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Nano Poblano ~ NaBloPoMo ~ Day 11

A Silly Little Poem

This is just a silly little poem

to keep the fears away

I hope you don’t mind

when I write silly little rhymes



I don’t know what else to do

except write and wish

that life was easier

or at least a bit more cheerier




Instead of darkness looming

there should be sunshine

The stars should shine at night

instead of me facing all these frights




I’m getting too old, you know

to have all these worries

I should be resting and enjoying life

Not dealing with all this strife




I wanted to write something deeper

with much more meaning and hope

Maybe I can after tomorrow

As I still have three weeks of Nano Poblano!


8 thoughts on “Nano Poblano ~ NaBloPoMo ~ Day 11

  1. I think you pulled it off well.
    Even as a “last resort”,
    Your poem was swell.
    You’ll keep being creative,
    This I just know.
    Because you are part of
    Team Nano Poblano!

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