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My Enjoyment List ~~ Share Your World, Week 47, 2014

This week, in honor of Thanksgiving in the USA, Cee, over at Cee’s Photography has asked us to make a list of what we enjoy. Here is my list.

Hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving this week has a wonderful, stress free, enjoyable week!


My List of Enjoyment

1. My dog Sam
2. coffee
3. waking up in the mornings
4. blogging friends who turn into great best friends
5. sunshine
6. thunderstorms
7. rainbows
8. rain
9. music
10. my computer
11. being able to write stories
12. my friend Bill, who comes over and does things around the house that I can’t do, like mowing my lawn all summer
13. WordPress, because I have gotten to know some awesome people on here (see #4)
14. wolves, they are SO misunderstood
15. Tammy, Sam’s groomer, she comes to the house to groom Sam and saves us from a whole lot of stress
16. calendars with lots of room to write on, between all the drs appointments with me and hubby I appreciate it!
17. Books, they have been my best friends all my life.
18. Mother nature, she is awe-inspiring, even at her worst
19. smiles
20. hugs
21. art supplies
22. Extra Strength Tylenol
23. Coke Zero
24. laughter
25. a forest, no matter where, there is peace in them
26. oceans
27. tears, because it tells me I can still feel
28. soft toilet paper, believe me, as you age you will appreciate this more!
29. My sense of humor, goodness knows it has saved my butt many times
30. a good pair of glasses, just got my new ones, purple frames!
31. Watching people, they are an endless source of amusement
32. lasagna
33. sugar free candy
34. kind people
35. notebooks
36. art
37. a good joke
38. my mom
39. memories, good or bad,
40. great writers
41. good Chinese food
42. black jelly beans
43. my hearing, after losing it once, I never take it for granted
44. honesty
45. online games
46. heat, because dammit it’s cold!
47. Sharp knives, if you cook you know what I mean
48. herbs and spices
49. slippers
50. electric blankets
51. imagination
52. knowing someone loves you



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Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that now that I am in Canada we have already had our Thanksgiving. But being American I still honor Thanksgiving in my heart here in November also. So to all of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving today, have a wonderful holiday! Eat much, stay safe and give out lots of hugs and smiles.

Also Hanukkah is today so to those who are celebrating that, Happy Hanukkah to you! With the same wish, many smiles and hugs given and received.

Many have done posts on what you are thankful for. So I thought I would do one also. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet so you can get back to eating. 🙂


Courtesy of
Courtesy of

I am grateful for being able to sit here and wish you all a happy giving day.

I am grateful that I finished NaNoWriMo, at least the 50k part.

I am grateful for being alive to sit and type all that I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my dog Sam and his nemesis the (stinkin’ cats) Notwen and Pouncer, for they bring me joy and laughter every day.

I am grateful for finding blogging a year and half ago, as I have met so many wonderful and talented people on here. I also have formed some strong and lasting friendships along the way and for that I cannot help but be grateful.

I am grateful for being able to write, speak and think the words that convey how grateful I am.

I am grateful to the people who made guest posts on my blog so I could indulge myself freely with NaNo. Thank you Liz, Mandy, Martin and of course Tiny. You four are amazing and make blogging fun with your giving hearts and minds.

I’m grateful for coffee, the nectar of the gods, for without my coffee every day I wouldn’t be able to function.

I’m grateful for my husband who went out every morning this month and bought me my Tim Horton coffee so I could get hyped up on their fragrant, steaming brew to write my quota of words for NaNo. He also let me off the hook for cooking a lot of nights. Now I’m ready to cook a good meal instead of soup and sandwich.

I’m grateful for the sunshine pouring through my window as it warms me on this cold frosty morning and makes these old bones ready to tackle another day.

And I’m grateful for all of you who read my attempts at writing and are always ready with a smile and a kind word. YOU are what makes this blogging venture so much fun! Thank you!