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Wednesday Comics ~~ Sam and Me

I missed last Wednesday, but today I just had to do the comic.

Yesterday Sam got groomed again. This time I gave him a sedative from the vet. Did it help? Oh yeah! hahaha.

Poor Sam didn’t know what hit him. It made things a lot easier on Tammy though. Tammy is Sam’s groomer. She comes about every 8 weeks in her mobile grooming trailer. I love that she comes to the house. Makes things so much easier on Sam and me. Tammy is a wonderful lady and groomer.

So I gave Sam his sedative about an hour or so before Tammy was scheduled to show up. By the time she did come Sam was feeling no pain. He was not completely under, but he felt pretty darn good!

Sam was really good for Tammy, except for two things. His nails. He has super sensitive paws and hates getting his nails clipped.  Oh and she couldn’t get his butt trimmed. I will have to take him back over to the vet for that. Sighhhhhhhh. Poor Sam was traumatized by the first groomer that clipped him. She hurt him bad. He has never forgotten. I don’t blame him. That groomer came recommended by an acquaintance. So I blame myself for not checking her out more, or staying with Sam that time.

On the whole though Sam did really well and Tammy was pleased with him. She will be back in September and I will be back to the vet’s for more sedatives. 🙂

(C) JLPhillips 2013
(C) JLPhillips 2013


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