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Share Your World ~~~ Oct. 9, 2017

Hello everyone! I hope that those of you who celebrated Canada’s Thanksgiving yesterday had a good one.


Here are this week’s questions and my answers from Cee’s Share Your World.…….

What do you consider is the most perfect food for you? (It can be your favorite food to something extremely healthy.)

Hands down it has to be peanut butter. I love creamy peanut butter. It’s also the food I mostly lived on after my divorce many years ago. It was all I could afford at the time. A jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread was my way of surviving. Now I use it as a way of upping my sugars if my blood sugars get too low (I’m diabetic). But, it’s also comforting. The smell, the taste just brings me comfort when I’m down.

Are you focused on today or tomorrow?

Both, I think. I’m always in the ‘now’ but I can obsess about the tomorrows. Especially now that I’m older. I think about tomorrow a lot. Sometimes it gets a bit scary and I have to put it out of my mind and concentrate on today.

If you could interview one of your great-great-great grandparents, who would it be (if you know their name) and what would you ask?

I barely knew my grandparents, much less great-great-great ones. I think I would love to interview the ones on my mother’s side of the family. They were Native Americans and I would love to have their ‘take’ on things back then. My Native American ancestry has always interested me the most. As for what I would ask them, most likely just let them tell me about how life was back then, the changes that came later and general life experiences.



Do you know about your ancestors? Let me know!





15 thoughts on “Share Your World ~~~ Oct. 9, 2017

  1. According to my mother, the Italian mafia killed my great-grandmother’s parents, while she hid under a bed. It’s plausible, however I can neither confirm or deny its authenticity.


  2. My daughter is also trying to find her connection to her native French Canadian Indian ancestors.
    The family changed their name when the moved from Canada to Maine. It was so far back it didn’t even show up on her DNA but when she was born, she looked the part. I imagine you would want to do a lot of research to find information. Funny, I can’t stand the smell of peanut butter anymore. I go towards almond or hazelnut butters these days. The future, just found out I don’t have one so nothing to worry about . 🙂 Just taking care of today. Hang in there kid. Everything’s gonna be ok. Have you heard the song yet?


      1. The song is by the “Piano Guys” you can listen to it on Utube. It’s gonna be ok. Waiting to decide if i want to say anything on my blog about what’s going on. Like to keep things light. Ruminating.


  3. I love peanut butter but have had to eliminate it from my diet. I don’t know that I have a favorite food, it all depends on my mood that day.


  4. Its funny how I never learned to like peanut butter…we didn’t grow peanuts up north 🙂 I would have loved to read the interview with your maternal great-great-great grandmother! Many hugs ❤


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