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Daily Prompt: Happy Endings/Not So Sure How Happy the Endings Are

Today’s Daily Prompt is all about quitting things or endings.

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us THE END.



I think we’ve all quit things or finished things at some point in our lives. I used to be a smoker, I quit cold turkey 8 years ago. It wasn’t as hard that last time as it had been so many times before. Like most smokers I had quit many, many times before. Just to go back to those little addictive sticks of death again and again.

Ugh! source
Ugh! source


What made the last time so much easier and made it stick for good was simple. I like breathing. It got to the point that it was either smoke and stop breathing, or quit and continue breathing in a much easier way. I also developed an allergy to smoke. Yeah, ironic huh? A smoker who was allergic to smoke.

Now I hate the smell of cigarette smoke and if I’m around it too long or around too many smokers at one time, I feel my breath getting shorter and my eyes water and I start sneezing. Not pleasant at all.

I pretty much quit eating sugar too. I became a diabetic after getting really sick about 5 years ago. I never knew diabetes could develop that way! My doctor explained that they are now finding out that, yes, some diabetics become diabetics after a severe illness. It’s believed I was probably pre-diabetic before hand and when I got really sick, it lowered my natural defenses and bam! Diabetes here I come.

I went home and cried. I thought it was the end of the world. I knew someone in my past that was diabetic and he died much too young because of complications from the disease. He also developed it much younger than me, barely out of his teens. I got it much later in life.

It isn’t a death sentence unless you don’t watch what you eat or take care of yourself. Before I got sick, I was a coke-a-holic. I drank coke cola a lot! I mean seriously a lot. That quit the day I found out I was diabetic. Whew, talk about withdrawal! I got headaches for days afterward. But eventually I learned to do without. Now I drink diet pop/soda about once a day. Usually thought it’s water or coffee or tea.

I take care of myself now, no sugar (ok, I cheat once in a while, I’m not perfect!), lots of water and watch what I eat. It becomes second nature now to look at food and drink labels. You would be shocked at the sugar content in some things! Like sausage! Who would have thunk sugar was in the sausage! But it is in some.

Ah the joy of needles.
Ah the joy of needles.

Before becoming a diabetic, I used to literally faint at the sight of needles. Yup, I was the one the nurses hating taking blood from. Zonk! Down on the floor I would go. Lights out sister! Now? Pffftttt! Needles don’t bother me one bit. I mean really. I would be hard to give myself injections every day if I kept passing out. So that’s another thing I quit, fainting at the sight of needles.

Years ago I quit my ex husband too. That was more of a gradual quit. Should have been a cold turkey one. The marriage had not been working for years. For almost the whole 13 years I stayed. Some things are hard to quit cold turkey, even when a person knows it’s bad for them. My marriage was like that. He kept promising to change, I kept believing him. Till the emotional abuse became too much for me to handle. I almost lost myself because of him.

So I walked out without a dime to my name. One suitcase and what little of myself I could pack into it. I walked out, but he didn’t want to leave it at that. That’s where the five years of hell afterwards come in, but that’s another whole other story. So that was another kind of quitting, or ending.

Like I said we all have them throughout our lives. The quitting of a job, the ending of a relationship, the stopping of eating or drinking something that will harm us.  Even little things, like going a different way to work, you quit one direction and go in another. Life is made up of stops and starts. Big and small. It’s how we grow as a person, it’s what shapes our lives. Those stops and starts can be good or they can be bad. Your choice. My choice.

I chose for me, I’m adventurous like that.





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