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IBQ Writing Prompt: Garden

This week’s prompt is:


“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”  –  Cicero

What does a garden mean to you?  A nice lawn?  Flowers?  Vegetables?  Something to admire from afar?  Do you like to garden?  Or does the smell of dirt and the sight of bugs, send you rushing into the house?  Are you a city dweller longing for a garden?  An introvert seeking a quiet refuge?


source unknown
source unknown

I love gardens. Any kind of gardens. Flowers, of course, are a favorite, but I’ll take a vegetable garden too. I love growing things.

I”ve always wanted a nice garden to sit in and watch the beauty of mother nature. And as the saying up above says, it is the restoration of the five senses.

Sight; you get to look at mother nature’s best. Colors the make you feel happy, not only with flowers, but the butterflies and hummingbirds that come to drink the nectar of those flowers. You can see the vivid greens, yellows, reds, pinks, even blues and purples. It’s like a rainbow decided to live in your yard for a while.

Sound; you hear the breeze in the leaves, softly rustle. Or the singing of a bird that has decided to visit, maybe even live in your garden. You hear the buzzing of bees and insects as they live off the flowers and plants that you have grown. It’s a continuous cycle that you have contributed to.

Smell; the fragrance of the flowers is intoxicating. Soft perfume fills the air and as you breath it in you feel the stress of any worries just slide away. Maybe you’ve planted some mint and as a warm breeze wafts by you get just a hint of the mint in the air. Refreshing and soothing.

Taste; there are some flowers that are edible, the soft petals of delicate perfume on your tongue. If you grow vegetables or have fruit trees or shrubs, well the possibilities of taste are endless. Tangy lemons from your lemon tree in lemonade or if you like a bit fresh lemon in your tea. If you grow  apple, pear, plum trees. So many tastes await you. Then there are the herbs, which I love to grow. To cook with fresh herbs is wonderful and will make you appreciate herbs at their finest. They can be pungent or gentle. But always a delight.

Touch; the softness of the grass underneath your feet. The brush of the breeze against your skin.  As you bend to smell a flower the velvety petals against your nose. Even to the smoothness of the wood bench, or the cool roughness of a stone seat can give one a reason to stay awhile and enjoy the scenery.

For me a garden is a way to refuel my soul, much like mediation does. To sit and enjoy it with someone I love and the benefits are 100 fold to me.

(This is my 500th post for WordPress! Yay, me!!)

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Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan? 

This is the question asked by the Daily Prompt today. Oh how I wish this was true. One day when I win the lottery I am going to own that plot of land and live the rest of my life in peace and happiness. Where would that plot of land be you ask? Ah, somewhere quiet, where all I hear is nature.

I’d have a house built that would blend in the surroundings. Something like this perhaps…….


I would need a studio/office with lots of light for my writing and painting. I would love something like this maybe built in a tree behind the house. It would be different, with lots of light and with privacy so I could work in peace.


Then of course I would want a garden like I’ve always dreamed of. A place where I could sit and dream for a while. To watch the birds and the butterflies swoop and glide…………


Where tired friends could come and revitalize themselves in Mother Nature’s glory……………


A place where Sam(my dog) and I could go for a walk and watch the dappled shadows from the sun overhead peeping through the trees……………..


This is my plan if I had that plot of Earth and the resources to make it come true.



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A Challenge!

I received an email from a good friend  yesterday. She issued me a challenge, and not one to  turn down a challenge, I of course accepted. (Which she knew I would!) I also thought it would be fun. So, here’s the challenge.

Go to  and type in “royalty free pictures” for the search. Choose a picture from that search and write a story about it. Simple, right? Well yes and no. Some of the pictures that came up in that search were quite good. Some,  terrible. So below is the picture I choose. The story took a few more grey cells to produce.

As I am a great believer in sharing, I’d like to share this challenge with my dear readers. So, I am challenging YOU to do the same as I did. Choose the same picture or choose a different one. Using the “royalty free pictures” search makes it an even playing ground for us all, plus no one gets in trouble using royalty free photos. Write a story or poem about the picture. Then challenge your friends and readers!

Let me know what you thought about my little story. I’m always interested in what you have to say! And if you accept this challenge let me know, I would love to read what you wrote about the picture you chose!

Here’s the photo I choose.

courtesy of

Mr. Red was always on the hunt for great feeders. He flew around all day just stopping by feeders to see what was in them, how fresh they were, and to take a little taste. That was his job. He took great pride in his job. For his flock it was of great importance. Because of Mr. Red the flock always knew where the best feeders were and they never went hungry. This was especially important in winter time, when food was scarce.

Today he found a wonderful feeder. There was even suet!  “This human knows how to treat his feathered friends”, thought Mr. Red.

Mr. Red hopped around keeping an eye out for danger. Just like his daddy Big Mr. Red taught him. He came from a long line of Mr. Reds’. It was a family tradition to become the Feed Finder of the flock.  Mr. Red’s daddy always taught him to hop around the feeder for a while, to make sure there were no cats around!  Cats were the natural enemies of his flock and unless the cat had a bell on it was hard to spot them till it was too late.

Hopping around seeking out danger was hard work! So Mr. Red tasted some more of that delicious suet. Looking around the yard  he didn’t see anything that looked like danger. But, a red bird couldn’t be too careful. It’s not like they blended in to the environment thought Mr. Red. They  stood out like little red beacons.

Mr. Red felt safe. He didn’t sense any danger. All though he kept hearing these strange clicking sounds. He knew the human was standing off to the side watching him. He also had a strange little box like thing he kept putting to his face. But, he didn’t feel like he was in danger from the human or his strange little clicking box. Humans  liked Mr. Red and his flock. They smiled whenever Mr Red showed up. Sometimes he couldn’t help but hop around and show off for the humans. They seemed to like this a lot when he did.

He heard his flock off in the distance. It was time to  go and find them, so he could show them the way to this feeder. Mr. Red just knew this was going to be a special feeder this winter.  It would always be full of fresh seed, and there would always be a yummy suet hanging not far away.  So off he went. When he came to his flock he told them all about the feeder and suet. He also  told them about the human and his clicking box, but told them there was nothing to fear. The flock was excited to see this wonderful feeder and taste the fresh seed!

So off they all flew towards the yard with the feeder. Mr. Red proudly leading the way. Knowing tomorrow he would be on another adventure to find more seed, because a red bird could never have too much seed.