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Monday Meeting ~~ December 7, 2015

Today’s meeting has some good news in it and some bad news. Let’s get started.


Monday Meeting


Grab a warm beverage and sit a bit with me. I have my regular coffee. Can’t live without this stuff. I hope you have had a good weekend. Everyone in the holiday spirit yet? No? Not quite? Like me, I’m not there yet.

Yes, I know I’m procrastinating a bit here. I debated for a while whether I wanted to post the bad news today. Then I thought…you guys have been with me since the beginning of the cancer battle with the husband and I appreciate it more than you know.

We just got back a little while ago from seeing his surgeon for a post-operation check up. The husband is healing nicely, although he had a rough weekend. The doctor said he will have good days and bad days and that soon the good days should outnumber the bad as far as the pain is concerned with his surgery. It’s a slow healing process. Unfortunately, the doctor also had some bad news to tell us.

The husband had what the doctor says is ‘high level 2’ cancer. He’s not out of the woods yet. He needs chemo. When they did the blood tests and biopsy of the tumor it was determined that the cancer cells did break through the colon walls. Good news is it didn’t affect his lymph nodes or any of his organs. The doctor wants the husband to have chemo to “mop up any stray cancer cells” that are in his body.

The husband doesn’t want to do chemo sessions.

We discussed things and I asked him to at least talk to the cancer clinic, get the information on what kind of chemo he would have to take, for how long and what were the possible side effects before he makes a final decision. He agreed to that. He still may say no. It’s his decision. I will stand with him on whatever he decides. I know he would do the same for me.

So the fight continues.

Sam (c) JLPhillips 2013
Sam (c) JLPhillips 2013

On the good news front. I won a contest! Yay me! I just wish it was for writing. LOL It’s not. I entered Sam (my dog for those who don’t know) into a contest with CertainTeed Insulation in Canada to win a custom-made doghouse and a $2500 dollar gift certificate to Lowe’s early last month and found out Friday afternoon Sam and I won! I was so thrilled! I couldn’t say anything until they made their announcement on Facebook today. You can find it ……here

I won the doghouse made by Damon Bennett. As for the $2500 dollar gift certificate that is going to buy us a refrigerator and dishwasher! Maybe a new wash machine too if I can squeeze it in. I can’t believe I won! We need a new fridge too as the one we have is going out. You can’t put anything on the top shelf you don’t want frozen because that’s what it does. It freezes things on the top shelf and rots things in the crisper. The dishwasher hasn’t worked in two years. The wash machine works but is absolutely huge and I need a stick to get the clothes out of the bottom of it, as I’m too short to reach them. So I am so looking forward to shopping for these appliances!

The husband and I were determined to have a good Christmas anyway because I have one of a kind friends that were going to make sure we did. 🙂 This win just puts that cherry and extra bits on an already fabulous cake.

So, as always in life, there is the good that balances the bad. Almost.




What extra goodie are you planning for this Christmas?



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Sam and Me Comic ~~~ Playing Games

Hello people!

Today’s edition of ‘Sam and Me’ is for Evil Squirrels Second Annual Contest of Whatever!

ES says that the theme this year is games.

. The theme this year is games.  I want some form of a game to be involved in your creation.  Anything that involves competition between two or more participants is allowed… board games, sports, multiplayer video games, children’s activities… etc.

It also must have at least 2 different species of animals. So I thought who better than my world-famous Sam! Of course, I had to add that devilish duo The Cats, Notwen and Pouncer. They are always trying to outmaneuver each other. Silly things.

Hope this counts as a game ES!

(I also hope I win!!) 😉

(c) JLPhillips 2015
(c) JLPhillips 2015
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Wednesday Comics ~~ Sam and Me

Now that I’m more settled in the new place, I thought I would start the weekly comics Sam and Me again.  Sam has missed all his fans. 🙂

This strip is about how much Sam hates getting groomed. Sam is a Bichon/Shih Tzu mix and so has to be groomed every 8 weeks or his coat gets really bad.  You know that little boy in the Peanuts comic that always has a dust cloud around him? Pig-Pen?  That’s my Sam! He is a boy who loves to get dirty, he seems to be a magnet for the stuff. So he has to get bathed, clipped and all that other good stuff. He hates it. Period.

I have a great lady that owns a mobile grooming trailer that comes to the house. It is a lot less traumatic on Sam and on me. I’ve tried other groomers but he is so hyper and such a Mama’s boy that I was getting desperate on finding a good groomer. Unfortunately the first couple of groomers hurt Sam and he has never forgotten, or forgiven.

When I finally found Tammy, my mobile groomer it was super! She loves Sam and Sam really likes her. But ……. Sam is such a drama king when he gets groomed! He howls and yips and cries and makes more noise than 10 dogs twice his size! It literally sounds like he is being killed, slowwwwllllllyyyyyy.  It’s rather embarrassing. Tammy doesn’t even have to touch him! It’s funny and embarrassing at the same time. 😉

But it has to be done. This is my rendition of last week when Tammy came by.

Copyright JLPhillips
Copyright JLPhillips


**click on picture to see larger image**


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Wednesday Comics~~ Sam and Me

Hello dear readers! I am starting something new today. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and have finally decided to just go for it.

It’s a new weekly feature I’m starting as of today. It’s a comic staring my dog Sam and yours truly. It’s called “Sam and Me” and I think it’s pretty darn cute. The dog in the comic doesn’t look exactly like Sam but I’m still working on it. I think it’s going to be a fun comic to do.  I’m going to be featuring a new comic every Wednesday. There also will be a page titled Sam and Me off to the side of my blog. Hope you enjoy the first two!


Sam and Me by JLPhillips
Sam and Me by JLPhillips



Sam and Me #2 by JLPhillips
Sam and Me #2 by JLPhillips