’t make a sound. Which made the sight of it all the more powerful in her eyes.

She pulled out the small binoculars from her pants pocket and held them up to her eyes with one hand while she stood unsteadily on the stool she brought with her just for this reason. It was 2 am in the morning and the small breeze touching her cheek was still on the hot side. Even at night, there was no relief of the unrelenting heat. The neighborhood was quiet and dark. Just a few street lights dotted the overgrown alley she had parked in. She was glad the dog didn’t bark but her heart broke knowing it didn’t bark because it had probably been beaten too often for doing just that. She slowly looked around the backyard. No doghouse, no tree or bush for shade in the middle of the day. She didn’t see any water or food dishes which made her angry. Just the poor dog chained up with a chain that was stuck in the ground with a heavy metal stake.

As she looked at the dog, her breath sucked in and tears formed in her eyes and ran down her cheeks. Taking that closer look she could see the dog was in pain. It must be in terrible pain she thought to herself. She couldn’t see the chain that was around its neck. She couldn’t see it as it was embedded in its neck! Oh my god! The chain had been wrapped around its neck so tight that it wasn’t even visible! It clearly wasn’t hidden by rolls of fat either as the dog clearly looked malnourished and skinny.

From what she could see in the moonlight the dog was a beagle or of beagle mix. It was medium in size but so skinny it broke her heart. Tonight was to have been just a reconnaissance sort of mission. Now though, she knew she had to get that dog tonight! If she could do anything about it that poor animal was NOT spending another moment in that yard with that chain and in such misery. She was going to rescue it tonight.

She stepped down off the stool and went to the back of her car. From the trunk, she pulled out a set of bolt cutters. She had put them in her car earlier. She had learned a long time ago to go to these rescues prepared for emergencies. This definitely was an emergency situation. She tossed them over the fence then thought….”How am I going to climb over the fence with a dog in my arms?” This was more of a two-person operation but she was by herself and there was no one she could call at 2 AM.

Her mind worked furiously to come up with a solution to her problem. Even if she could call someone she didn’t want one of her friends to chance getting caught helping her and being arrested for stealing. No, she had to do this on her own and it had to be tonight!

Her eyes spotted the two old blankets she had in her car. She always kept one or two for picking up injured animals from the side of the road. Which she had done a few times.

What if she fashioned some kind of sling? She could put the dog in the sling and with her hands free, climb back over the fence. Perfect! She grabbed the bigger of the two blankets and quickly tied two opposite corners together and slung it over her shoulder. Now, back to the rescue.

Stepping onto the stool she grabbed the top of the wooden fence and hauled her body over the top and dropped the few inches to the ground. She stood to make sure nothing was changed in the quiet of the night then when she was satisfied with the silence she grabbed the bolt cutters and walked quickly to the dog. Her heart broke as the dog just whimpered and shook and strained on his chain. It must be in so much pain from the embedded chain yet still tried to get away from a potential threat.

She crouched down in front of the dog and slowly held out her hand for it to sniff. Softly talking to it she took her time so as not to scare the dog further, even though she could be caught at any time. The dogs fear was palpable. It was heartbreaking. She slowly reached in her pocket for a dog treat. A nice soft one, as she didn’t know how well it could eat just yet. The dog stopped whining but still shook with fear as it sniffed the treat. Its hunger overcame its fear and it took the treat from her hand and ate it with a few chomps. It whimpered a bit, either from the pain of swallowing or from gratefulness of having something to eat. She wasn’t sure.

The woman took precious seconds to pet and reassure the dog in soft words as she slowly lifted the bolt cutters and cut the chain. The dog winced a bit when it was done but moved closer to the woman in seemingly understanding of what the woman was about. She gently and slowly lifted the dog in her arms, all the while talking in soft warm tones to it to reassure it. She settled the dog in the sling and cradled it to her body as a mother would cradle a baby.

She picked up the fallen bolt cutters and walked quickly to the back fence. Now came the tricky part. Getting over the fence with the dog without hurting it any further. Taking a deep breath she gave a little jump and grabbed the top of the fence. She never really was very athletic and in that instant regretted it. She was determined though and with anger still burning in her heart for the mistreatment of the dog she hauled her body to the top of the fence and threw a leg over. The dog whimpered either in pain, fear, or both but didn’t struggle in the sling.

Once her leg was over the fence the rest was easy. She did manage to scrape her forearms climbing over the fence but didn’t even feel it for the adrenaline coursing through her body. Once over the fence, she grabbed the bolt cutters and stool and as fast as she could she tossed them in the trunk and closed it. She ran to the passenger side of the car and settled the dog on the passenger seat still inside the sling. Closing the door as softly as she could she quickly made her way to the drivers’ side, slid in and turned the car on and drove out of the alley.

She didn’t seem to breathe until she was safely inside her garage with the door down. No matter how many times she rescued an animal there was always that chance she could get caught. The adrenaline rush seemed to leave her then and she broke down crying. The dog in the passenger side whimpered and tried to crawl into her lap. It seemed to understand and appreciate all she had done for it.

Even though it was in pain, hungry and scared it sensed that she had just done a good thing for it and was trying to make HER feel better. Animals are like that. Full of love given the chance. Now, this dog had that chance.






Is this story Truth or Fiction? Have you ever rescued an animal in need? If so tell me about it! 

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Share Your World – 2014 Week 22

Cee over at Cee’s photography puts up a post challenge every Monday. It’s called Share Your World. She asks 4 questions and you give answers in a post so we can all get to know our fellow bloggers a little better. Thanks Cee, it’s a wonderful idea. Why not come and join us?

So here is my answers to this week’s question.




Regarding animals would you prefer not having them around or having domestic pets, farm animals, or seeing them in nature or the zoo?

I love all animals. I have always had pets, usually dogs, but I love cats too. I’ve been on farms and around farm animals. I prefer seeing animals free and natural, but some zoo’s I know are getting better about the keeping of animals. I would love to have the money and acreage to have a place for abused animals come to and live their life out as free as possible and well taken care of. That’s always been a dream of mine. Come on lottery winnings!!

Are you a collector of anything? 

I used to be. After losing my things so many times in my life, I have become less and less materialistic. That and I hate to dust LOL. I used to collect Santa’s, coke things, anything with wolves. Now all I collect is years and memories.

If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?

Why can’t people just get along and accept each other’s differences as something good and not bad?


If you were to treat yourself to the “finer things” what would you treat yourself to? 

Some really good expensive coffee beans. Mmmmm. Coffee……  Or, all the books I want and can’t afford. Or, all the painting supplies I want but can’t afford. And to go with that I would have a big studio with lots of natural light. Other than that, I’m good. I’m not one much for clothes or shoes or jewelry. So for me, those are the “finer things” in life.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

I am not a photographer by any stretch of imagination. I do like to challenge myself sometimes. So I decided to see if I could come up with something for this weeks Photo Challenge: Focus.

My pets are like my children. I’m sure most pet owners can identify with that statement. I’m always taking pictures of them when they sit still long enough. Not too long ago I took some of Sam and one of my cats Pouncer. They were both vying for the same spot of sunshine.

The first picture is of the two of them. I really didn’t focus on anything, just trying to get a picture of them both wanting the same thing.

Sam and Pouncer (c) JLPhillips 2013
Sam and Pouncer (c) JLPhillips 2013

Then I took another shot of Sam basking in the lions share of sunshine.

Sam (c) JLPhillips 2013
Sam (c) JLPhillips 2013

I loved how the sunshine shown on Sam and made me think of a black/white picture. So I took another shot focusing on just Sam and how the light played with his coloring of black/white. I thought it turned out pretty good and is my favorite shot of my little guy.

Portrait of Sam (c) JLPhillips 2013
Portrait of Sam (c) JLPhillips 2013
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Wednesday Comics ~~ Sam and Me

Hello again from Sam and the gang! First let me say thank you for those who voted in my poll the other day. If you haven’t read that post you can find it here. It seems the majority wants to read more about my life.

Oh you poor misguided readers. But to show you I listen to my readers I will be posting some more about me and Mi Vida Loca! So be prepared and please remember you asked for it. Bwahahahaha.

Today’s strip is about my cat Pouncer. To say she is a princess is being kind. She’s more like “THE QUEEN”. I say that with love. She is a very finicky eater. Pouncer will only eat one kind of cat food. Purina’s Cat Chow for Inside Cats.

Now since I have two cats, Notwen and Pouncer, and since these cats are Big Cats, I have an automatic feeder for them. You know the kind. You fill the top and let gravity fill the bowl. Well sometimes the cats have to kind of dig the food down. Notwen does it no problem. I have yet to see Pouncer do it.

In fact, I have known her to lay by the feeder till Notwen comes along and she tells him to dig some down for her. She refuses to do it. Sometimes she lies there for a very long time! As Notwen is a lazy cat and loves to sleep. At times Sam will sit by her and look at her then look at the feeder. This is the conversation I swear they are having with each other!

(C) JLPhillips 2013
(C) JLPhillips 2013


**Please click on comic to see larger picture**

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A Morning of Memories

This morning started out like any other morning. Dragged myself out of bed, drank my first (of  many) cup of coffee. Then headed for the shower. After dressing I did what I do every morning. Clean the cat box. Exciting I know, but someone has to do it.

I have two beautiful gray and white cats. Brother and sister, named Notwen and Pouncer. And they are big cats! Notwen the male probably weighs a good 30 pounds, Pouncer maybe a bit less. Every morning I have to clean their cat box, because well, being big cats they produce a lot of waste!

Most mornings I clean it without really thinking about it. I mean it’s cat poop. Do I really want to think about cat poop? This morning Notwen is sitting watching me, probably wanting me to hurry up so he can use the kitty bathroom. And my mind goes back through the years and all the fur babies I’ve had. Almost every single one of them rescued from bad situations. They were either in an abusive home, or they were running in the streets, unfed and unloved. Neither situation I can tolerate.

Memories came rushing back of my past pets. My babies. There was Bubba, who when she was a tiny pup I couldn’t tell if she was female or male, but the name Bubba seemed to fit, and so it stuck. She was a pure black Cocker Spaniel, and one of the most intelligent dogs I ever owned. Then there was Gray, a beautiful gray German Shepard I rescued off the streets in Ft. Worth, TX.

Gray had been beaten and starved. I took her to my favorite vet and he told me she was about 6 months old and must have been beaten before because he could see old wounds and old broken bones. My heart was hers from that first day till she passed 13 years later.

Can’t forget about the cats in my life either, especially Fred. Fred was a special cat that showed up one day and stayed. He was a male cat, a beautiful black and white short hair. Fred had an identity problem though. Well, Fred thought he was female. One day Fred showed up with a very pregnant female cat I named Wilma. You know Fred and Wilma, from the Flintstones??

Now, I really don’t think Fred was the father of Wilma’s kitties. Because Fred just never wanted a female in that way. Fred brought Wilma home because he wanted to raise her kittens. Yeah,  he even tried nursing them, but that idea didn’t go far. They finally worked out a deal, Wilma nursed the kittens, and Fred took care of them otherwise. He wouldn’t even let her near them unless she was nursing! Wilma didn’t seem to mind, she lounged in the sun and enjoyed a life of leisure.

Some of my memories are bitter sweet. But, they all made me smile this morning. Made my day a little brighter. I never had children of my own, except for my fur babies. Those children gave me so much love, so much companionship, so much unconditional acceptance. My life was forever touched with their love.