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Truth or Fiction

Welcome to this week’s edition of Truth or Fiction. Last week it was kind of split. Some of you voted that the story was fiction, others said it was based on truth.

It was…..fiction! There might have been a teeny tiny bit of truth to it as I have turned down a couple of marriage proposals in my younger days but I never did it the way my story portrays. So it really was fiction.

Good guesses one and all!

Now onto this weeks story. Is it fiction or truth?


photo by Pixabay



Haunted Lottery



It was just for one night. That’s all the time they had to stay in the old house. They both believed in the supernatural, ghosts, spirits, whatever you wanted to call them. Both had actually seen ghosts too. She had lived in a house that had been haunted and her best friend had stayed at a cousin’s house that she said had been haunted. So yes, they were believers.

Now they had a chance to stay in a mansion. Not just any mansion, but one that was well-known for being haunted by several spirits. They even did a local TV show on the place. It was so exciting! The people who bought the mansion and opened it up to tours were running a lottery for someone to stay in the mansion overnight. She and her bestie thought it was a great idea so they both bought a lottery ticket. The lottery rules stated you had to stay in the mansion overnight and you were allowed to bring one other person with you. You had to stay in one of the supposedly haunted bedrooms and you weren’t allowed to leave the house for any purpose.

If the lottery winner wanted to forfeit the big prize of five thousand dollars they could call a number and just say, “I want out.” Then they could leave the mansion and give up the prize. If they stayed all night they won the prize! Her best friend won the lottery and here they were, inside the house with their overnight bags ready to stay the night. As they looked around while one of the owners explained the rules again to them they could see how beautiful the place was. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling while the dark wooden staircase that led to the bedrooms upstairs glistened under the light.

“You must stay from 7 pm to 7 am. There will be a dinner served in the dining room at eight and you may pick any of the bedrooms to sleep in.”

They thanked him and listened to him as he continued to explain the layout of the house.

“There are six bedrooms upstairs plus a sitting room and several bathrooms. The kitchen is off the dining room and the cook and server will be leaving the house by ten. At which time you will be on your own for the remainder of the night.”

The two women glanced at each other and grinned. It was really happening. They were going to stay in the house and hopefully see one of the spirits that supposedly dwelled here. A chance they might not ever get again. They were almost giddy with excitement.

Mr. Pedergras shook their hands and wished them luck and reminded them once more that if they wanted to leave they just had to call the number on the card he handed them, tell him they wanted out and the contest would end and they could leave.

They both assured him that he would receive no phone call and that they would see him in the morning. They just wanted him to leave so they could explore the house more fully on their own and decide which bedroom to sleep in if they indeed slept at all.

They had been told there were a few cameras set up to capture them as they stayed in the house but none in the bedrooms or bathrooms. Just as a safety measure Mr. Pedergras told them. For their own safety or for the safety of the mansion they weren’t clear on. The women just shrugged their shoulders and said they understood.

The owner finally left and they were on their own. Well, almost. They could hear faint sounds coming from the dining room and kitchen and knew it would be the cook and server doing whatever they did. They were more interested in going upstairs and seeing what was up there. They quickly walked up the grand staircase and started to open doors and peek inside the rooms. The friends had already decided beforehand that they would share a bedroom. That way if they do actually get lucky enough to see something they would see it together. There was also the secure feeling of not being completely on their own if they saw something. They would have each other.

Not that they were scared…well not really. Ok, maybe they were a little. Seeing something would be much more exciting together than alone. After all, the rules never said they couldn’t share a bedroom.

They dropped off their overnight bags in the biggest bedroom, that had two double beds in it and decided to explore the rest of the place before dinner time. At least they would know the layout of the house before dark. You know, just in case they heard something somewhere. They wanted to be prepared.

Grinning at each other they walked out of the door and down the long hallway arm in arm. Tonight was going to be a night they would both never forget.








So, once again was this fiction or truth? Would you stay in a place that was known to be haunted? Do you even believe in ghosts or spirits? Let me know!




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Another Scary Story….and It’s True!

We only have a few more days before Halloween. I saved this repost for last because it’s probably the scariest. I wrote about it last year and I’m bringing it back for your reading…pleasure?

I wrote it in two parts. I’ll put a link on for the second part. I do hope you enjoy…and remember to stay away from things that give you a feeling of ‘not quite right’.  Some of you may remember it from last year, some of you may not have read it. Be prepared to be scared!


Something happened to me years ago when I was still married to the ex. Now, most who visit and read my blog know that I do believe in ghosts, spirits and things that go bump in the night. I have told you about Abe, the ghost that has lived with me since I was about 4 and who has stayed with me through countless moves, including several across the country and  with my move to Canada.

I’ve had a lot of strange things happen around me all my life. I’ve seen my fair share of strange things.  The story that I am about to tell you is probably one of the creepiest, scariest things that I’ve experienced. Now, I’ve been almost killed 2 or 3 times in my life. I’ve had a ghost that loves to follow me around. I’ve lived through my abusive ex. The true story that I’m going to share with you is something that scared me more than any of that other stuff combined.




My ex decided we should move from Texas, where he was from and where we were living at the time, to Wisconsin where I was from. I had family in upper Wisconsin. Looking back, my ex  probably found  living in Texas a bit uncomfortable after having schemed and conned his way through most of Texas. Me, being the naïve woman I was back then, took him at his word that he just wanted to move so I could be closer to family and our rocky marriage could have a fresh start.

Anyway, my ex and his schemes are for another day. I called my sister and told her of our plans and asked her if she could find us a small place to rent so we could have somewhere to live once we got up there. She was all for it and said she would ask around.  She was sure she could find us something.

True to her word, she called me back a few days later and said she found a place, the rent was cheap and well within our budget, so I told her to tell the people we would take it and that we should be up there at the first of the month, which was only a few weeks away. I packed up our belongings in record time, the ex managed to get hold of a U-Haul and off we went cross-country for a new beginning.

We moved in the beginning of winter. Winter in Texas is usually pretty mild, winter in upper Wisconsin is a whole new experience, if you’ve never lived through one. We managed to get there in one piece, just a day late of our schedule due to the U-Haul breaking down in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night our second day out. The ex managed to get it going again though, and we traveled on. We made it the third day out,  traveling almost none stop. We met my sister at her place and she was going to have us follow her, first to the realtor who was renting the house, to pick up the key, then to the house we were going to call home.

We drove up to the house which was on a quiet country road. It looked nice, not too big and it had a basement that was heated so the ex could work down there. I was pleasantly surprised. We started to unpack the truck right away, as it was cold and it had started to snow. The dogs (we had 4 dogs then) were put in the basement while we unloaded and set the house up. The house we were told was hand-built by the former owners, it only had one bedroom, a living room, kitchen and one bath. It was plenty big enough for us. I thought it looked cute, but I remember from the very beginning I had these feelings of foreboding. I put it down as just being very tired.

We got the truck unloaded and I let the dogs come out of the basement and see their new home. They went sniffing around as animals will do, but I noticed they wouldn’t enter the bedroom. They would just stop in the doorway, look inside with their tails down and then back out and never go in. I was too tired and too busy to give it much more notice than that at the time.

By nightfall I was more than ready for a hot shower and bed. One of the smaller dogs always slept in the same room as I did. He was my little shadow, they all were, but he was my baby. I finished my shower said good night to the ex who was watching TV and headed for the bedroom.

I crawled into bed and waited for my dog to jump into bed with me. He didn’t. So I sat up and he was lying in the doorway. I called to him, he stood up and whined at me, but wouldn’t set foot into the bedroom. I was too tired to try to convince him so I just laid back down and drifted off to sleep. I remember briefly waking up when the ex crawled into bed.  I was having weird dreams that night. Nothing new for me as I was always having weird dreams, but these dreams turned into scary dreams rather quickly. I dreamed that I was lying in bed, in that same room and was looking toward the dark doorway. I saw someone standing there. I turned my head toward the other side of the bed and saw the ex laying there sleeping. My heart was thumping hard, I was scared, but I couldn’t seem to move.  The shadow moved into the bedroom, to my side of the bed. I couldn’t see a face or clothing or anything really, it was just a dark shadow moving toward me as if in slow motion.

I vaguely recall a couple of the dogs growling from the hallway, but my eyes were on the shadow as if something compelled me to watch. I wanted to yell, but couldn’t get my voice to work. As the deep shadow reached my side of the bed, I saw it raise its arm and I saw the distinct outline of an ax. I was terrified, but couldn’t scream! I don’t know what happened after that, as the next thing I know I feel the ex getting out of bed and turn and see the clock on the dresser saying 7am. I still felt residual fear, but finally shrugged it off as me just having a nightmare.

I got out of bed, feeling tired and a bit shaky, but again thinking I had just had a nightmare. Though that morning I did try again to coax the dogs into the bedroom and not a one would step foot in it. Later that day one of the dogs stood in the hallway and barked at the open bedroom door. I told it to hush and looked inside and didn’t see anything that he would be barking at. The room wasn’t big, it just had enough room for our bed, dresser and a nightstand. On the wall on my side of the bed was a big old mirror that came with the house. It was kind of ornate, looked old and helped make the room look bigger so I left it there.

About that time the phone rang and I went to answer it. It was my sister and during our conversation it was brought up that the previous owners of the house had both died in the bedroom. The son had it up for sale, but since house sales were really slow at that time of the year, he had been more than willing to rent it out for a time. His parents had built it themselves out of a lot of found materials. The father had worked for the town for many years and if you went down into the basement and looked up you could see the discarded road signs that made up the subflooring. Strange, but I thought kind of interesting. The man apparently  died of old age in the bedroom while being cared for by the wife. The wife later died   a few years after the husband passed, but there were rumors she didn’t die of natural causes. I just laughed it off as I knew that small towns always were full of such rumors. The son lived in the big city and didn’t want the place, even as a summer home so it was up for sale.

I finished my conversation with my sister and put more things away in the house. In the back of my mind was a niggling thought about the nightmare I had. I wondered if the house was haunted. Why wouldn’t the dogs go in the bedroom? I knew the man in the bedroom wasn’t Abe, as the shadow didn’t look like Abe. Also, the shadow with the ax felt ominous, dark and scary. That wasn’t Abe at all!

The night came and I got ready for bed. I was a bit anxious and hoped I didn’t have another nightmare. When I went into the bedroom, my dog again refused to follow me in and just lay in the doorway and watched me. I was more aware of my surroundings this night and noticed something really weird about the big mirror on the wall. There were red dots in it! I at first thought I was seeing a reflection of something, so I turned on the light and looked around. There was nothing that would cast red dots in the mirror. I looked at the mirror with the lights on and didn’t see any red dots, so I turned the light off and looked again. Sure enough, red dots! And they were moving! I yelled for the ex to come see and he came into the bedroom and saw them too. He just laughed at me and told me I was silly. That they were obviously a reflection of something and it was late and he was tired and just wanted to sleep.

So I crawled into bed, tired, anxious and just a bit scared. Something didn’t feel right to me, but the ex wasn’t listening. So I closed my eyes and tried to close my mind off too. What happened that night scared the crap out of me and convinced me that the mirror was haunted.




Here’s the link to part 2……The Haunted Mirror




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Another True Scary Story ~~ Reposted

Hello, people! I do hope your week has been going well. Today I am bringing you another repost of a couple of years ago in honor of Halloween. It’s another true story from my life. It takes place in a very haunted home we lived in when I was young. Some of you might remember this one, a lot of you haven’t read it. I do hope you enjoy and don’t get too scared. 😉



My childhood home

Our house was a two-story duplex. One family living upstairs, my family living down. It had a scary dark basement and a dusty, dry attic. It was an old house. The closest we could figure it was built somewhere in the very early 1900’s or maybe even as early as the 1890’s.

We knew about ghosts in the house. After all we had all heard them, even the adults admitted hearing something. We saw shadows, heard footsteps, even the odd sounds now and then. I probably heard and saw more than anyone else. I think I’m more ‘in tune’ with the spirit world.

Everyone that lived in that house did not like to go to the basement. It gave off an evil aura. But I’m not going to write about that again. What I want to tell you about is the poltergeist.

We had an old fashion walk in pantry in the house. The kind that had a door and was a small room lined with shelves and cupboards and had a window on the opposite wall of the door. A small window, but at least it let in some light.

It was of course right off the kitchen. On the other side of the kitchen and pantry were a bathroom and a bedroom. The bedroom was where my little brother slept. My bedroom that I shared with my sister was on the opposite side of the house.

One night we all heard banging and crashing in the kitchen. It was the middle of the night and it was loud! We all got up, me, my sister, and my parents. We went into the kitchen and my mom turned on the light. The pantry door was open and there was flour and sugar all over the kitchen!

I mean it was tossed all over the table and the floor. The pantry was also a mess. My mother screamed my little brother’s name and she stomped toward his room. He was the only one that wasn’t in the room.

She found him sound asleep! She had to shake him hard to get him to wake up. I remember being so scared. But I also remember thinking my little brother didn’t do that. There was no way he would have incurred my parents wrath that way. It was too stupid a deed even for him to do.

My parents were known to have tempers. Both of them. Back then there wasn’t the no spanking thing there is today. We not only got spanked. We got beat if we did something wrong! My dad would use his fist on the boys. My mom would too but I was usually her favorite target. Not that night, though.

They thought my little brother was the culprit and he was only pretending to be asleep. I could see he didn’t do it. Even that young I thought he should be covered in flour and there wasn’t any in his room or on him.

I remember my mom made us clean up that kitchen and pantry before we could go back to bed. I believe it was a Friday night because I remember thinking that it was a good thing we didn’t have school in the morning.

When this happened, my brother and I were fairly young. I was probably around nine or ten, him a few years younger. We were close back then and I asked him in a whisper while we were cleaning if he did it. He swore to me he didn’t and I believed him.

So the day goes on as usual and we all get ready for bed. I was a little freaked out going to bed that night. I had never heard of a poltergeist yet. I knew about ghosts, sure, but not this particular kind. By definition a poltergeist is:

  • Poltergeist, a troublesome spirit or ghost that manifests itself by moving and influencing objects

Yeah, that pretty much says it all.

Wikipedia also says this: Single poltergeist cases often range in duration from a few hours to several months.

Our poltergeist didn’t last months, but it lasted long enough to have the whole family on edge and me and my poor brother walking on eggshells. Why me?

Because our resident poltergeist made another appearance. This time, I got blamed. Yeah, lucky me.

It happened a few weeks after the first incidence. We didn’t know it happened until we got up one morning. Again, the kitchen and pantry was filled with flour, sugar, and cereal. Also powdered milk. Anything that could make a mess was on the floor, shelves and walls. No one heard a sound this time. We all slept through it all. That in itself was rather creepy. How could all this be done without noise?

The reason I was blamed? My mom figured my brother could not be so stupid as to do it twice. So it had to be me! Crazy right? Not to her.

I swore and cried that I didn’t do it! Because I didn’t! Hell, I certainly wasn’t that stupid! And I certainly didn’t want a damn beating! So much for certainties.

It was months before it happened one more time. My dad had put a lock on the pantry door for at night. Since nothing had happened for quite some time he felt it had to have been one of us kids. Then that one last time happened.

The pantry door was locked. We were all asleep and we heard noises coming from the kitchen. So we all run out there and the kitchen is a mess! Again! The pantry door was wide open and the shelves were full of flour and sugar. Then as I was standing in the doorway while everyone else is in the kitchen blaming one another for the mess, I feel a cold breeze go by me. I mean it was icy. It gave me goosebumps.

We cleaned up the kitchen once more and my parents felt certain it was still one of us kids! How we got the lock opened? Well, they weren’t quite sure about that, but they were determined it had to be us. I believe we were all grounded for a while. As none of us did it, no one would confess.

From what I can remember it never happened again and no one would talk about it. They didn’t want to talk about it. Not that I blame them. How do you explain it?

As for me. Oh yeah, I remember. I’ll never forget that cold, icy breeze.




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The Haunting of Home

Halloween is coming soon, so I thought I would repost one of my favorite TRUE stories today. Enjoy!

Life, Love & Strength

I’ve told all of you about my ghost friend Abe. I know many of you probably don’t believe in ghosts, hauntings, things that go bump in the night. I do, because I’ve seen and heard things that are not explained otherwise. I’ve seen way too many ghosts for anyone to tell me they don’t exist. Just because a person hasn’t seen a ghost, doesn’t win the argument that they are not real. I believe there are many things we do not see, but they still exist.

My childhood home My childhood home

This ghost that I’m going to tell you about was seen and felt in my childhood home along with Abe. It just wasn’t as nice as Abe. In fact, this ghost gave off a distinct aura of menace. It was quite scary, especially for a kid. As I stated in my story about Abe, there were 8 children that lived…

View original post 1,018 more words

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The Haunted Mirror ~~~ A True Story, Part 2

Hello people! Here is part 2 of my true story about a haunted mirror. Part one I did yesterday and you can find it here, if you haven’t read it yet.



I don’t know what woke me later that night. Might have been the dog whining at the door. I laid in bed for a few seconds as my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room. I heard my dog pacing outside the open doorway. My heart was pounding, I could hear the thump, thump, thump of it in my chest. I turned my head towards the mirror and watched fascinated as the red spots moved quickly inside of it. I wanted to shake my ex awake, but just like the night before I couldn’t seem to move anything but my head. The red spots within the mirror were moving like a swirling whirlpool, coming together to form an image. It was the same image I saw last night, but in the doorway. The image of the man holding an ax!

I wanted to scream! My mouth opened, but no sound came out, just big gasps of air as I tried to form a scream, a yell, anything! I tried to convince myself I was just dreaming, but I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I was wide awake. I could feel a cold draft of air, I could hear my dog whining in the hallway, I felt the sheets under my body, a slight wrinkle in the sheets making itself felt in the middle of my back. I knew I was awake and I knew it was all real.

Suddenly the swirling red dots stopped and then disappeared. That scared me even more. I turned my head swiftly to face the dark doorway and there stood the shadow again, just like last night!

I couldn’t hear my dogs anymore, I couldn’t seem to hear anything but the hard beating of my own heart. I was gasping for breath, sure I was going to die that night. The shadowed man slowly entered the room and started to move around the bed to where I was laying. I was never so terrified as I was right then! I had been in some scary situations before, but nothing like I was experiencing this night. I kept trying to scream, but the most I managed was a moan. My head was thrashing from side to side as the shadow relentlessly moved toward me. Suddenly I saw an arm move upward and at the end the shape of the ax was well-defined. I was moaning more and more, trying to scream. The arm raised higher and higher. I moaned louder, trying like hell to scream. Shaking my head back and forth like a mad woman.

Maybe I was going mad! Maybe, I was losing my sanity. I felt sure I was going to die!

The moaning and thrashing finally woke the ex, just as I thought the shadow ax was going to fall. The ex grabbed me and shook me hard. He yelled my name and the shadow man with his deadly ax disappeared. I started crying, great sobs left my throat when not 10 seconds ago I could hardly make a sound. My poor dog was barking like crazy and seeing me in such distress, he conquered his fear of the room and I felt him jump into bed with me. The other 3 dogs soon joined him. Needless to say it was bedlam for a few minutes with my ex yelling at me, asking me what was going on, the dogs barking, all 4 trying to crawl on top of me and with me sobbing like a lunatic.

I finally calmed down enough to try to explain to the ex what happened. I glanced fearfully at the mirror and saw…. nothing. No red dots, no shadows, nothing. I don’t know if I was relieved, or scared about that. The ex thought it was just a nightmare. He had turned on the lights once I started to calm down. He moved the mirror and looked behind it and of course saw nothing but the wall and maybe some dust.

He had dealings with Abe, my personal ghost before, so he wasn’t completely skeptical. He knew I ‘saw’ things he couldn’t always explain. So, as much as he wanted to tell me I was an idiot, he didn’t push it. He just told the dogs to shut up, me to go back to sleep, shut the lights off and lay back down under the covers. The dogs, bless them stayed with me that night. The only one that slept any more that night was the ex.

The next morning as I was having my coffee, I sat at the kitchen table and went back over the night’s happenings. I tried like hell to convince myself that it had all been a nightmare, but I knew deep down that it was real, that it happened and I wasn’t crazy like my ex would like me to believe I was.

I went on with my day, trying to put the night’s terrifying experience behind me. The dogs stuck with me all day. I avoided the bedroom and did things in other parts of the house. As it got later in the day, my fears mounted. I knew I couldn’t say anything to the ex, as he would just laugh at me. So I kept quiet. The dogs sensed how I felt though, as animals will. Finally, I couldn’t avoid it any longer, it was bed time once again. With my heart in my throat, I waited till I couldn’t anymore and went to bed. The ex was all ready sound asleep. The dogs stayed in the hallway.

I held a flashlight in my damp palm and slowly walked to my side of the bed. I looked at the mirror and once again saw the red dots. They weren’t moving, but they were there. I turned the flashlight on them and they disappeared! I quickly shone the light around the room, careful not to wake the ex. Nothing. I saw nothing, no shadows, no red dots, no ax. Breathing a bit easier I got under the covers and tried to think of pleasant things. The dogs were quiet, the ex was snoring, I felt a tiny bit better. I drifted off to sleep with the flashlight gripped in my hand.

I woke when I heard something hit the floor. I’ve always been a restless sleeper and while moving about the flashlight fell off the bed.  My eyes popped open and my breathing almost stopped when my eyes fell on the mirror and saw the red dots swirling as they did the night before. Oh God, not again! Please not again!

The dots disappeared suddenly and I rolled over to look at the doorway. There it was, the shadow man and his ax! Coming ever closer to me, with me not being able to scream. It was almost the same exact thing happening as the night before. Down to me waking the ex with my moaning and thrashing about. The dogs jumping on the bed once the shadow was gone, the ex pissed because I woke him up again in the middle of the night.

It took two more nights of absolute terror to finally convince the ex to take the mirror down and out of the house. It was too big for me to move by  myself or I would have done it long before that. There was a small shed on the property, I had the ex move the mirror to it and put a lock on the door. We couldn’t destroy the mirror for two reasons. One it wasn’t ours to destroy. Two, I wasn’t sure if breaking the mirror would release the spirit or destroy it, so I went with caution and just had it locked up away from me and the dogs. The ex wasn’t pleased, but I didn’t care, I just wanted it gone.

After the mirror was out of the house, I sat in my bed and meditated, felt the evil leave the room. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what happened. I never had another nightmare in that room. We stayed there for about six months, then moved to another house in a different small town close by. I don’t know what happened to the mirror after that. If whoever eventually bought the house found the mirror and kept it or got rid of it. I never heard. I was just glad to never have encountered it again, nor anything like it since. I tell  you one thing though, I never forgot and the memories are as fresh as if they happened yesterday. I truly believe that mirror was haunted.


What do YOU think? Do you think it was haunted? Have you experienced anything like this? Let me know!