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Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain

Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof… describe your perfect, rainy afternoon

This is the daily prompt for today. I love rain. Rain showers, thunderstorms, gentle rain, the kind of rain that sounds like a waterfall is flowing over your house. I just love rain.

via Tumblr
Via Tumblr

I remember when I was young and the warm summer rains. The kids in the neighborhood would come out and play and dance in the rain. I would go off by myself and lift my face and arms to the rain and laugh with joy.  The perfect rainy day in my youth.

Then there were the rainy days as I grew older. My days were chaotic and full of darkness and pain.  On rainy days I would sit and watch the drops through my window. Those rainy days gave me peace and a feeling of being cleansed of the pain in my soul. I never saw them as dark or dreary. They were full of life and the pureness of a new beginning. They were healing rains.

Copywrite Randy Olson
Copyright Randy Olson

Then there is my favorite kind of rains. The thunderstorms. Wild, exciting, heart pumping storms. These make me feel energized, full of power and promise. The more wild the storm the more assured and positive I become. I love them! These storms I watched from inside my home with eyes wide open in excitement, breath held in awe of the beauty. These days are perfect days for me.

Of course I can’t forget the nourishing gentle rain. The kind that lasts all day but is always gentle and soft. I love to walk in this rain down country pathways. Slowly getting soaked from its caressing drops. I smile even as the rain drops mix with my tears. These rains softly rinse my heart and soul from all my worries and stress. I walk out of these rains with a renewed sense of myself. A feeling of ‘everything will be all right’ sets in my heart and I smile after the tears.

After the rains come the rainbow. A joy to behold. It shows me that the rain is full of color and hope. I say farewell to the rains at this time, till we meet again and I can dance, sing, walk, cry and smile with your drops on my skin. That is a perfect ending to any rainy day.