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When NOT to Call 911 (But Some People Do!)

Hello, People! I hope your week is going great.

This morning I read an article on some of the dumbest 911 calls of 2015. Yes, someone actually keeps track of these. The article is about some of the 911 calls to B.C’s biggest call center for emergency calls. You can read the whole article….here.

I thought I would just list them here and save you some work. I’m good that way. Well, with some of my own commentary of course. Let’s see what they are…..




 Requesting the number for a local tire dealership.

Really? People call 911 for this? Do people not know what a phone book is? Or if you have one of those fancy cell phones (who doesn’t besides me?) just look it up! It’s not a dire emergency folks, not even if you are on the side of the road. Well, unless it’s dark…..and you see the headlights of a car stop behind you….and all you see is this shadow of someone with a hammer or crowbar or bat or gun or something in his hand….then ……RUN!!! Oh, and THEN call 911.

Reporting an issue with a vending machine.

Another that is just….well dumb. For one, vending machines are not to be trusted! They are sneaky money stealing machines. Do not use them if you don’t have to. Another thing….read the stickers on most vending machines. They usually have a number to call if the vending machine is broken.  But, 911, people? Really? What are the cops supposed to do? Arrest it?

Coffee shop is refusing to refill coffee.

Now, true, this should be against the law! But, it’s not. Coffee shops can refuse to refill coffee if they want. Some will, some won’t. Go to another place if the one you go to now doesn’t. Or pay for it. Do not call 911. Please.

“My roommate used my toothbrush.”

This one is my favorite! haha! In the comment section of the article some guy said not to call 911 (please don’t) BUT to sue them in small claims court. Really? So instead of tying up the emergency service lines….for clearly a non-emergency, you should instead clog up the court system even more with a lawsuit. Brilliant! NOT! I can just see the judge’s face as you present him with your 1.99 toothbrush, with the bristles all gnarly and say….”Clearly judge the roommate used this without compensating me! I would never brush in that direction you see the bristles! I brush in the opposite direction!”

Personally, I favor another commenter’s suggestion of using the brush to clean the toilet, putting it back and letting the roommate use it then. Yeah, I’m mean!

Asking for the non-emergency line.

I may not have a fancy cell phone, but even I know you can call 411 (NOT 911) and ask for information of this kind. Please, people, use it. Or again an old-fashioned phone book.

“My son won’t put his seatbelt on.”

Now I can understand getting frustrated with kids if they don’t want to put their seatbelts on. You’ve had a hard and long day, you’re picking up your kid, or doing the grocery shopping and you just want to get home and have that nice big glass of wine. The kid refuses to cooperate and won’t put the darn seatbelt on. Time to get serious with the little brat. Call the cops! Have him arrested! Take him to the ‘big house’. Yeah, that’ll teach him!

Um, no. Please don’t do that. Not only will you tie up the emergency line with what is clearly not an emergency, you might scar the little demon for life. He’ll grow up to be a career criminal and it will be on your head. So, save yourself the heartache and don’t push those buttons for 911.

Asking if it’s OK to park on the street.

I’m thinking that people who call 911 for this and are told to call the non-emergency line, next call 911 for that number! It’s a vicious circle, friends! It could all be resolved if people would look for those pesky road signs. They tell you if you can’t park there. Look up from those cell phones and take in the world around you! See that metal thing on that metal pole there? It’s a sign! No, not from God…but from the city. It tells you NO you cannot park there. So move it buster!

Asking for help getting a basketball out of a tree.

This must be the new ‘my kitty is stuck in the tree’ thing. There are things called ladders. Find one. Use it. And stop trying to be the next great basketball player. It’s not happening.

 Reporting that a building’s air system is too loud, preventing sleep.

There are people who work in these buildings….usually called maintenance people. Call them and get off the 911 line! Or better yet….have the manager of the building call them. That’s their job. For now, you can turn the air system down or off. Then you can get back to dreaming about that beautiful neighbor that won’t return your emails and thinks you’re a bit of a creep.

Or just put a pillow over your head.


There you have it, folks. Have you heard of any foolish reason someone called 911? Let’s start our own list!