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The Incomplete List of Small Pleasures ~~~ April 4, 2016

This is something I started a few weeks ago. It’s just a list of small pleasures for the day, hour, minute. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed and frustrated it’s good to look for the small pleasures in life. There are always some…no matter how bad a day you’re having. Certain times that seem the toughest is when we should really look for those small pleasures. Today just seemed right for another list.

Feel free to make your own list. If you do link back and let me know as I would love to read them.



The Incomplete



  • Spring weather…even though it makes my allergies act up, I still love to watch the temperature climb and things turn green and leafy.
  • Friends….those the reach out to make sure I’m ok, or just to chat.
  • Words….words strung together that make me smile, think or feel good. I’m in love with words.
  • My cats….they caught their first springtime mouse this morning. Yes, in the house. We are surrounded by fields and it’s that time of the year. Good kitties.
  • Hearing aids and the husband wearing them! haha! True. Otherwise, the TV would blast me out of the house or my mind. Possibly both.
  • Hot coffee….Now you know I had to add that at some point. ūüėČ
  • My new dishwasher. I went without for three years and hated doing the dishes every day. I sure appreciate just loading them in the dishwasher, pushing a button and walking away. Ahhh, feels good.
  • Not having to go to the emergency room this past weekend. The husband was pretty sick. We managed to stay out of the hospital. I think it was a flu bug he caught at the store from someone. His resistance is way down because of the chemo. He is on solid foods again and feeling tons better. Every day is an adventure in this house.


That’s my list for now. Could change later today. Who knows.

What would be on your list right now?




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My Incomplete List of Small Pleasures

Hello, People!

Because so many bloggers do a thankful Thursday post, which I thoroughly enjoy reading, I thought I would do one of my own. I’m calling it ‘My Incomplete List of Small Pleasures’.

I saw this title somewhere one day and wrote it down and I really like the Lemony Snicket type feel to it. Another reason why I like the title is my small pleasures change all the time. It changes daily, hourly, even minutely. One hour I could be having a shit day and the next something small gives me a smile and makes the day better instantly. I love those instances.

It’s also true that when you start listing things that make you happy or gives you pleasure you just can’t help but appreciate them more. One also starts to feel better. I may even make this a weekly series here. What do ¬†you think?

So for today, here is my incomplete list of small pleasures. Please feel free to steal this idea and post your own list! Just let me know so I can read it!



  • My dog Sam who makes me smile every day. He’s a character.
  • coffee, the smell, the taste, especially first thing in the morning.
  • writing, putting words together to make a story come alive.
  • friends, they make me smile all the time as they are such giving, wonderful people (you know who you are!)
  • Sunshine, makes these old bones feel good and never fails to make me feel cheery
  • clouds, they make my imagination soar
  • coke zero…..ahhhhhh
  • colors, whether they be on clothes, pencils, crayons, anything really. Bright, bold colors
  • listening to rain on a quiet afternoon
  • books…………any and all, they take me out of my world into another and I couldn’t be happier
  • computers, they make a very big world smaller
  • this blog, I have enjoyed writing on this blog ever so much,


That’s just a few things, I’m sure I could come up with more.


What are a few things that would be on your list? 


Also, a reminder that my book ‘A Case of Deceit’ will be on sale starting tomorrow for FREE! So grab a copy this weekend and please leave a review after you read it. Thank you!



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10 Things I Want To Do In My Life Before I’m Too Darn Old to Enjoy Them

In 2012, shortly after I started this blog I wrote ’10 Things I Want to do in Life Before I’m too Darn Old to Enjoy Them’. Today I thought I would join Part-Time Monster’s Throwback Thursday Link up Party and repost this old post. ¬†Why not join us? Come on!



Life, Love & Strength

I thought I might have a little fun and post a few things I want to do before I die. Some of them might actually be doable, some maybe not so much. And a few are just plain silly and will never happen. But hey! Can‚Äôt blame a girl for dreaming. ūüėČ

1. Have my novel published and become the next hot author! Now I know there might be a few obstacles on this one. Well when isn’t there. I almost have a novel, that should count for something. So I figure I have as good a shot at this as anyone. I count this one as definitely doable!

2. Ride in a hot air balloon. Now this is something I’ve wanted to do for more years than I can remember! I love plane rides. So I figure a hot air balloon ride should be totally awesome! I do think…

View original post 483 more words

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Wednesday Whatever! ~~ Things I Will Never Do



We’ve all seen bucket lists¬†or made our own bucket lists. You know the kind…things we want to do before we die or before we turn 30, 40, 50, etc. I’ve decided to do a different kind of bucket list. Things I will never do while I live or things I will never do again.¬†I try to learn by my mistakes and sometimes doing something once is enough for me.

I always did like being a bit different. So here’s my list…

  1. Never get married….again. Twice is two times too many. I’m getting too damn old to break in another man.
  2. I will never give up coffee. I know plenty people my age that either had to give up coffee or went to caffeine free. Which is giving up coffee, I mean what’s the point of drinking coffee if not for the caffeine? I will likely die with a hot cup of coffee gripped in my cold dead hand.
  3. I will not live with hatred or prejudice in my heart or my home. Period. That is not a way to live. We are all human and we are all brothers and sisters. No matter the color of our skin, the way we love someone, or our beliefs. I won’t force my thoughts on you, you just do the same and we can all live together in peace. Come on people, if we don’t have each other’s back who will? We together are all WE got. So let’s do it in love.
  4. I won’t let go of my dreams. We all have dreams, things we want to accomplish, things we want to create. Once we give those up, we lose ourselves to darkness. No matter how tired I am or how much I hurt, I refuse to give up my dreams.
  5. With number 4 comes this one…I won’t ever stop writing. It’s in my soul, my heart and my very being to write. I’m not saying I will always write good things but I will always write. I could live to be one hundred and I will still write. Of course by then we should be able to write without actually using our hands, technology is awesome. Plus, I need my hands for my coffee. ūüėČ
  6. I will never be ungrateful for the help I receive from family and friends. I will always appreciate my friends for being who they are. 
  7. I will never be rich. Well, unless I win the lottery, which I don’t see happening. And that’s ok. Being rich would bring a whole new set of problems, not to mention, a whole bunch of relatives I didn’t know I had. ha! I might never be rich but I make do with what I have and am just grateful for a roof over my head. There have been a few times in my life when that was pretty doubtful so I’ve come to appreciate where I live, no matter how humble it is.
  8. I won’t give up learning. No matter how old I become I love learning new things, especially new technology things. I’m a nerd.¬†
  9. I will never stop cussing. An old fashion word for swearing, using curse words, saying things like hell, dammit, shit and f*** (although I rarely use that one). I’m a lady, but a lady with a mouth on her and who isn’t afraid to use it. It’s a part of me.
  10. I won’t jump out of an airplane. Uh, uh, not this girl. No way.¬†
  11. I won’t ever give up my optimism. Been on the other side before, the dark side. Won’t go there again. They lie you know…..they don’t have cookies!
  12. And for the even dozen….I won’t give up on my friends. They are friends for a reason. I love my friends. You might get depressed, you might hurt, you might even do yourself an injury but I will never give up on you! I will be there with my hand held out to help pull you out of the hole you are in. I will try my best to make you smile and bring a little light and love into your life when you need it. I. Will. Never. Give. You. Up!¬†

There you have it. Probably a bit cheesy on my end but it’s how I feel today.

by TolmanCotton
by TolmanCotton


What about you? What’s one thing you will never do?

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It’s My Birthday! Come on In!

Hello people!

I do hope everyone’s weekend is going well. As you can probably tell by my title, today is my birthday! Yay, me! And folks, it’s a big one!

Some of you know how old I am, most don’t. Some guess, most don’t care. That’s ok, too. It’s just another number. Another year of life on this planet, another year of goals met and missed. Another year of highs and lows. So, the big question today is…how old am I? Get ready for it people, because I’m going to tell you! Drum roll, please!!………………….



Yeah, sixty years old. The big 60! More than half a century. Oh my goodness. I don’t feel a day over thirty and that’s the truth. Now, sometimes my body feels twice my age, but my mind, forever young.

A few good friends knew how old I was turning because I would email them and tell them it was a big downer turning so old. I was down about it too. Now? Not so much. Eh, it’s no different from 59 or 58 or even 50. I managed to survive them all. Hell, I’m sometimes still surprised I managed to get this far. ūüėČ

I’ve seen lots of lists going around….30 before I’m 30, 40 things I’ve learned now that I’m 40, and so forth. So I’ve come up with my own list. Oh, goddess,¬†don’t worry, I’m not going to list 60 things! Whew, who has time for that! I’m short cutting it…..

Things I’ve learned in Each Decade

1955- 1965 ~~ I learned how to walk, talk, pee in a toilet, read, write, survive childhood, fear, eat by myself, disappear in a crowd, make friends, keep secrets, hide pain, smoke, dress myself, what a menstrual cycle was, pick my battles with parents, migraines, how strong I was, how weak I was, loss of childhood, anger, how to forgive

1965-1975 ~~ I learned how to put on makeup, appreciate good music, write stories, flirt, drink booze, debate life, ride a horse, ride a bike, do laundry, keep opinions to myself, reason like an adult, manage my paycheck, balance a checkbook, pay bills, grocery shop, how it hurts to lose someone you love to death, appreciating life, losing a friend to a mental illness, unrequited love, to leave home for the first time, forgive someone

1975-1985 ~~ I learned what sex was really like, what a hangover was, living with a lover, living with a husband, being hurt by someone you love, depression, surviving, fear (again), learning about miscarriages, learning I would never have children, how to paint, how to let go of love, how to drive, how to move like an expert,

1985-1995 ~~ I learned what a divorce was, what a stalker was, more fear, true love, awesome sex, letting go of the past, looking forward to the future, fun, laughter, college, my own car, forgiveness, about diabetes, moving home and leaving again, to control my anger, paying off my first car

1995-2005 ~~ I learned what losing a parent was like, moving out of the country, second marriage, friendship, how reconnecting with my mom was great, forgiveness (again), a different kind of love, family is not always what you want it to be,

2005-2015 ~~ I learned true friendship, blogging, diabetes first hand, illness, losing everything for the nth time, surviving, forgiveness (see a pattern here?), love, taking care of myself, writing books, publishing books and making some dreams come true!

I made my dream of being a published author come true before I turned sixty. Now that is an accomplishment to be proud of! Speaking of which….for the weekend (the 12th and 13th) The Canine Caper will be free on Amazon Kindle! Monday morning it goes back to the original price. So if you haven’t bought it yet, get it free today! While you are there, pre-order A Case of Deceit, which will be coming out on Kindle and paperback at the end of October!


Thank you for joining my birthday bash! I appreciate every single one of you! Yay!



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Today is a Good Day ~~ Ten Things of Thankful #40

Hello everyone!

Hope your weekend is going great! Mine so far has been absolutely fantastic. Even with the snow and the -14c (7 F) weather. Spring right? Ha-ha! At least the sun is shining.

I have joined the great bloggers who post Ten Things of Thankful over at Considerings. It seems to be a Saturday event. Go on over and look around and maybe join. Lizzi is a very nice woman who writes so well. You will enjoy her blog even if you don’t join the Ten things of Thankful.

I also have a love affair with lists…..so it’s perfect for me! ¬†So let’s see what I’ve been thankful for this week.



1. Chances – Sounds strange right? Let me explain. I’m thankful for having more chances to live, to love, to be happy. Every day that I wake up in the morning is another day of chances. I am going to grab mine with both hands. Every. Single. Day. I have had some chances come my way this week that is frightening and exciting all at the same time. ¬†And you know what? I’m going for it!

2. Best Friends – I am so grateful for best friends. People who love me for me. For laughing with me and actually understanding my humor. For talking to me, for liking me. I love my best friend.

3. Coffee РOh my, coffee is to me like a brown elixir of heaven.  Really. It smells divine and tastes even better. It gets me going in the morning and winds me down at night. If anyone ever makes a perfume that smells like the finest coffee, I will buy it, wear it and fall in love with myself. Ha-ha!


4. Words – I’m so grateful for words. They can relate so much on how one feels. Either happy, sad, or worse. They can tell someone how you feel about them, they can lift a person up. They can save lives. Words are so powerful. They can make you powerful and strong and brave. Words can make you breathe in and say, “wow”. ¬†They make you feel. That has got to be one of the best things in the world, to feel. This week I have read and heard some pretty amazing things in words. Things that have me smiling all week.

5. ¬†Clean water – Here where I live, we had a time very recently where we had to boil all our water and conserve it at the same time. Our water treatment facility couldn’t keep up with the job of keeping our water clean. We had higher than usual runoff from the winter snow and it ran into our rivers where the water comes from. And our facility couldn’t keep up with keeping it clean, so there was bacteria in it. You really don’t appreciate clean water till you don’t have it anymore. No showers daily either. No washing clothes for a few days. Ugh. I was so happy when it was lifted and we could go back to normal.

6. Sunshine – It’s spring! Yeah, well, it’s supposed to be anyway. Here we had snow on the first day of spring and the day after. But today the sun is shining bright with the promise of warmer weather to come. We shall see. As it’s pretty cold yet. So I am just grateful for today’s sunshine.

7. Technology – I love technology. It’s so much easier to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Even if they are thousands of miles away. Send an email, have a chat, send a message, and it is delivered¬†instantly! I love it. And this week was extra special because of it…….

8. WordPress – Yes, I know, I hear you say, “that’s just strange girl!” It isn’t really. I am grateful for WordPress this week as I have ‘met’ some pretty awesome people on here this week and in the past. It’s a place where I can release my words, say things I want, no,¬†need to say. It’s a place where good friends are made. I have some read some pretty wonderful things from other bloggers this week, so I’m grateful to have a place to go to that has that kind of great reading.


9. Books – I am always grateful for books. I love books. But this week I am grateful for friends who write books. Like my great friends Maddy Cochere and Helen Kuusela. They even let me interview them. Such trusting good friends that they are. You should go see what they are up to.

10. YOU! – Yeah, you! I’m grateful to all the readers who are nice enough to take some time out of their lives to read my blog and like or comment on all my stuff. Without you, this place would be pretty boring and sad. So yes, I’m grateful to each and every one of you.


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21 Things I Irrationally Love

Ok, first I stole this post idea from Aussa, who stole it from  Samara,  Beth and Angelle and it seems Daile was involved in it somehow with her post on 36 men she wanted to sleep with.

Anyway, I blame Aussa, because well I can! Ha-ha. I love Aussa and all the other talented ladies I mentioned. So it’s all good.

Plus, I wanted to write a post today and had no idea what to write about, so Aussa actually came to my rescue. Thanks!

So now the 21 Things I Irrationally Love;

1. Thunderstorms – I just love thunderstorms, the more violent the better. It must be all that barometric pressure stuff in the air, because it can be quite a turn on. Yeah, I know……. TMI ¬† ha-ha!

2. Books – Of course, some people would not see this as irrational, but some would. I love books, the feel, the smell, the colors. I could live in a bookstore quite easily.

3. Coffee – Ah, coffee! I love me some coffee. Mornings, afternoons, evenings. It makes no difference when I drink it. If I could bath in it, I would. It’s just that good.

(C) JLPhillips 2013
(C) JLPhillips 2013

4. Wildlife – All kinds of wildlife. Not in a zoo either, I’m talking the real deal.

5. Little boxes – Weird, right? I just love little boxes. I have no idea where this love came from, but its real. If I see a little empty box I must have it. I use them to store things in, or just have around.

6. The smell of lemons – I just love it. If I could walk around smelling like a lemon I would. I haven’t found any perfume or body spray that lasts long enough in lemon. All though I have found some pretty good body spray by Secret that uses lemon grass. Ahhh, smells so good.

7. Words – Words are such powerful and versatile things. They make you feel a range of emotions like nothing else. Big words, little words, arcane words. I don’t care. I love words.

8. Rain – Not the kind in thunderstorms, all though that can be awesome. I’m talking softly falling rain on a spring day. Refreshing, calming, renewing, and oh so soothing.

9. Music – Music really does feed the soul. Like words, it can be so many things. It can bring back memories. Good or bad. It can bring me to tears, laughter. Get me on my feet dancing or just lets me relax. Music is as necessary to living as breathing.

10. Wolves – the real deal. There is something about wolves that just draws me to them. Their beauty, their intelligence, the way they take care of each other in the pack.

11. The call of a loon РI love the haunting call of the loon. I have heard them at dawn, across a lake, shrouded in fog. Their call tugs at my soul.  There is nothing like the long soulful cry of a loon.  If you hear one, you will never forget it.

12. Someone playing with my hair. РYeah I love this. It can be relaxing or a turn on, depending on who is playing with it.  But to have my hair touched, or fingers ran through it just does it for me, what can I say?

13. Accents – Peoples accents. I love them all. It is so interesting to hear someone talking with an accent, be it a Southern one, English, Australian, whatever. I love them.

14. Purple – The color purple can draw me like a moth to a flame. I don’t know what it is about this color, but I love it.

15. Snapple Diet Tea – Oh yum! I love this ice-cold, winter or summer. It’s just so good!

16. Quiet – I love quiet times, nothing playing, no tv, no radio, nothing but me and my thoughts. It doesn’t happen often but when it does I’m in heaven.

17. Green apples – I love the taste and I love the smell.

A soft spring rain
A soft spring rain

18. The sound of a sprinkler. You know the kind, the ones that go back and forth.

19. Trees – I love trees. I’m a natural-born tree hugger.

20. Word games. See # 7

21. Vanilla – Give me some vanilla beans and I’m all over it! I could rub it all over my body and be a happy camper.

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I Am a List Addict

Yes, I freely admit it. I am a list addict. I make up all sorts of lists. Grocery lists, lists of interesting websites, lists of books I want to read, lists for gifts, even lists of lists! I just love lists. They help me remember things. I’m not really forgetful, it’s just that I usually have so much going through my mind that if I don’t write a lot of things down they get lost in transition.

list book 5
list book 5 (Photo credit: Amy T Schubert)

I have a stack of notes under my computer screen, those are my lists. I go through them every now and then and cross  things off, or add things on. Right at this moment I have six pieces of paper with some kind of list on them! Six! Sometimes its more, sometimes its less. But, I can guarantee you there is always some kind of list in my pile, at all times.

I don’t believe my addiction is a “bad” addiction. It’s not like I make lists just for the sake of making them. They are useful to me. I need them to get things done, or bought, or emailed, or….well you get the idea.

Then I began thinking of other lists I could do, not just grocery lists or Christmas card list. But life lists. As I grow older my thoughts turn to past events, or people who have meant so much to me. I don’t have children to pass down my thoughts and lessons I’ve learned in life. But if I make a list of things maybe one day it will be helpful in a nieces, or nephews life. Maybe in some small way with my lists I can make a difference in someone’s life or in their life choices

Reading list
Reading list (Photo credit: jakebouma)


Then again, maybe it’s just another excuse to make a new list! I want to think I have a higher goal in mind. So with that, here is my list of lists. They are always going to be changing. After all I’m not done with my life and new adventures.

1.)¬†10 best friends I ever had……I never had a lot of friends at one time. The ones I do (or did) have I consider life long friends. Maybe it’s time to remember those friends and if I can find them again tell them Thank You for being there when I needed them.

2.)¬†5 best books/movies/TV series in my lifetime……This one may not be as simple as I think. I have read lots of great books. There are many really good movies. As for TV series, I don’t watch much TV so that one might be harder.

3.)¬†10 people who most helped me in my life…..I’ve met any number of people. Some I was glad to leave. Others I was sorry to leave. There are some who knowingly or not have helped me through this journey of life so far. This one is easy to predict that the list will either change or grow longer.

4.) 5 best things I’ve ever made…….I’ve always been “crafty”, so I think I could come up with a pretty good list for this one. Of course later on down the road I want to be able to add “novel” to this list!

5.)¬†10¬†most memorable places I visited……I’m thinking this list does not have to be elaborate. It can be a neighbors living room. Or another state or country. This list will be pretty flexible.

6.)¬†5 best days in my life…..Now this list might not be as easy as I hope. If I had kids, sure that would definitely be a day for the books. Think I will really have to ponder on this one.

7.)¬†10 things that gave me most pleasure……Oh now, this could get interesting! (snicker)

8.)¬†5 best gifts anyone ever gave me……I haven’t had many tangible gifts given to me. So this one should include the intangible also.

9.) 5 best posts on my blogs……..I think I snuck this one in just because I wanted to pat myself on the back! ūüôā Now this one will most definitely change with time, because I plan to keep getting better.

10.)¬†10 Things I wish I had done but¬†didn’t……..we all have some regrets. I’m hoping it takes me a long time to think of 10 things for this list. I have a feeling it might not.

Those are my 10 lists of lists. What do you think? Have any ideas on a list? I would love to hear them! Maybe you would like to make these lists for yourself, please do! Let me know when you get them done!