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63 Things I’ve Learned in 63 Years

Hello everyone! Yes, I know it’s been a very long time since I posted anything. Since early March, actually. Why? Because life sometimes has a way of making me so tired. Things have straightened out a bit since then. I’m at a new ‘normal’ around here.

Quick catch up, then I’ll get to this new post. Most of you will remember the health problems of the husband in the past few years. First colon cancer, got that beat as he is now officially three years cancer free! Then he had a stroke in late October of last year. He’s still getting over that one. There have been a few stays in the hospital for pneumonia here and there but he seems to be stable now. Thank goodness. Time to breath!

Life can be hard but I keep plodding along. As for me, I’ve had a terrible bout of insomnia since May. So yeah, I get kind of tired.

I’m back now. I do hope to stick around too. I don’t know how often I will post, I’m going to try for once a week and go from there. As to what I will post? Who the hell knows. We’ll see what happens.

Now, the reason for this post. Today is my birthday! Yeah, ok, keep the cheering down. I’m sixty-three today. Shit, that seems like such a big number! I hope to see sixty-four. My body feels like it’s ninety-three while my mind feels twenty-three yet. I’m young at heart people with an old woman’s outlook. Ha!

Anyway, my friend Mer had her 44th birthday last month and she came up with a post with 44 things she learned in her 44 years. So, thanks Mer, I’m stealing your idea!

Let’s get this party started!

63 Things I’ve Learned in 63 Years

  1. No matter how broke you are….treat yourself sometimes
  2. Age is a state of mind, not a number
  3. A pet can save your sanity
  4. Never just settle for a life partner, you won’t be happy and neither will they
  5. Accept yourself….no other opinion means more
  6. Drink lots of water
  7. Life is going to throw you some curve balls….Learn to go with it, it all works out in the end
  8. Getting hurt is part of life
  9. Don’t trust someone your dog doesn’t like!
  10. Life is damn short—-Live it!
  11. Don’t hold grudges
  12. If you have a life partner always have some of your own money tucked away, have your own bank account
  13. If there is something you’ve always wanted to do….Do it! (Unless it hurts you or someone else)
  14. Don’t be afraid to have your own ideas or beliefs, you don’t need to be the same as everyone else
  15. Don’t be afraid of growing older, some of it sucks but some of its great.
  16. It’s necessary for your wellbeing to say NO sometimes
  17. Trust your gut instinct
  18. Don’t do something or be someone to just please the family. They don’t live your life. You do!
  19. If someone lies to you…..they will keep lying to you
  20. Don’t be peer pressured or family pressured into having kids. If you don’t want them, don’t have them. The world will do just fine.
  21. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Same goes for a spouse abuser. They won’t change no matter how much you think they will.
  22. Act silly sometimes
  23. You can’t herd cats very well
  24. Always carry extra undies in your purse when traveling. (sorry guys, don’t know what you would do) That way when your luggage is lost you have clean undies for the next day. No one wants to put on the same undies two days in a row.
  25. Also, when traveling keep extra cash on your person.
  26. If you’re on a diet, don’t burn vanilla scented candles
  27. Coffee is the worlds apology for making you get out of bed
  28. Whoever decided grocery shopping online and delivery service was a good thing should be given an award! I love it!
  29. Music really does soothe the soul
  30. Be impulsive sometimes, it can lead to wonderful things
  31. Tell the people who you love that you do love them. It might be the last chance you get
  32. You don’t need a lot of friends
  33. What friends you do have, let them know you appreciate them
  34. Always use a grammar and spell check when writing…..saves some embarrassment
  35. Read different things, even if you don’t think you will like the genre, sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised
  36. Keep a positive attitude, it will bring about positive things in your life
  37. You don’t need to be religious to be a good person
  38. Swearing is not unladylike
  39. Sometimes have a resting bitch face saves you from having to actually BE a bitch
  40. There is nothing wrong with eating your favorite comfort food sometimes
  41. I love my attitude
  42. No matter how much advice you can give a person, they will only take what they think they need and not what they actually need
  43. People usually don’t want that advice anyway, they just want to vent
  44. I’ve learned that being unhappy with my life at times was my own fault and only I could change it
  45. I’m fascinated by dragonflies
  46. I still believe in that Christmas magic can happen
  47. I have a young child’s awe of Mother Nature
  48. I’ve learned that being the ‘quiet one’ is not a personality flaw
  49. I’ve come to accept that I will never be thin and that’s ok with me
  50. I know now that my happiness lies in me, not someone or something else
  51. Making a list this long is damn hard!
  52. I love challenging my mind. I think that’s what keeps me young
  53. I prefer silence over noise or talking
  54. You can learn a lot about someone just by observing them
  55. I don’t forgive easily
  56. I never forget either
  57. People are generally nice given a chance
  58. There are always exceptions to the rule
  59. I still prefer animals over people
  60. Trying to win approval from my mother was a lifelong difficulty and never truly achieved
  61. I’m hard to love but worth the effort
  62. If you were looking for deep, inspirational things from me you probably didn’t get it ….hahahaha
  63. Maybe next year I will be wiser….I’ll be older, so there is that small chance


Don’t count on it!





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It’s My Birthday! Come on In!

Hello people!

I do hope everyone’s weekend is going well. As you can probably tell by my title, today is my birthday! Yay, me! And folks, it’s a big one!

Some of you know how old I am, most don’t. Some guess, most don’t care. That’s ok, too. It’s just another number. Another year of life on this planet, another year of goals met and missed. Another year of highs and lows. So, the big question today is…how old am I? Get ready for it people, because I’m going to tell you! Drum roll, please!!………………….



Yeah, sixty years old. The big 60! More than half a century. Oh my goodness. I don’t feel a day over thirty and that’s the truth. Now, sometimes my body feels twice my age, but my mind, forever young.

A few good friends knew how old I was turning because I would email them and tell them it was a big downer turning so old. I was down about it too. Now? Not so much. Eh, it’s no different from 59 or 58 or even 50. I managed to survive them all. Hell, I’m sometimes still surprised I managed to get this far. 😉

I’ve seen lots of lists going around….30 before I’m 30, 40 things I’ve learned now that I’m 40, and so forth. So I’ve come up with my own list. Oh, goddess, don’t worry, I’m not going to list 60 things! Whew, who has time for that! I’m short cutting it…..

Things I’ve learned in Each Decade

1955- 1965 ~~ I learned how to walk, talk, pee in a toilet, read, write, survive childhood, fear, eat by myself, disappear in a crowd, make friends, keep secrets, hide pain, smoke, dress myself, what a menstrual cycle was, pick my battles with parents, migraines, how strong I was, how weak I was, loss of childhood, anger, how to forgive

1965-1975 ~~ I learned how to put on makeup, appreciate good music, write stories, flirt, drink booze, debate life, ride a horse, ride a bike, do laundry, keep opinions to myself, reason like an adult, manage my paycheck, balance a checkbook, pay bills, grocery shop, how it hurts to lose someone you love to death, appreciating life, losing a friend to a mental illness, unrequited love, to leave home for the first time, forgive someone

1975-1985 ~~ I learned what sex was really like, what a hangover was, living with a lover, living with a husband, being hurt by someone you love, depression, surviving, fear (again), learning about miscarriages, learning I would never have children, how to paint, how to let go of love, how to drive, how to move like an expert,

1985-1995 ~~ I learned what a divorce was, what a stalker was, more fear, true love, awesome sex, letting go of the past, looking forward to the future, fun, laughter, college, my own car, forgiveness, about diabetes, moving home and leaving again, to control my anger, paying off my first car

1995-2005 ~~ I learned what losing a parent was like, moving out of the country, second marriage, friendship, how reconnecting with my mom was great, forgiveness (again), a different kind of love, family is not always what you want it to be,

2005-2015 ~~ I learned true friendship, blogging, diabetes first hand, illness, losing everything for the nth time, surviving, forgiveness (see a pattern here?), love, taking care of myself, writing books, publishing books and making some dreams come true!

I made my dream of being a published author come true before I turned sixty. Now that is an accomplishment to be proud of! Speaking of which….for the weekend (the 12th and 13th) The Canine Caper will be free on Amazon Kindle! Monday morning it goes back to the original price. So if you haven’t bought it yet, get it free today! While you are there, pre-order A Case of Deceit, which will be coming out on Kindle and paperback at the end of October!


Thank you for joining my birthday bash! I appreciate every single one of you! Yay!