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Me~Me~Me! It’s All About Me! ~~ Week 33

Another week, means another session of talking about me! It’s all part of Cee’s Photography weekly thing called “Share Your World“. Thanks Cee for doing this every week! Why not come and join us?

But now, it’s all about ME!


Do you believe in ghosts? 

If anyone knows me well, they know I do believe in ghosts. Why? Because I have seen and heard them numerous times. I also have one that lives with me. I call him Abe. I wrote about him on my blog before. If you are interested you can read his story, where him and I first met, and how he follows me where ever I move since I was a child. His story is here.


irregardless of your physical fitness, coordination or agility:  If you could play any sport professionally what would it be?  Or if you can’t picture yourself playing sports, what is your favorite sport?

I don’t and wouldn’t play sports myself. But I love Hockey. About the only thing I watch anymore, sport wise.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself?

I have long hair, will always have long hair. I’m going to be one of those old silver long-haired hippy types. LOL I have never liked myself in short hair. Maybe because my mother insisted I have short hair when I was a kid. But now I have hair that goes past my shoulder blades. I usually wear it in a pony tail to keep it out of my way.

If you were on a small island, who would you want to be with? And where is it?  How big is it?

I would want my best friends. They are the greatest, kindest people I know. They are also fun, witty, smart and a joy to be around. You know who you are!

As for the Island itself. Well, it would have to be someplace warm, but not too warm. Beautiful ocean views, white sand beaches, lots of trees. Somewhere isolated but yet accessible by water or air if necessary. Big enough to feel comfortable, yet small enough to feel cosy.



There you have it folks. My post all about ME!

So tell me. Would YOU like to live on an island?