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Share Your World ~~~ July 17, 2017

It’s that time of the week again, folks! Come join me for Cee’s Share Your World.



What is your favorite cheese?

Colby. I ย haven’t had any for years because I can’t find it here but when I lived in Wisconsin I would always buy it. I love it. Cheddar (mild) is next on the list. I actually like most cheese except for the real strong or stinky kind. After all, I AM from Wisconsin!

Are you left or right-handed?

Like most people, I’m right-handed. Nothing special here, folks, let’s keep it moving.

Do you prefer exercising your mind or your body? How frequently do you do either?

I prefer doing both but rarely do it. I am always exercising my mind. I write, play games, do puzzles, lots of things to keep the old gray matter fresh. The body? Not so much. ย I should. I keep promising myself and my doctor I will but I never do. I’m not lazy. Just not motivated enough. Goodness knows what will motivate me. My doctor tells me I should so I live longer. I ask her why live longer? She says for my family. I told her the family is on their own. LOL

Complete this sentence: Hot days are โ€ฆ

Completely unnecessary. Really! I love moderate days the best. Hot days just make me miserable and I prefer to not be miserable. I’m easy.


Short and sweet this week. How’s your week going so far?




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Monday Meeting ~~ October 5, 2015

Hello, people! Let’s get this meeting started….

Monday Meeting


Before I get going on anything else in this meeting, I want to say a big, huge THANK YOU to all of you who are sending my mom a birthday card and/or recipes. You guys are the greatest! She is going to be so surprised and so delighted that so many people would take time out of their busy lives to think of her and wish her a special birthday. She is also going to love having new recipes to try. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please readย my post…A Request and a Little Fun. I would love it if you could participate!

Now on to something, well, a bit strange. Every once in a great while I check out the search terms used to find my little corner of the blogging universe. I did so the other day. Now normally the search terms used to find me are really pretty boring. Until I came across this one……

Screenshot 2015-10-05 12


Click on the pic to enlarge…but…what it says in case you don’t want to enlarge and read it is this…”they want to eat my sweat”. Whoaaaa! What kind of sickies does this person hang with? Weird zombies with kinky issues? I mean really, how in the heck did they land on MY blog with this? I don’t remember ever writing about sweat or anyone wanting to eat my sweat. That’s just all sorts of wrong! Yewwwwww. I know some of you (Fishy!) get some strange things from your search terms. I think this is the strangest I have ever had so I just had to tell you about it.

Ok, let’s move on to less, um, weird things. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Book news; everything seems to be on schedule as far as edits on A Case of Deceit are concerned. I might even be able to have it ready for publishing before October 30th! Even if you were with me as I wrote a lot of it on my blog earlier this year it might read a bit new for you. I’ve changed a few things as I went along. I’ve taken out a few thousand words and added probably twice that many. I’ve changed a few things in the plots too. I believe you all will approve. I think it flows better and it answers some questions that were left hanging about a few things.

A bit of a side note on the book business. I did this book for the April A-Z challenge on my blog. So for the books sake I have made most of the challenge posts private. I am going to make all of them private, probably by the end of this week. Just thought I’d let you know in case you notice the April A-Z challenge category missing or empty later.

In other news around here. We had our first cold front come through Friday night. We had rain and high winds. The winds got so strong they woke me up in the middle of the night. They were rocking this place so hard it felt like someone shaking the bed to get me up! I kid you not. It was not a good night. I was scared for this place! I could hear the wind howling and blowing things off the patio. I so hoped it would leave the roof intact. Then Saturday we had cold rain all day with wind. Poor Sam didn’t want to go out and do his business. I didn’t blame him as I had to go out once to pick the garbage can and bags of garbage off the lawn. I was soaked and freezing after just those short minutes! Brrrrr….

Last night we had our first hard frost. The tomato plants are done for. It was pretty frosty this morning. Not a good sign so early.

I’m going to have a busy week as I’m going to try to finish the final edits on the book. The husband has a colonoscopy scheduled for Thursday morning, so my day that day is pretty well going to be taken up with that, at least in the morning. I’m taking my e-reader with me to catch up on some much-needed reading. It’s going to be a long morning. Of course, the husband’s morning will seem longer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s about it for me for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


How’s the weather by you? I love fall! Which season is your favorite?



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How I Survived the Move…..

Hello everyone! It’s only been a few days since I went off-line, but it seems like forever! I’ve missed each and every one of you and I have a ton of reading to do! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve survived my move and it actually went relatively smooth. Only one thing got broke so I think it was a great success! I got the whole house moved in one trip. I couldn’t have been able to do it without a lot of help. Boy did I have help! We had us a nine truck and one trailer convoy from the north side of town to the West side of town. Whew, in 70 – 100 mile an hour wind! At least it was warm but we all thought we were going to be blown away.

Friday I spent all day closing on the new place and packing last-minute crap. I hate the last-minute stuff. You know the stuff you can’t do without (or at least think you can’t) till the very last hour of the big move. Saturday I was up by 6:30 am and packed and cleaned some more. Then 9 guy friends showed up with pickups and a trailer and they packed the house with its ton of boxes and off we went within 3 hours! Those guys were super awesome!

Now I have a new place full of boxes to un-pack. At least I can take some time with them. I didn’t have internet hook up till today and the poor phone guy had to work outside in blowing cold wind, sleet, hail, snow and rain. We had it all today! It even thundered and we had lightning. Miserable weather!

My cats were traumatized! They hid for almost the whole day, finally coming out at night. They seem to be doing better today. I have a lot of work to do yet, but it will get done. I just couldn’t stay away any longer from my blogs or my online friends!

Sam seems content laying in his bed under my computer table, so even though the weather is making me crazy, we are snug in our new home.

Maybe I should write a short story about it all, with a few embellishments added to make it more exciting. Ha! ๐Ÿ˜‰



Now I better start getting caught up on all the awesome posts I’ve missed……….. than get some much needed sleep………



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Who Ordered the Snow?? I Need to Talk to You!

Hello everyone! Me here to complain about the snow! Yes, snow in the middle of April!! I don’t need this crap!

What the heck is this white stuff doing here??
What the heck is this white stuff doing here??


I have two weeks to finish packing up the house and to move. This is not helping me at all!


Almost a foot of snow!
Almost a foot of snow!


I‘m done bitching now, I think. Mother Nature needs to chill, and I don’t mean in snow!


My patio today!
My patio today!


Guess I’ll get back to work. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. If it’s warm where you are want to send some my way??? ๐Ÿ™‚