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News, Updates and a Christmas Question

Hello, People!


First the news and updates. The husband and I have been doing the doctor rounds again. Nothing serious! Just his six-month cancer checkup and trying to get him some help for his back pain.

Good news….he is now officially cancer free and in complete remission! He has had a CT scan and a few months ago he had another colonoscopy and it showed him completely cancer free. Whew! That was a relief I can tell you. I know he was worried about it. Who wouldn’t be?

The husband has arthritis on the spine with the added complication of a number of spurs there too. We have been trying for years to get him more help for the immense pain he is constantly in. Yesterday we finally were able to get in to see a specialist for this. With the combined efforts of his general MD and help from a home care nurse, we got an appointment with this specialist yesterday.

It was almost an all day affair but it’s something we got used to this last year with his cancer. First off to the hospital lab for blood work, then to X-rays for….well, x-rays, then finally in to see the specialist. He asked a million questions, examined the husband and asked me a million more questions. Bottom line….the doctor wasn’t sure if he could help the husband. He ordered a more invasive x-ray doneΒ of the spine with aΒ special dye and then we go back to see the specialist in about a month.

So, the husband is still on strong pain meds (which were prescribed even stronger) and we won’t know if any other procedures or meds will help his situation for another month.

It’s a beginning though and we are grateful for that!


Now for the Christmas question.

I wanted to know who would like a Christmas card? A real, paper, Christmas card showing up via snail mail?

I am going to be making out my cards this weekend and wanted to know if any of my new friends and readers would like me to add them to my list? I have a number of you from the year before last when I started my list for Christmas cards but I know some of you have moved and a few of you are new(ish) to my blog.

Let me know in the comments if you would like a card and I’d be more than happy to send you one!

Me, personally, I LOVE getting things in the mail. It makes my whole day when I do!

If you would like one from me, SamΒ and the gang just let me know and I’ll contact you for your address! Also, if you’d like to send me one and don’t have my address, let me know that too and I’ll send you my address!

I didn’t do this much last year as it was not a good time for me then but this year will be different. I’m feeling much more…..un-stressed, I guess you could say.

Which is a good thing. So let’s have a Merry Christmas ya’ll!!




27 thoughts on “News, Updates and a Christmas Question

  1. Jackie, that is fantastic news about the husband’s cancer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that the specialist will have even more good news for him next month.

    I’m finally on the ball this year and your Christmas card is spread addressed to go out.

    Have a very merry Christmas.


  2. That’s wonderful news! I really hope that you’ll be getting more wonderful news in about a month as well and that the specialist will be able to help with your husband’s pain.
    I would be interested in being added to your Christmas card list. πŸ™‚ It’s always so exciting to get something other than junk mail or bills in the mail. πŸ˜€


    1. Thank you. πŸ™‚ If you would like, you can send me your address via my contact page on my blog. I would love to send you a christmas card. Yes, it is nice to get something besides bills. πŸ™‚ Just send me your full name and address and I’ll do the rest! πŸ™‚

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  3. I am very happy to hear the good news on the husband front. Why do they take so long and keep you doped up while they hold you up from getting help? Makes no sense to me. I just got word from my friend in Edmonton that the card I mailed her on Oct 31 just arrived! I’m late with cards and everything this year. Can’t seem to think straight. I love the cards but the postage is highway robbery. Put the money for mine toward a cuppa. Better spent. Hang in there. Hugs.


    1. Canada post is notorious for being slow, Marlene. Sometimes I get things from the states within days and sometimes it takes a good month. You just never know. Don’t worry, you are getting a card. πŸ™‚ I don’t send out many but the ones I do send mean a lot to me. ❀

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          1. I thought I had cards here but they were all last years. Streets are iced over so I haven’t been out for days. City is shut down and my daughter is working from home. Bus transportation is struggling. I’m not sure my son’s plane is going to make it on Wednesday because we have more freezing rain coming. Snow is easier to deal with than the freezing rain. No shopping getting done even groceries. 😦 We had SNOW yesterday! Portland rarely gets snow or below freezing temps. Odd year we are having.


          2. Nasty weather. 😦 Keep safe and don’t worry about cards, Marlene. It’s been below zero here for over a week and next week it’s more of the same. Odd year indeed.

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          3. Good gravy, Jackie. Here I am complaining about below freezing and you have below zero. I’ll shut up now. ;/ I found my cards! WAY up on top of my headboard in a box hiding. πŸ™‚ I’m excited. I can sit and write and watch Hallmark movies. πŸ™‚ Knew they were here somewhere.


          4. See, something good came of our conversation. You found your cards!

            Us being this cold for so long is a bit unusual. Where I live we will usually have the odd day or two of below 0 but then it tends to warm up. Not right now though. Poor Sam doesn’t stay out long to do his business. I tell him he’s the fastest pee’er in the west. LOL

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  4. If you still have my info from when I sent out cards two years ago, then feel free. I wish I could come up with something wickedly clever like I did that year when I sent out mystery drawings inside of Christmas cards, but lack of inspiration and laziness has kept that from happening…

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    1. I do have your address yet, Bill. So yes, you are on my list! πŸ™‚ Hey, I know all about laziness, it’s a problem for me too most times. I have your drawing from that year still hanging on my cork board. πŸ˜‰


      1. Don’t get all excited just yet, it’s nothing much. I just wanted to send a little something to make you smile. You’ve got this huge heart and you’ve gone through so much this last year, I thought I could maybe send a little cheer your way. ❀


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