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If We Were Having Coffee

Hello, People!

I do hope this first day of August is a great one for you. It’s hard for me to think it’s August already! Seems like the year just started.


If We Were Having Coffee


If we were having coffee, I would invite you inside where there is air conditioning as we are having a very warm day today. Maybe you would like ice coffee instead? Me, I’ll still have mine hot, as I don’t like it iced.

We’ll sit in the coolness and I would tell you how excited I am about several things lately. First, I would tell you how overwhelmed I have been with the offers to guest post on my blog. The response I got from fellow bloggers have been phenomenal. I still have several bloggers who have promised posts that will be forthcoming and have a few more already scheduled for next week. This makes me very happy.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am done with my edits for the first story in the DeeDee Watson, PI series, The Canine Caper! It’s all ready to be formatted and put on Amazon! Also, I have a brand new book cover for the story. Would you like to see it? Yes? All right….here it is…



cover play 5 canine caper



I’m so happy with this new book cover. The last one was good, but this one I think suits the story much better. I just wasn’t satisfied with the last one and how Dee was portrayed on it. I love this one! A friend and I worked for days on this. I found the images and she did the Photoshop work. We are working on the second book cover for ‘A Case of Deceit’ now while I do the edits for the story.

For the Canine story, I am hoping to have it up on Amazon by the end of the month, with the second following a few weeks later. Wish me luck!

If we were having coffee, I would also tell you that I have started a new blog. Yes, I’m certifiably crazy. It’s going to be tied in with the DeeDee Watson, PI books. I’ve been working on it as I have time the last few weeks. It will be…um…different. In a good way I hope! How will it be different? Well, the characters of the books will be writing for the blog, not me. I mean, of course, I will be writing, as the characters are fictional. But…Dee, Fedora and yes even Tee will be there. They will be in charge of what I write, they dictate, I write and post. Confusing? How about you hop on over there after you read this post and give it a look. It’s still a work in progress, but if you want to follow it, it won’t hurt my feelings. 🙂

I’ll try to post on that blog a few times a week. Oh, I guess you’ll need the link, right? Here it is….       ( was already taken, so I just added author on the end)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the last month has been crazy. Some good, some not so good. First, the weather…whats with the weather? In my little corner of Alberta, Canada we have had some really hot days, some pleasant days and we even had days in the middle of the month that I had to put the heat on! That’s just crazy. But it was cold and rainy and windy and this tin can we call a home was cold and damp. So yeah, I put the heat on. Today? It’s in the low 90’s (low 30’s c). I’m just thankful I have air conditioning.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about the husband. As most of you know, he has been disabled the last few years with debilitating back pain. He has arthritis of the spine and multiple spurs on the spine. Some days he can hardly get up out of bed. We finally got him in to see a new doctor last week, as his old doctor was doing nothing for him except prescribing stronger and stronger pain medications. This new doctor said it was ‘unusual’ for patients to take this big a dose of pain meds for a ‘degenerative disease’.

In other words, the old doctor would just keep giving stronger pain medication for something that is NOT going to get better, instead of trying to deal with the pain in other ways. Which is why I wanted the husband to go to a different doctor. I knew something was not right when the old doctor would just brush us off when we spoke to him about alternative methods of dealing with the pain. If the doses kept going higher on his pain meds, he would turn into a zombie. The quality of life would be nil. This wasn’t acceptable to me. Or to the husband.

The biggest breakthrough with the new doctor was this…he diagnosed the husband with depression! Finally! I’ve been trying to tell the old doctor for several years that the husband was depressed, he wouldn’t listen to me. This doctor saw it before I even said anything! It’s just not normal for anyone to start to cry for no apparent reason. Which the husband did several times during the doctor visit.

I kept my mouth shut for most of the of doctor visit, (yes I went in the room with the husband.) so I was almost shocked when the doctor said he wanted to ask the husband a few questions dealing with depression. He asked questions, the husband answered and the doctor said from the answers he would say the husband is definitely depressed. He prescribed Zoloft and we set up an appointment with a mental health expert. The doctor explained to the husband that he wants to wean him off the strong pain meds and that with being depressed the husband was feeling a higher degree of pain due to the depression. So it’s a great start! We’ll see what happens next with the therapist.

So I have been having a busy few weeks.

If we were having coffee, I would just relax and after telling you my news I would listen to yours and enjoy your company.

Thanks for joining me and see you soon!




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If We Were Having Coffee


If We Were Having Coffee


Hello, People!

Come on in! Have a comfy seat and a drink of your choice. I will be having my usual coffee. Ah, good stuff.

I do hope everyone is having a great weekend. Where does the time fly? It’s heading toward the end of June already! For most of us, this weekend is Father’s Day weekend. All who celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful day!

I usually don’t celebrate it. My dad passed away going on twelve years now. I miss him all the time. I don’t need a special day to tell him in my heart that I love him. I believe he knew it then and knows it now.

It’s also the Summer Solstice this weekend. Summer will be officially here. It’s the longest day of the year, too. I like it when it’s still daylight at 10:30 pm. 🙂 I may have to take some pictures and post them. The evening skies are beautiful that time of night.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how excited I am that I finished posting ‘The ABC’s of Death’ this past week. Of course, the work doesn’t stop now. I am going to give it a few weeks rest while I edit ‘The Canine Caper’ (formally The Man in the Fedora). Then I will be starting the edits on the ABC’s (retitled A Case of Deceit).

I’d also tell you that I have a new book cover for the Canine Caper! I thought it turned out very well and I will be revealing that in the next week or so. Things are moving right along on the road to publishing both stories!

I want to thank all of you who took my poll on the ABC story. Your comments and votes will help me so much in the editing of this story. If you have read the story and haven’t taken the poll yet, you can find it…here.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell my volunteer Beta readers that soon you will find the story in your email! Thank you for being patient, offering to help and being just great friends. I plan on hitting the editing really hard this coming week to get it ready for you readers to pick it apart. Really, that’s your job! I know you will do it well with the best interest of helping me put out the best story I can. You guys are the greatest!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that on a personal side, I’ve been having a few health problems. Bottom line, too much stress. My blood pressure is up and refuses to come down. Scary stuff since heart problems run in my family. My doctor has tried two different medications and both have made me ill. Terrible side effects. So now we have to try something else. Of course, less stress would help. Ha! Don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Also, as always my doctor says those dreaded words, “lose weight”. Yeah, doc, I wish it was that damn easy. Eh, I’ll die when it’s my time. 😉

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you about your week. How is everything with you? I’m here to listen and be a friend. Goodness, you have listened to me enough!

Until next time, have a good day and stay in touch!


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If We Were Having Coffee


If We Were Having Coffee


Hello! Come on in. Let’s have a nice visit, shall we?

Whatever you would like to drink, I’m sure I can find something to suit you. As for me, I’ll have my usual coffee.

It’s been a while since our last coffee clutch hasn’t it? We will have to catch up on each other’s news. Sit, please, make yourself at home. Don’t mind the cat and dog hair. It’s been too long since I vacuumed. I try to keep up with the housework, but when I’m the only one able to do all the house chores I fall behind sometimes.

Also, housework equals boring. 😉


If we were having coffee, I would first share with you the news that today is Dave’s (Rara’s husband also known as Grayson Queen) memorial service was this morning in California. Sadly he passed away way too soon. I still am not quite over the shock on how fast it came about and that he is really gone. I do know of a few bloggers who will be attending the memorial. One for sure is DJ Matticus who has asked fellow bloggers to wear blue today in honor of Dave and Rara.

Rara, I have heard will be attending the memorial. She won’t be shackled (thank goodness), but she will be wearing her prison blue uniform. So, I have worn a blue blouse to show support. We love and miss you Rara.

If we were having coffee, I would also like to mention Mental Mama’s (Erin) Summer Drawing Contest. I completely forgot about it for Friday and I feel terrible about it. So I did a quick and badly drawn J for her contest. I haven’t drawn anything in many years. So I hope you forgive how bad it is. Next time I will be drawing a flower and hopefully it will turn out better.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you what glorious weather we’ve been having in my little corner of Alberta, Canada. Wonderful spring warmth and plenty of sunshine. The flowers are in full bloom and the grass is getting tall.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how much I am enjoying writing and interacting with readers on my story ‘The ABC’s of Death’. I’m up to chapter 39 and getting closer to the ending. I love how my readers get into it and root for the good guy and boo the bad. You guys are the best!

If we were having coffee, I would update you on my mom and brother’s health. The last we spoke my brother survived a brain aneurysm and my mom thought she was having more heart problems. I’m happy to report both are doing fine now. My brother is back home and taking care of his cats. My mom doesn’t have any extra heart problems. Although the doctors did find her extremely anemic. That is being taken care of with medication.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am planning on adding to my very bare Pinterest boards this weekend. I have read some really good advice on setting up boards on there for writers. I know, I know, it’s a major time suck, but it is a lot of fun. Wish me well and if you hear me yelling for someone to save me, throw me a lifeline will ya? LOL

That’s about it for now. I do hope all those that are celebrating Memorial weekend have a safe and wonderful holiday. Please, don’t forget what the holiday stands for. Even if you aren’t celebrating it, give a moment of silence and thanks for all our men and women in the armed forces throughout the world. They deserve our respect and more.


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If We Were Having Coffee


If We Were Having Coffee


If we were having coffee, we’d probably be sitting in my kitchen as it’s a rather rainy cool spring day here. I don’t mind as we need the rain.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how much fun I had doing the April A-Z Challenge. It was my first year doing it and I set myself a rather large goal. To write a story with a chapter for every letter. I would also tell you that I’m quite proud of myself for reaching the finish line! I did finish the challenge but not the story. That will continue into May until it is done. I know I’ve disappointed a few of my readers by not finishing the story but felt I couldn’t cram all that was left into the last week of the challenge.

I do appreciate every reader that stuck with me throughout the month of April. Your reading and appreciation for the story is what is keeping me going! Thank you!

If we were having coffee, I would share my news that when I am done with the story “The ABC’s of Death”, I will be editing and adding a few deleted scenes and chapters and publishing it as my first self-published novel! So even if you have read it here for the challenge, when I publish, it will have new chapters and scenes that you haven’t read! I will also be publishing my first story “The Fedora” as a short story at the same time as the Death novel. That will be an introduction to DeeDee Watson, PI, Tee (her dog), and Fedora. That I will be offering as a free download (there will also be added scenes in it). This has me super excited and super scared.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that April was a tough month for me in other ways. Yes, the challenge was difficult, but I was determined to finish. I also had it tough in a personal way. My younger brother had a brain aneurysm a week after Easter. According to my mother, he was having severe headaches the prior week. After Easter, he went to work but the pain was so bad he decided to go home. His boss called my sister and told her she was worried about my brother as he wasn’t acting himself.

They live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. My sister went to look for him and finally found him at home. His speech was slurred, he had difficulty seeing and walking, so she drove him to the hospital. That’s when they found out that he had a brain aneurysm. The doctors told him he should have died. He didn’t. He survived and after spending more than a week in the hospital he is ok. Which is a miracle.

His speech is fine, his mobility is fine. He might have some problems with his memory.

At this same time my mother thought she might be having more heart problems as she passed out and was feeling weak. She already has a pacemaker. The doctors thought she might have a faulty heart valve. Thankfully she doesn’t. She is extremely anemic. Which has happened to her before. They gave her some medicine and she seems to be improving.

My mother told me that aneurysms run in the family. They are genetic. Oh, gee, something else to worry about health-wise. I’m just thankful that both my mother and brother seem to be doing fine now. I haven’t been able to talk to my brother, seems my siblings still think I’m persona non grata with them. I have yet to figure out why.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you to have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your family and friends as you never know when tragedy might strike. I would advise you to never hold grudges, never hold on to anger, always strive to understand the other person. Don’t live in the past, let it go and live for now. Sometimes the other person is going through things you don’t know about. Be gentle with them and yourself.

Till next time. I think for now I will sit a spell longer and enjoy my coffee and good memories.



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If We Were Having Coffee

If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee, I would invite you in for your favorite beverage, be it coffee, tea, coke, water, etc. We would sit down at the kitchen table and have a nice visit.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I may be getting new neighbors soon, as the one place next to us is up for sale and the place across from us is being cleaned up and fixed up. I don’t know if it will be for sale or not as the place has been empty for the nearly two years I’ve been living here. From what I understand the old man who lived there had died in there and his only child was in jail for ‘white collar crime’.

The last few weekends someone has been there fixing the place up and today there is a U-haul there being filled with the stuff that was inside. Sam and I were just ‘observing’ these things when I took him out to do his business. We aren’t the nosey type, really. 😉

If we were having coffee, I would mention Spring has come, although today it doesn’t seem like it, as it’s pretty cool out. Officially though, Spring is here. Even the birds know it as they are busy building nests and the trees are budding out. Despite us having a bit of a snow storm earlier this week where it dumped about 8 inches (20cm) on us. It’s all gone now thank goodness.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how excited I am about the A to Z Challenge reveal tomorrow. It will be great to see everyone’s reveal posts and what they are doing for the challenge. I will be having a post of my own tomorrow, so please watch for that as I’m doing the challenge this year too.

If we were having coffee, I would confide that I am determined to have something published this year. I will probably go the self-publish route, but I’m not ruling out sending out something to agents or/and publishers. I am done with procrastinating out of fear. I am going to do it! I have a best friend who has confidence in me and she is pushing me to do this (in a nice way, of course). I’m not getting any younger, so now is the time to just shove my fears aside and get it done. Wish me luck!

If we were having coffee, I would want to know what is going on with your life. What exciting things do you have planned or hope to accomplish this year? I would refill my coffee mug and whatever you are drinking and I’d listen to you tell me all about things. That is what a good hostess and friend does.

So until next time, have a wonderful week and don’t be a stranger!


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