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Silly Sunday ~~~ Mad as a March Hare Editition

Ah yes, Spring should be just around the corner. I do hope so anyway! As it is the beginning of March.

This Sunday’s edition of Silly Sunday is Mad as a March Hare. I’ve heard this saying for as long as I’ve been alive. So curious me decided to Google it and see where it started and what it all means.

According to The Phrase Finder, this is the meaning:


Completely mad.


as mad as a march hareHares have long been thought to behave excitedly in March, which is their mating season. Lewis Carroll is among many who have used this idea in stories – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:

“The March Hare … as this is May, it won’t be raving mad – at least not so mad as it was in March.”

You can read more about the origins of the phrase by clicking on the link above. Now on with our funnies!


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Silly Sunday ~~~ Groundhog Day Edition

Hello people!

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. For some of you it’s already Feb. 2, but just bear with me. 😉

I don’t believe that the groundhog can tell whether we will have 6 more weeks of winter or not. But it’s a cute little critter and there are some that do believe. So who am I to say nay or yay? So for all of you here is my Silly Sunday Groundhog Edition. Enjoy!