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Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

What bores you?



Drama bores me. Not the movie or tv kind of drama. I love a good drama on film or in a book. I mean the drama that comes from drama queens/kings. The kind that is mostly made up in someone’s head. They think they are the center of the universe and ‘things’ just happen to them! When in truth it’s either made up, or they add so much to the actual happening that it doesn’t look like it was originally. You know the kind. Yeah, you do.

I have a ‘friend’ that does that all the time! He’s so full of himself he thinks everything happens to him because, well I’m not sure why. I’ve caught him in several untruths in the past. So when he comes to me full of drama I question most of it. It becomes boring.


I find housework boring. Big YAWN on that one. I’ve done housework most of my life. When I was a kid, me and my siblings had chores to do every day. Now that I am so much older I’m bored with it all! The same old thing day after day after day…….

I might get interrupted with boring chores if my vacuum stops working. Or if the dishwasher overflows. Or the cats get in the garbage. See! Even the interruptions are boring!

no1nonna's Library
no1nonna’s Library


Chit chat bores me. You know the kind. Someone calls you or drops by and wants to just chat your ear off. Usually about nothing. I have things I want to do! But do I become rude? Or just sit dazed, my mind numb with all the useless chit-chat that is filling my brain and making it want to explode! I really try not to be rude but I have learned that with some people you just have to be to shut them up! I don’t think it registers with them that you are being rude because they come back next week and do the same thing!


There’s a saying: Only boring people get bored. I’m not sure who first said it, but it’s been around for a long time. I’m sure it was some famous rich person who could buy anything they wanted so they wouldn’t be bored. Then again maybe not. ( I googled it and it seems it is generally credited to Author Ruth Burke)


I don’t get bored much myself. I have too much to do. I write, read, paint and yes sometimes do housework. I don’t have time usually to get bored. I can always find something to entertain myself with.

But, yes, sometimes I get bored too. Do I consider myself a boring person? No, but then who really does? I might be boring as hell, I’m a poor one to judge myself. I hope I’m not but I might just well be.

Oh yawn!! Trying to figure myself out is boring.

Till next time, try not to get too bored. 🙂