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Strange, Unique Christmas Gifts

Hello people! Hope your day is a great one!

Today I thought I would go shopping and take you with me! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, it is! Until you find out we won’t be spending any money. Ha!

I went virtual shopping my friends. I’ve been seeing Christmas gift lists popping up all over the blog world. So I thought I would go on the hunt for strange and unique gifts you could give. There are still 10 days till Christmas, so you might have time to buy some of these truly unique gifts for someone you love! Or, someone you don’t care for all that much. LOL You decide!

(Admit it, we all have that ONE relative that annoys us.)

Let’s see what I found, shall we?

How about some candy canes? Now Jackie, you’re thinking, what’s so unique or strange about candy canes?? Ah, my friends! These aren’t just any old candy canes! These are bacon flavored!!




For just $5.99 USD, you can have some of these tasty tidbits to give out. The fun part is, don’t tell anyone they are bacon flavored! Let them find out on their own. 😉


Then we have Cat Butt Gum!



At $1.49 USD, it’s a steal!

For the beer lovers on your list.




For $2.59 USD, they can have their beer and sweets all in one!


This one is just for you Sheena of Notapunkrocker! 


At $11.99 USD it’s a steal!

As for me, I went shopping at Neiman Marcus for Christmas. A girl can dream, right??


100th Anniversary limited-edition Maserati Ghibli S Q4

It’s a bargain at only $95,000! I can see me in it, cruising around.

And, now for the coupe de grace! Whoever buys this for me gets to come along for the fun!


A fragrance journey
Everything from your clothing to the decor in your home suits you perfectly. Isn’t it time you had a signature scent that does the same? Your quest to fragrance utopia begins with two first-class tickets to Paris, close to the Fontainebleau, where you’ll meet with sixth-generation Master Perfumer Olivier Creed to create the ultimate custom scent. While in The City of Light, you and a guest will dine with Creed, enjoy five-star accommodations, white-glove car service, private tours and other experiences befitting the royally amazing you. A few short months later, a fragrance nonpareil will arrive at your doorstep in 24 14-karat gold-gilded six-liter flacons and 12 14-karat gold-accented leather atomizers featuring your bespoke scent.

Price: $475,000


What’s the strangest gift you ever received for Christmas??




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My World This Week ~~ 2014 Week 32

This is just going to be short and quick. I’m not exactly sure I even want to share with you my world lately as it’s been a bit of my own piece of hell. Short story, knee is still giving me hell, now I have complications from it. Going back to dr this week, if possible.

Thanks Cee for more great questions this week. If anyone wants to join in just go to Cee’s Photography blog and join us. Thanks



Do you prefer ketchup or mustard?

Depends on what I’m putting it on. French fries gets ketchup on the side. Hamburgers, hotdogs and such get mustard. I’m easy.

If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction?

Hell, that’s easy. Science fiction. If I told most of what my life has consisted of, most would not believe it.

If you could be given any gift what would it be?

Good health. Believe me, once you lose your good health, you want it back, because everything is 100% more difficult without it. You get boring to other people, even if they love you, because you are no longer ‘fun’. I can handle a lot of things. Being broke, being somewhere I don’t want to be, being the black sheep of my family, but now that my health is not good, it’s worse. At least when I was healthy I could find a job, move somewhere else, do something about the things that sadden me. Never take good health for granted. Ever!

For potlucks or parties do you cook it yourself, buy from a grocery store, or pay for catering?

I don’t do parties, potlucks or otherwise. The few times I did, for like family gatherings, I cooked my own. I like to cook so that was the easiest.



There you have it folks. I’m hoping to be around more, but right now, I just don’t have the energy. See you folks around!

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Daily Prompt ~ Gimme

I hope everyone’s Christmas was a good one. If you don’t celebrate Christmas  I hope you also got through these last few days well. Mine was on the quiet side, so I enjoyed it. I like quiet. There is way too little of it.

I did make Christmas dinner . Turkey, dressing, all that goes with it. Lot’s of leftovers though, as there was only three of us to eat it. But, I love turkey sandwiches, so no hardship there. 🙂

So I’ve been sitting here wondering what to write today as I took yesterday off. Must have too many turkey fumes yet as I couldn’t think of a thing. Then I read the daily prompt and thought why not? I’ll give it a whirl.

The Daily Prompt was …..Gimme……Was there a special gift or toy you wanted as a child but never received? What was it?

Ah, yes.  There was.  So, let me set the scene. I have 3 siblings, a younger brother, one older sister and one older brother. I was kind of the middle child. My mother and I never got along much in those days. Hell, who am I kidding. We never get along much any days. We just got over another little hump this Christmas, but that’s for another story.

Anyway, I was fifteen, not really a child, but not yet ‘grown-up’ either. All three of my siblings had their own bikes. For years I had been asking for my own bike also. Otherwise, I hardly got to ride one, my siblings were not big on sharing, and mom always took their side, so hence I very rarely got to ride one. I always felt cheated. How come I was the only one without a bike??

I would ask for one on birthdays and Christmas. Every year I was disappointed yet again. The year I was fifteen, I told my Mom (again) I wanted a bike, that’s ALL I wanted. They didn’t have to get me anything else. Just a bike!


I felt sure that year that I would get my own bike! I was so excited at Christmas time. I knew there was going to be a bike for me this time. I remember waking up Christmas Eve morning with this feeling of excitement deep in my belly. I made sure I was good all day. I helped Mom whenever she asked for it.  I mean, I did everything right that year! Or tried to.

In my family it was always tradition once us kids got bigger to open our presents Christmas Eve night. I don’t know why we did that, but we did. So of course we were all excited after supper and waited impatiently for Mom to say “Start opening them!” Now there was no bike under the tree, nothing really big wrapped hiding in a corner. I was all right with that, after all we had a basement, an attic too, maybe it was hidden there and Dad would get it soon.

Well, my Mom told us we could unwrap our gifts!  We all started passing around the gifts and opening them. Yes, I had a small pile of gifts to unwrap, but I kept looking for Dad to get the bike out of the basement! I kept watching and waiting, but to no avail. No bike again that Christmas. I was more disappointed than I had ever been. I felt sure that I was going to get one that year! I was positive! But, nope. Nothing, nada, zip.

I remembered I went to bed that night and silently cried myself to sleep. I don’t think I will ever forget that Christmas. Unfortunately I was usually disappointed at Christmas, especially my teenage years, as those were the worst years for getting along with Mom. But that one, well that one stuck with me the most.

Now, there is a shining light at the end of this story. My birthday is in September. My younger brother and I are 2 years and 2 days apart. My birthday is Sept. 12 his is the 14th. Now all the years we were growing up my brother and I had to ‘share’ a birthday. Usually it was on the 13th or his actual birthday the 14th. We shared a cake. We shared small family parties (if we had one), we shared birthdays. Which both of us thought sucked and wasn’t fair. But Mom, well she is who she is.

Except on my sixteenth birthday. Now that birthday was special. Because of what my Dad did. Bless his soul.  My Mom actually refused to have anything to do with this one occasion, but again, that’s for another story.

That September, my Dad asked me after breakfast if I wanted to take a drive with him. It was on a Saturday, I remember that. My Dad usually did his errands on a Saturday, but his norm was to do them alone. It was a rare treat to go with Dad, he hardly ever asked one of  us kids. Anyway, he asked me and of course I said yes. We drove for a while and he pulled into the Schwinn Bike shop. I was confused. I couldn’t understand why we were there. We walked in and started looking at all these shiny new Schwinn bikes! Oh wow! They were beautiful!

He casually asked me which one I liked. I think my jaw hit the ground. He asked me again. I pointed to a shiny red and white one. I liked that one! My dad talked to the owner of the store and told him it was my birthday and he wanted to buy that red and white girls Schwinn bike for me! Oh, how I wanted to cry right there and then. But didn’t dare as I was afraid it would have embarrassed Dad.

It was a 3 speed and it was expensive! Schwinn’s back then were expensive, and my dad just bought me one. I was walking on cloud nine! I had that bike for many years. My Dad was always my hero! I miss you Daddy!


(I guess I can’t say I never received this gift. Because I did, just not for Christmas)

just like the one I got!
just like the one I got!