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Dec 20 ~~ Go Caroling Day!

Hello people! I sincerely hope you are all enjoying this countdown of December holidays as much as I enjoy gathering the information. It has been such fun!

Some of the silly things people celebrate sometimes has me laughing out loud. And that is what I want these posts to be. A fun way to count down the month. We all know about Christmas  and some of the other ones, but why not a whole month of celebrations! So on that let’s get going to todays.



Go Caroling Day ~~Christmas caroling is believed to have originated from the church by St. Francis of Assisi in 1223. Most traditional carols are those based on religion, the songs that feature modern symbols for the holidays like snowmen, and Santa are considered Christmas songs. Caroling is especially popular during the holiday season in the country of Puerto Rico, where bands of carolers, known as “parranderos”, travel from house to house. A more popular activity in decades past, Christmas caroling is a wonderful way to share the spirit of the holiday season. Caroling may require planning, but your efforts will provide joy to the participants and listeners alike. Go caroling to make the holidays extra special.

Mudd Day ~~ Dec 20, 1833. A day to remember Dr. Samuel A. Mudd (born near Bryantown, MD, Dec 20, 1833), sentenced to life imprisonment for giving medical aid to a disguised John Wilkes Booth, fleeing assassin of Abraham Lincoln. Imprisoned four years before being pardoned by President Andrew Johnson. Died on Jan 10, 1883.  Although calling someone “mud” or “a stupid twaddling fellow” was used before Mudd’s grave error in judgment, according to The Phrase Finder, his actions gave the phrase “Your name is mud” a whole new lowly meaning.

Sangria Day ~~ Derived from the Spanish word “sangre”, which means blood, sangria is a delicious chilled beverage containing a variety of ingredients including all sorts of fruit, honey, red or white wine, brandy and/or liqueur. Sangria is a popular drink at bars, pubs, and restaurants in Portugal, Spain, and Mexico, as well as at tapas restaurants in the United States. So why not mix a batch of Sangria tonight (it is Friday after all) and enjoy a nice relaxing night. I’ll even include a recipe I found here, there is actually two recipes, one for a Christmas red and a Christmas white Sangria. Enjoy!

International Human Solidarity Day ~~ (according to the UN website)

  • A day to celebrate our unity in diversity; a day to remind governments to respect their commitments to international agreements; a day to raise public awareness of the importance of solidarity; a day to encourage debate on the ways to promote solidarity for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals including poverty eradication; a day of action to encourage new initiatives for poverty eradication.

The UN General Assembly, convinced that the promotion of the culture of solidarity and the spirit of sharing is important for combating poverty, proclaimed 20 of December as International Human Solidarity Day.

Now some fun facts about December:

December is the last month in the Gregorian calendar. Its name is based on the Latin term for ten. In the Roman calendar, December was the tenth month until the addition of January and February at the beginning of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere December has the shortest daylight hours and marks the beginning of winter. December provides the longest days in the Southern Hemisphere, as it is the beginning of summer. December is a month home to many religious holidays.

On December 4, 1791, The Observer newspaper (the first Sunday newspaper) was first published in Britain.

On December 20, 1803, the Louisiana Purchase was completed

On December 1, 1953 the first Playboy Magazine was published – Marilyn Monroe was on the cover.

December 28 is considered the most unlucky day of the year. (More about this on the 28th!)

The term Yuletide (’yule monath’) comes from a Norse tradition of cutting and burning a huge tree on December 21st. It was supposed to symbolize the winter solstice, bring good luck and burn throughout the 12 day winter festival, known later as the 12 days of Christmas.

Many people believe wearing new shoes on Christmas day will bring a person bad luck

Join me tomorrow for another edition in our month-long holiday special!







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The Day of the Horse ~~ Celebrate! ~~ Dec 14

Happy weekend people! How is your weekend been so far?

Mine started out crappy. Can I hear an ‘awwww’? No really it started out strange. I was woken up this morning to what sounded like a train whistle in my bedroom. It was barely light out for crying out loud!

Every time I would start to nod off again the train whistle sound did it again. It was loud! So I finally thought I might as well get up and see what the hell it was. Found out quick enough when I went to let Sam out to do his morning business. I had a hard time opening the front storm door!

The wind was so fierce and in just the right direction that it pushed against the door. And that whistling sound? Well it was the wind whipping between mine and the neighbor’s place! I kid you not! It acted like a damn wind tunnel. It was bizarre and kind of cool at the same time. And standing in the doorway, wow, was that loud! The wind had to have been at least 70 – 80 mph gusts through the yard. It was wicked! By the time I thought about the possibility of capturing the sound with my camera the wind died just enough that it didn’t make that sound anymore. Course it was a few hours after I got up. I’m kind of slow. But I swear if or when it happens again I’m recording it!

Now let’s get going on those celebrations for today!



The Day of the Horse ~~The horse is a living link to the heritage and history of our nation and represents a common bond among all peoples who led the way in building our country. Today, the horse industry contributes more than $112 billion annually to the American economy. Therefore, the US Senate (in 2004)  has declared the second Saturday of December to be the Day of the Horse in honor of these magnificent creatures. I’ve always loved horses and vowed to one day own one of my own. Unfortunately I never could afford one, but I still love them. Celebrate by donating to a wild horse charity, visit a horse show, or just admire them. Celebrate!

International Shareware Day ~~ This day is celebrated every second Saturday in December. A day to take time to reward the efforts of thousands of computer programmers who trust that if we try their programs and like them, we will pay for them. Unfortunately, very few payments are received, thus stifling the programmers’ efforts. This observance is meant to prompt each of us to inventory our PCs and Macs, see if we are using any shareware and then take the time in the holiday spirit to write payment checks to the authors. Hopefully this will keep the shareware coming. Celebrate!

Monkey Day ~~ Yes today is the day we celebrate the monkey. (Via Wikipedia) The holiday was started in 2000 when artist Casey Sorrow, then an art student at Michigan State University, jokingly scribbled Monkey Day on a friend’s calendar, and then first celebrated the holiday with other MSU art students.  It gained notoriety when Sorrow and fellow MSU art student Eric Millikin began including Monkey Day in their artwork and Fetus-X comic strips, and began promoting it online along with other artists.  Since then, Monkey Day has been celebrated internationally, across countries like the U.S., Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Monkey Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated internationally on December 14. While the holiday is mainly about the monkeys, it also celebrates other non-human primates such as apes, tarsiers, and lemurs. Sorrow also maintains a comprehensive “Monkeys in the News” blog with stories on topics like monkey attacks, monkey smuggling, and monkey science.  Every Monkey Day, Sorrow’s “Monkeys in the News” blog counts down the previous year’s “top 10 Monkey and Primate News highlights”.

Go visit a zoo and say hi to the Monkeys! Celebrate!

National Bouillabaisse Day ~~ Today celebrates this Mediterranean dish which is a kind of seafood stew/soup. It originated in Marseilles, France the French and Mediterranean people have been eating it since 600 B.C. The fishermen would make it when they pulled into port. Ideally it should be made with a few different kinds of white fillets like cod, flounder, sea bass or snapper and includes various herbs and vegetables like garlic, fennel, saffron, bay leaf, orange peel, leeks, onions, potatoes, or celery. Since this holiday falls in the middle of December it’s a perfect time to warm your body inside and out with a bowl of Bouillabaisse. To celebrate today, try your hand at making your own bouillabaisse stew for your family to enjoy! Celebrate!

That’s all for today folks. I’ll be back tomorrow with more! Celebrate!




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Celebrate! Celebrate! ~~ Dec 13

Good day people! Today I bring you great tidings of joy, or some more celebrations, which ever works for you.

Here’s hoping your weekend turns out to be super! Done Christmas shopping yet? Got all those presents wrapped? Got your tree up? Yeah, I’m nosey. hahaha!

That special day is getting closer and closer! So tell me, what does Christmas mean to you? Let me know, I’m really interested.

Source: Why the Grinch of course!
Source: Why the Grinch of course!



So let’s get onto those celebrations for today shall we.


National Violin Day ~~ I couldn’t find the source of this holiday, but popular opinion is (I’m inclined to agree) that it was started because of all the music that is performed this time of year. Violins are usually a big part of Christmas music. The violin is the smallest yet the highest pitched instrument in the violin family. The violin family consists of the violin, viola, bass viola and cello. The violin can be played in a number of musical genres, classical, jazz, folk music and even rock and roll. It is also called a fiddle. So go ahead and listen to the violin, however you like it. Or if you play, even better! Play a tune for me today!

National Cocoa Day ~~ The history of this day is unknown, but who doesn’t love cocoa? Especially when it’s cold and blustery like it is here. A nice hot cup of cocoa would be great! What is the difference between Hot Chocolate and Hot Cocoa? Hot cocoa is made from a powdered mix of cocoa, sugar and is made with hot milk or water, and hot chocolate is made from chocolate bars melted into cream. While both are delicious, cocoa is the one being celebrated today. Some may celebrate baking with cocoa, while some want to mainline it in a good cup of cocoa. Either way, cocoa lovers, this day is for you!

Via Wikipedia; The cacao tree may have originated in the foothills of the Andes in the Amazon and Orinoco basins of South America where today, examples of wild cacao still can be found. However, it may have had a larger range in the past, evidence for which may be obscured because of its cultivation in these areas long before the Spanish arrived. It may have been introduced into Central America by the ancient Mayas, and cultivated in Mexico by the Toltecs and later by the Aztecs. It was a common currency throughout Mesoamerica and the Caribbean before the Spanish conquests.

Chocolate and cocoa contain a high level of flavonoids, specifically epicatechin, which may have beneficial cardiovascular effects on health. As with all things people, moderation is the key!

Pick a Pathologist Pal Day ~~ Some people think Pathologists and coroners are a happy lot. I wouldn’t know, as I don’t know any. But I’m thinking they have their own brand of humor. So find yourself a Pathologist today and become pals with them! I have no idea where this started, or why, but hey I’m all for making new friends!


That’s all I got for today folks, come back tomorrow for another edition!




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Pearl Harbor Day ~~ Dec 7

Hello people! Once again I’m here to give you a rundown on what is celebrated on this day, December 7.

We all pretty much know Pearl Harbor Day is today. That day that will ‘live in infamy’. I hope you will give a few minutes of silence for remembering all those people who gave their lives on this day in history.

There are of course other things also being celebrated today.

Here is my list:


Pearl Harbor Day ~~ is in remembrance of the day that Japan attacked the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. This attack brought Americans together and more efforts were put into defeating Japan and contributed to the US participation in World War II.

Letter Writing Day ~~ Ah, the hand written letter. Remember those? Do you remember when you last wrote one? Been a while I bet. With today’s technology, Smartphones, computers, emails, texts, not many people write letters by hand anymore. I think it’s a great fun to get a letter in the mail just for me. Someone took time out of their busy lives to write to me and send it snail mail. Sure it takes longer to get to me. But when I get it (which happens almost never) it is something that means the world to me. I keep them forever and re-read them a million times. So hey, go ahead and write someone a letter, even a short note would be nice and mail it next time you go out. Make someone smile. (My address is………) ha-ha!

International Civil Aviation Day ~~This day is annually observed December 7 to raise awareness of the importance of international civil aviation and the role that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) plays in international air transport. The organization is a United Nations (UN) body responsible for developing international standards for aviation safety. This holiday was started by International Civil Aviation Organization in 1994 to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Convention on International Civil Aviation which occurred on December 7th, 1944. In 1996, the United Nations officially recognized this as an international holiday. I love to fly in planes and I know the importance of safety, so this is a good one to celebrate.

National Cotton Candy Day ~~ Oh just thinking of all that spun sugar makes my teeth hurt and my blood sugars rise. Ha-ha! (Via Wikipedia)  Cotton candy was first recorded in Europe in the 18th century. At that time, spun sugar was an expensive, labor-intensive endeavor and was not generally available to the average person.  Machine-spun cotton candy was invented in 1897 by the dentist William Morrison and confectioner John C. Wharton and first introduced to a wide audience at the 1904 World’s Fair as “Fairy Floss” with great success, selling 68,655 boxes at 25¢ per box (equivalent to $6 per box today). Joseph Lascaux, a dentist from New Orleans, Louisiana, invented a similar cotton candy machine in 1921. In fact, the Lascaux patent named the sweet confection “cotton candy” and the “fairy floss” name faded away, although it retains this name in Australia. In the 1970s an automatic cotton candy machine was created which made the product and packaged it. This made it easier to produce and available to sell at carnivals, fairs, and stores in the 1970s and on. Tootsie Roll of Canada Ltd., the world’s largest cotton-candy manufacturer, makes a bagged, fruit-flavored version called Fluffy Stuff.

Recipe Greetings for the Holidays Week ~~ Yes, I know the week is basically over with, but I just found this one today so I thought I would add it anyway. I’m a rebel that way. It’s suppose to be a week of sending recipes as greetings to people. Not sure where or how this one started, but my guess is with groups that exchange Christmas cookie recipes. It might be a fun thing to do! Too bad I didn’t find it sooner. Ah well, there is always next year.


source unknown
source unknown



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Happy 4th Day of December!

How was every one’s day today? Great I hope.

Every day is another day to celebrate. You can celebrate life or you can bemoan it. Now I will have to admit there are some days I would rather crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head and forget about it all.

Then I think to myself, well hell I will just have to face it tomorrow, so might as well get outta bed and face it today. Whatever problems I’m having and believe me I have a few, I try to celebrate the day.

After all, if I wasn’t alive the alternative is worse. Unless I can come back and haunt people. Anyway, that’s for another time. 😉

Let’s just see what kind of day today is for celebrations!


Cookie Day ~~  Is a minor holiday, celebrating cookies in all their sugary glory. It occurs on December 4th of every year, but is not widely observed.  A number of retailers and shops around the country are commemorating this momentous occasion by handing out free cookies. To find out which retailers are giving out free cookies, click on the link and see if any are near you!

Santa’s List Day ~~ Now I’m not really sure which list they mean here. It could be Santa’s list of naughty and nice children. Or it could mean Santa’s list of gifts. Either way you want to celebrate is fine with me! Just make a list and check it twice.

National Dice Day ~~ Today is the day everyone should play a nice game of dice.

International Hug Day ~~ Now this a day I can get my arms around! (Yeah I know , terrible pun). Go celebrate and give out some hugs! Now it might be a good idea to ask permission from people first. You know it’s just the polite thing to do. Plus I wouldn’t want anyone getting punched on my account.

Wear Brown Shoes Day ~~ As I said before folks, I can’t make this stuff up. They are for real. I have no idea where this one started but hey if you’re tired of those black shoes, try being radical and wear brown!

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day ~~ This is the day that celebrates work teams who cooperate and achieve. So gather around the coffee pot or water machine and celebrate working together!

National Fruit Cake Month ~~Now what would December be without the fruitcake? Well I for one can not stand them but that doesn’t mean I will begrudge you yours. Ah the much maligned fruit cake! We’ve all heard the many jokes every year.  It is a great time to honor the fruitcake in all its alcohol drenched, fruit dense, nutty, chewy glory.

People in ancient times would soak their fruit cakes in alcohol for flavor as well as preservation. Hunters and others who would need to be away from home for long periods of time often took fruit cake with them because it kept longer than most bread.

Therefore why not create your own heirloom, alcohol soaked fruit cake and see how long it lasts?

That’s it for today folks. Go out and celebrate the day!

Source: janderson99 - Original Image
Source: janderson99 – Original Image