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Monday Meeting ~~ January 11, 2016

Hello, People!

The second week of January already! I wish time would slow down just a bit. With that thought, let’s get this meeting started.


Monday Meeting


Please take a seat, help yourself to the beverages and snacks. Make yourself comfortable.

The first full week of January went quickly by as I tried to do too many things at once. Which is what I usually end up doing. I did manage to get some things done, though, so I felt pretty good about it all. I got some government paperwork done that I need to renew my Permanent Resident card here in Canada. Have to renew every ten years. There is paperwork to do and a fee to pay. Good thing I saved up for the fee, as I knew it was coming this year. Hard to believe I’ve been living in Canada for fourteen years this month. I love it here.

I also worked on my blog(s) last week. Mostly on the end where you readers don’t see. Yes, I have two blogs. Maybe a third will be added if my friend Mer and I can get our shit together. 😉 And YES, I’m crazy. One blog is hard work, two is a hell of a lot of work, three is just over-achieving. LOL

My second blog is my author blog. Go take a look if you’re curious. Not a whole lot to see as yet. It’s a work in progress. You can see it at… jlphillipsauthor.com

On the husband front…He has been on chemo for colon cancer for eleven days now. The only thing we have noticed as far as side effects go is his blood pressure dropping. It will drop down into the low 90’s over 70’s. He gets a bit dizzy when it does that. I called the cancer clinic and asked them about it and they told me they have never had anyone’s blood pressure drop with these particular chemo drugs. Guess there is a first for everything. I’m supposed to just keep an eye on him and they will talk to us about it when we see them next week. Otherwise, he is eating good and we haven’t noticed anything else going wonky. So that’s good news for a change.

I usually take a few weeks in January to organise myself. I go through paperwork, throw out what I don’t need anymore. Get myself ready for tax time. Redo things that I think need a bit of sprucing up. (Like my blogs) Generally just get things together for the coming year. This year is a bit more challenging as we have many doctors appointments and such to keep track of. It’s all coming together nicely.

This year I have also decided it’s time to concentrate on ‘me’ more. That means getting healthier, in mind and body. Not being so hard on myself when I can’t get everything done as I want. I have to learn there is only one of me and that I’m getting older and slower physically. I still think I’m thirty years old and I’m not. Dammit.

I’m going to try to lose weight and get myself in a better mindset. I need to lower my pounds and my blood pressure. With that in mind I’ve decided to change doctors. My old doctor was not interested enough in me as a person and what my life is like outside the office. I made an appointment with a new doctor. I’ve already met her briefly and I liked what I saw, so I asked if she would be willing to take me on as a patient. She said yes and I have an appointment on the 27th. It’s a first step in a new year for a new me. Wish me luck.

I talked to my mom last week too. She’s doing pretty good all things considered. She’s 86 and I hope I’m still as together as she is when I’m that age. If I reach that age. Women in my family are known for living long lives, so we shall see. I always know when she is doing well….she cooks. And she’s cooking up a storm lately. She’s been trying out a few recipes that readers sent her for her birthday. She still talks about all the cards and recipes she received. You guys are the best!

That’s about it for now. I do hope everyone has a super week. See you around!





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Monday Meeting ~~ November 2, 2015

Good day, People! I hope your weekend was good and that everyone that celebrates Halloween came through it without being haunted. 😉  Let’s get to the meeting shall we?


Monday Meeting


Help yourself to all the Halloween candy you want. Grab your favorite beverage and sit a spell.

This is the second day in November and I’ve done pretty good with Nano Poblano/NaBloPoMo. I’ve made it two days in a row! Ha! Let’s see how I do in a couple of weeks. Yesterday after I posted to my blog I had to do paperwork for a government agency that might help the husband and I. Took all afternoon to get that ready. Good thing I’m organized, otherwise it would have taken much longer. Comes from being a secretary for a few years in my misspent youth.

Do they even call them secretaries anymore? Or do they call them something else now? Administrative assistant? I was that once too. Worked for the newspaper in Waco, Texas for a while. I liked Waco, it was a friendly place to live.

Anyway, I digress. The problem with government agencies is that they won’t help you unless they know every little, tiny, minute detail of your life for the past five years or more. From your finances (don’t have any), to your health (bad), and don’t forget that note from your mother (good thing she is still alive) and a pint of blood (don’t want mine, it’s contaminated). They want everything yesterday, but will get back to you in about three months….maybe (if you’re lucky).

As for the husband, he’s quiet. Too quiet. Makes me worried but not much I can do. I know he’s worried and scared. Hell, who wouldn’t be if they were told they had colon cancer. He sees his therapist this afternoon, so I’m hoping he will open up to her and tell her how he feels and get it out. I’m not holding my breath on that one. I’m keeping my eye on him and I even managed to make him laugh yesterday. Just being my silly self. Haven’t heard him laugh in a long time.

My book, A Case of Deceit came out on the 30th of October. Ready to buy in paperback and kindle. Yay!! I haven’t really pushed it, yet. I’ve been so busy with other things that I kind of put the marketing on a back burner. I’m sure most of you are not too sad about not seeing more books for sale. ha! That’s the bad thing about trying to sell your books to other authors. The good thing is they understand. 😉 If you are interested in reading a good book, click on the books on my sidebar and take a gander! Thank you.

The birthday cards that a lot of you good people sent me for my mother is being sent today. She is going to be surprised when she gets this packet! So many of you were so kind to send her little gifts too. All is appreciated and I will let you know her reaction when she gets them. She knows she is getting something and that it will be late for her birthday, but she is still excited to know they are coming. When you get to be 86, you get your excitement out of the little things in life.

That’s about it for me today. Now I need to get my butt in gear and get some more things done. See you tomorrow! Have a wonderful week!



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Share Your World – 2014 Week 19

Cee has posted 4 more questions for this week on Share Your World. We answer the questions and blogger friends get to know more about us. Please join in if you are interested!

Thank you Cee for another week of fun questions!



Do you prefer shopping or going to a park?

Shopping!? Ugh! I hate shopping, unless it is in a bookstore, or antique shop. Now I could spend hours in a bookstore and I have! Wonderful place to be. I have spent hours in an Antique shop too, just browsing and wondering about the history of a piece that I’m drawn to. Nothing like looking at old things to spark the creative juices. Well, except when I look in the mirror LOL

I haven’t been to a park in years. I like walking around our garden parks. Taking in nature, listening to the birds. Now that’s my kind of mall!

What is the highest score you’ve ever made in bowling?  Actual or virtually played.

Well, I haven’t bowled in years. Sometimes I was good, sometimes I was terrible! Ok, truth is I was usually terrible! Like don’t ever stand behind me, cause the ball usually ends up that way, terrible. If I do manage to get the ball down the lane, I can usually hit the pins, sometimes. Not my cup of tea. Give me a card game like poker, now that I’m good at!

So I guess the highest I’ve gotten in actual bowling is something like 175 or so. Virtual, oh, I’m a pro in virtual. I used to have a bowling game that I played on the computer, I could regularly get a 300 game. My fingers didn’t get as sore either. haha!

Name the foreign countries you’ve been to.

That’s easy as I have never been overseas, yet. I’ve been to Mexico numerous times, I was born and raised in the states. Now for the moment I live in Canada. So 3 different countries.


Describe your own outlook on life in seven words or less.

Live and let live.

Live a full life.

Do what makes you happy, no regrets.

Always be honest, too hard to keep the lies straight.

Be kind to people and animals.

Never assume anything.

Never hold grudges.

Love yourself.




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NaPoWriMo Day 9 Poem ~~ Once Upon A Time


Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, I had a dream that I lived in
That dream got shattered, left on the curbside of life.

Once upon a time, I listened to others,
Thought they knew more than me what I wanted in life

Once upon a time, I wanted other things,
Material things, inanimate objects ruled my life

Once upon a time, I thought I loved, wanted it
An emotion that was denied me throughout this life

Once upon a time, I lost it all, love, objects, sanity
Everything was turned inside out, including almost losing my life

Once upon a time, I fought back, against all odds
I wouldn’t let go, I wanted to live a life

Once upon a time, my outlook changed, my needs, my wants
I took this second chance to actually turn around what was this life

Once upon a time, I took charge of me, my ideals changed so drastically
What I used to want, I wanted no more to be a part of my new life

Once upon a time, I thought love was lost to me, never to be seen again
But I was wrong, love walked calmly and surely in and made me look again at life

Once upon a time, I never realized how much I missed having someone
My heart was sleeping, now it’s awake and ready for living a life

Once upon a time, is no more, it’s gone like fairy tales of old
I can only smile, laugh, breathe the fresh air of the love of my life