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A Can of Corn

I saw something on Facebook last night that got me a bit upset. Now, I know Facebook is good for that. Upsetting people. What I saw last night I took a bit personal and I’ll tell you why.

Someone made a Facebook status about shopping at the grocery store and the checkout lady asking if they wanted to donate to the food bank. They joked about it. One of their followers said something along the lines of….’they could donate a can of corn, at least whoever gets it will have their poop decorated for Christmas’.



Meaning that corn is hard to digest and the poor person who ate the corn will have something decorated for Christmas. I’m sorry, but I found the whole thing in very bad taste in more ways than one. I thought about it most of the night. It was on my mind first thing when I got up this morning. So I decided to write a post on why this was wrong and why it upset me.

Normally I don’t let things on Facebook bother me. I’m not on it that much and well…..people are stupid a lot of times. I don’t tolerate stupid that well.

The husband and I get a food basket from our local food bank every month. Yeah, I’m that person who will get that can of corn. But hey, at least I’ll have something decorated for Christmas.

Or it could be that nice elderly lady next door or across the street. You know the one. The one who always smiles and waves at you and the kids. Who gives you homemade cookies every Christmas. Yeah, that nice old lady.

The one whose husband died a few years ago and now it’s just her and her cat. The one who if you went in her house and looked in her cupboards you would find most of them empty of food. Because she can’t afford to go to that nice grocery store and stock up. She gets a food hamper every month from the food bank. If she didn’t do that, she would go hungry. Even that can of corn is welcomed in her home. It’s something to eat.

Sure, she gets retirement money every month. But it’s not enough to cover the bills and food. The bills come first. She doesn’t want to lose the house her  husband and her worked so hard all their married lives to have. They even had some savings. I nice little nest egg for their retirement years. That got ate up when he got sick suddenly. Then he died. The nest egg gone. The money she has coming in is now half of what it was. Just enough to pay the bills, if she keeps the thermostat down.

Most of the clients of food banks are the elderly. Did you know that? It’s true……look it up. I did.


As for the old neighbor…She gives you those delicious homemade cookies every Christmas because she hoards what little sugar she gets from the food bank. Maybe the flour too. She likes to make cookies for your kids. As she doesn’t see her kids or grandkids that often. So she hoards through the year what she needs for baking and eats what she can.

Let me tell you a bit about food bank hampers. Every food bank is different because it depends on donations. What you get depends on what’s given. Like that can of corn. A typical food bank hamper for me and the husband consists of this:

  • boxes of Kraft dinner (usually 3)
  • cans of baked beans (usually 2)
  • can of spaghetti sauce
  • bag of spaghetti noodles
  • cans of soup (usually 2 or 3)
  • sometimes a box of cereal
  • if we are really lucky…a dozen eggs
  • small bag of flour (most times not)
  • bag of dried beans
  • small container of juice
  • can of tomatoes
  • bag of oatmeal
  • can of vegetables (corn, green beans or wax beans)

If we are really lucky we get some kind of meat. Usually not, though. We might get a package of hotdogs, or a pound of hamburger. One time we got a single piece of chicken. Which we had to throw away because when we thawed it out…it was spoiled. We’ve thrown away most of the meat we have gotten because it was rotten. Yeah, we are living high off the hog.

That’s what that old neighbor gets too. Maybe she is diabetic like I am. Oh, then we get a special bag of goodies from the food bank. It is always the same. Always.

  • two small plastic bags of oatmeal
  • two cans of pineapple chunks
  • two tiny containers of applesauce or jello (you know the kind, usually you can buy them 6 to a package. I get two of the six.)
  • plastic bag of dried beans

Why they insist on giving a diabetic cans of pineapple is beyond me. They are very high in natural sugar. Duh….diabetic.

So, when someone makes fun about giving donations to food banks….think a little. Because of medical issues the husband and I can’t work. Or we would be working. We don’t like having to get food bank hampers. We  hate it. But, we have to eat.

So does most elderly. Oh yeah, that neighbor? She has a cat. The cat is her only companion. It’s company on long lonely days and nights. It’s warmth on cold winter evenings. So on the months she might get a couple of cans of cheap tuna. She feeds her cat the tuna. She doesn’t eat it herself. The cat has to eat too and it usually does before she does. Because that’s what we do.

So, enjoy those homemade cookies.

We’ll be looking forward to that can of corn. At least something will be decorated this Christmas.


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Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?



This is today’s Daily Prompt and I just had to answer that question. With a resounding …… Maybe!

For me this is a question to be pondered, thought about, asked again and again in my mind. Why you might ask? For several reasons.

One, I have a food blog. Yeah I do as most of you know. Change is Good….Right??  Now having that food blog means I like cooking. I like smelling the food cooking. I like experimenting with recipes. And don’t forget the tasting! I mean who can forget that first warm mouthful of great tasting food? The feel of it on your tongue. The spices rolling around your mouth, waking your taste buds up!

Close your eyes and remember that special meal you had. Maybe it was a new dish you’ve never tried before. Or maybe it was an old favorite. Close your eyes and remember the pleasure it gave you. Think you can get that in a pill? No way!

Pop a pill, take a sip of water and poof you’re done for that meal! BORING!!




Think of all the time spent cooking meals. Planning meals. Shopping for meals. Eating meals. That my friend is a lot of time! Time that could be spent doing other things. Like blogging! Or jogging! Or painting! Or reading! Or writing! You get the picture.

Also, I’m diabetic. I take shots and pills for it. I also have to watch what I eat very carefully. Be on a schedule. All that to keep my blood sugars stable. Talk about a pain in the…. you know what. Now if all I had to do was take a pill to get all I needed in a meal. Would that take care of the diabetes? Maybe. I wouldn’t be eating real food, so my sugars would be nil. Right? At least that is my thinking. Things to seriously consider.

Let me know what you think. I love comments!



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Daily Prompt: Comedy of Errors

Today’s daily prompt is: Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Write about a time everything did — fiction encouraged here, too!

I might be cheating just a tad today, because I am going to re-post something I wrote a while back on my other blog. It fits this prompt to a T! Also, it’s pretty funny and it’s a true story!

Readers that have followed my food blog for a while have read about this particular instance. (Actually 2 instances….so far). So please forgive me, but I think it bears repeating for those who haven’t read it.

Here we go………..Instead of sending you to my other blog, I’m just going to copy it here in its entirety.


The Adventure of Grocery Shopping (or how I got run out of the store by a little old lady)


Today I had planned on posting some cool off treats to help with the heat wave that many are experiencing. But,  I have a story to tell. It happened last Tuesday at the Safeway supermarket. Now my neighborhood Safeway has a promotion going on,    the first Tuesday of the month is Seniors Day. They get a percentage off of their purchases and it can be quite a savings. And no matter how early you go to the store there are literally busloads of Seniors! Now I  try to avoid going to the grocery store on the first Tuesday of the month, not because I dislike old people.  Quite the contrary I adore old people! After all if I’m lucky one day I will be one of them!

Nope, I avoid going because, well, this is going to sound a bit strange. I avoid going because I am an old people magnet! Yup, you read that right. I attract older people like….like…..the ice cream truck attracts kids. They are drawn to me, always have been. Even when I was a child, I would draw old people.  And they wouldn’t  pinch my cheek and tell me how cute I was (although I have to admit I WAS pretty darn cute!) Oh no!! They would tell me their life stories! Not that I minded really,  they always had some interesting stories to tell. It used to irritate me just a bit back then, but as I grew older I came to appreciate those old people and their stories! And, after last Tuesday I just might have some interesting stories to tell some kid when I get old!


Now this is how it went……….

I was in the pasta aisle. I wanted some gluten-free pasta and was looking to see what  was available. I had a taste for pasta…..I wanted pasta……but I had no gluten-free pasta at home. So there I was, minding my own business and wondering if I wanted the rice noodles or should I try the brown rice spaghetti. Out of the corner of my eye I see this old woman coming down the aisle using a walker. I remember smiling to myself because she was one of those old “characters”, you could tell just by looking at her. She wasn’t one of these typical  white-haired “old ladies”. This one had flaming red hair, obviously from a bottle, but still I couldn’t  help but admire the choice of red on top of her head. It was eye-catching to say the least. She moved pretty slowly and her face was made up with powder and rouge and her lips were a deep red. Her blue eyes behind her large black framed glasses had a sparkle to them, so you just knew she had some stories in her!

I smiled at her as she approached and moved a bit closer to the pasta to give her plenty of room to maneuver that walker around me. But, instead of going around me she stands next to me and gives me the biggest smile! It was the kind of smile that if you were having a bad day, that smile would cheer you up. She notices the gluten-free noodles in my  hands and in this sweet high-pitched voice says “Now what would you want with those make-believe noodles? You want a good dish, you gotta use good old egg noodles.”

I bite back a laugh and tell her that I’m doing a gluten-free lifestyle.

“What kinda lifestyle?” she shoots back at me.



I explain that I’m changing my lifestyle to get healthier.

She looks me up and down and says in her high pitched….oh and did I mention CARRYING  voice……..”Honey, why would you want to change your sex because of health???”

I kind of laugh and state, I’m not changing my sex. I’m changing my lifestyle!

“Well I just never could understand these sex changing people. If God made you a woman why would you want to change into a man??!!” she asks. “You make a pretty good-looking woman, so stay that way!”

Now, I can feel myself blushing , because several other people have entered the aisle and of course were eavesdropping shamelessly. And they were all staring at me like I was something they had never encountered before.

“I bet your mama would have something to say about you wanting to change into a man!” she says.

“I DON”T want to change into a man!” I state quite firmly and  can feel a bit of hysterical laughter bubbling up.

She looks at me earnestly and says “From what I have heard it’s not want you might WANT…but what you feel you have to do to feel good about yourself”.  And in her carrying voice she whispers to me loudly. ”I will pray for you, and I will tell all my friends to pray for you too!!”  as she pats my  arm.

By now I am ready to run out of that store and never come back!  But I don’t. I stay and try to defend myself against a little old lady in a walker. And of course more and more people are entering the aisle. I mean who wouldn’t right? They probably heard her on the other side of the store and wanted to see the lady who wanted to change her sex!

So I try AGAIN to explain to her that I am NOT changing my SEX, that I am staying a woman! I realize I am saying this in a bit of a loud voice. I think to more convince all the other people in the aisle then to convince the red-haired old lady. I’m not angry, actually I find myself wanting to laugh hysterically and bite my lip so I won’t offend her and do just that!

I start slowly moving down the aisle hoping to end the crazy conversation and get out of the store with some dignity intact! With each step  I take she takes one with  her walker. All I can remember thinking is, I am NEVER coming again on the first Tuesday of the month. I smile at her and tell her I have an appointment (which I didn’t)  and have to go. And I tell you, for an old woman using a walker, that lady could move when she wanted to!! She is pretty much keeping pace with me as I move out of the aisle and to the registers to check out. Now I didn’t  get everything I wanted from the store and realized I had both the rice noodles AND the spaghetti noodles in my hands, but all I could think was escape!! So I get checked out and I can hear this sweet old lady behind me talking to some friends about the woman she met who wanted a sex change.

As I finish checking out and grab my bag of noodles and start for the door I hear behind me, in a high-pitched and CARRYING voice, ”Now don’t go getting that sex change operation without talking to your mama first!” As I risk a look behind me, there is that nice old lady and a big group of her friends, AND the cashiers all looking at me. Some had smiles and some looked confused, but they were ALL looking at me!!

I just dash for the door and the safety of my car. I get in and breathe a huge sigh of relief and just start……laughing! I couldn’t  stop laughing!!! I’m laughing till tears come and I glance out the side window and see this poor little old man just staring at me and start laughing even more! He’s probably thinking I’m crazy, but hell all the others thought I was crazy too. So what’s one more????

So the moral of the story is this……watch how you word what you say to old lady characters, or it might just land you in the situation I found myself! (But I still laugh about it, and no….I AM NOT going back on the first Tuesday of the month!)


 Now is that not a comedy of errors? 

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My Journey Into The Blogging World

Ah yes, my journey into the blogging world. It has been a whirlwind.  I started my first blog back in June of this year. It was my food blog http://changeforbetterme.wordpress.com and it started back then because I had found out I had a wheat intolerance. So I decided to start the blog with the idea in mind to find recipes that are gluten-free. I have had a blast doing that blog.  But it has somehow evolved into much more then a gluten-free recipe blog. It has become a world traveling food experience and I love it! Most of the recipes are still gluten-free, which has surprised me how you can travel the world and still eat well, by just eating what the natives are eating.

That blog has opened my eyes to so many wonderful places in this world, and so many wonderful different foods. I am having the time of my life writing that blog! And the people I have ‘met’ through it has been fantastic! I have made many new friends and I appreciate every comment and every “like” posted on it. I will continue to bring great recipes from different lands that you can still cook in your humble kitchen. I am having the most fun I have had in years! Thank you all for joining me!

This blog,  well this blog is special to me. I started “To Breath is to Write” just a couple of months ago. It was destined I believe.  I have always loved to write stories and after starting my food blog that love of writing came boiling to the surface once again. It was always there, just I had pushed it so far down through the years for various reasons. Now it has burst forth so strong that it has left me reeling. But I love it!

I never realized just how much I had missed writing.  I have so many stories inside of me that I have written something almost every single day since starting this blog. It has surprised the crap out of me!

I have learned so much on this journey. The ins and outs of blogging. I still have lots more to learn, but it’s going to be so much fun. Blogging has been easier because of the wonderful world here at WordPress. They make things easy to do. They answer questions I have, and the atmosphere here is just so encouraging. My fellow bloggers have been so very supportive and helpful also! You people out there are wonderful! You should give yourself a big pat on the back! I have been on the internet for too many years to count and I have never met a more patient, encouraging and just over all NICE group of people then here in blog world!

There are a few of you out there I wish I could meet in person and give a big hug to!  I consider you friends now, so beware! 🙂

This blogging thing has become so much a part of my life now. I feel so passionate about it. I look forward to getting out of bed  again. The stories going through my mind sometimes wake me up they are so strong and they want to be written so much. Some characters in my stories nag at me to write about them more. And that’s just fine with me!

But I will be truthful and tell you what has surprised me the most on this journey. It has amazed me so much that YOU enjoy what I write! When I wrote that first story, that first piece of fiction I was absolutely terrified!  Then I just closed my eyes and hit that publish button. And I keep hitting that publish button every single day afterwards. Now it doesn’t scare me anymore. Well okay that’s a lie. It still does, but not quite as much as that first time. You dear readers make it all worth while.

Since blogging I have renewed my love of writing fiction. I have thrown in some stories of my own life. I’m still not sure why, because basically I am a very private person. It has all been received so well though that I don’t regret a single word. I have gotten so brave in this writing world that I have even gone so far as to join the challenge at NaNoWriMo.org  this coming November. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a challenge where you write a 50,000 word novel in a month. It’s not a pressure oriented challenge. You write what you feel comfortable writing  every day. I’m hoping I make the 50,000 word count if not more. Maybe I will be lucky enough to have an actual novel at the end! Well with a whole lot of editing afterwards I’m sure.

My journey into the blogging world has been an experience I wish I had done sooner.  But, I’m here now! And you are not getting rid of me! I’m here to stay. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all who have joined me in my journey! I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate you reading my posts and still come back for more. Here’s to all of us! We are a special breed of people and that’s okay with me!