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2015 April A-Z Challenge ~~ The ABC’s of Death ~ I

If you haven’t read previous chapters I have a category listing on the side with the title 2015 April A-Z challenge. You can find all the chapters there. Thanks for reading!

ABC'S of Death book cover (4)

Inside Where?


I start to bust up the crates and build my fire higher. I still need to reserve the battery in the flashlight. I don’t know what’s on the other side of this wall, I might need it. I’m finally on the last crate and give it a kick to bust it up. This one isn’t empty like the others.

I take a stick and start to dig through the insides of the crate. I see a major mouse nest. That must be why Tee started digging at the wall. A mouse-hole. Under the nest, I hit something metal. I scrape the nest aside and see a shovel. My luck is turning! I scrape more of the nest away and grab the shovel.

Now this is something I can use. Damn it. The shovel has no handle. Just a broken off piece of wood sticks up from the shovel head. This must be where they threw broken tools away, as I come up to some more metal in the bottom of the crate. A broken pliers that look to be decades-old. A few more pieces of tools, but nothing whole.

I manage to finish busting up the crates. Now to start digging my way out of this hole.

Hours later I’m about four feet inside the wall. I’m digging the hole big enough for my body to crawl through. I take a break. I need to find something to put the loose dirt on and drag it out. Otherwise, I’m just digging more than I need to. I’m dirt covered from head to toe. Itchy from where the dirt turned to mud with my sweat.

I’m dying of thirst. My mouth feels like the inside of this hole. I’m not stopping though. I’m afraid if I do, I won’t start again. I got about another four feet to dig. I can feel a stale breeze through the tunnel I’m digging. That and my temper is the only thing keeping me going.

I’m angry as hell. I plan on getting out of here, finding Angela and that goon and kicking some major ass.

Searching around to find something to pile the dirt on to drag it out of the tunnel, I find nothing. Ok, time to get creative. I take off my shirt, tie the arms together to make a loop. I can use the body of the shirt to pile the dirt on, the arms tied together to drag it out of the tunnel. I have my sports bra on and who’s going to see me anyway.

I start digging again. Every once in a while Tee comes inside the tunnel to check on me. Otherwise, he’s in the bigger room laying down in front of the hole watching me. He did his part. Now it’s time for me to do mine.

I’m almost there. A couple more feet of digging and I can crawl my way to the bigger space. I’m exhausted. I need water. I need food. I need a shower. First though I have to live long enough to get those things. My arms feel like lead. My hands are blistered and bleeding, but I’m still alive. With each shovel of dirt, my anger builds. I let it.

I have no idea what time it is. My watch died hours ago. Too much dirt. I’m finally at the end. I burst through the hole and collapse in the other space. I’m so damn tired. I just lay there on the dirt floor. I don’t even have enough energy to lift my head and take a look around. I close my eyes. Just a minute. I need just a minute.

I wake to Tee’s tongue on my face. His whines wake me further. How long was I asleep? I don’t have a clue as I struggle to sit up. I groan as my body aches all over. I need to find my flashlight and the satchel. The shirt I know is history. Towards the end I couldn’t even use it anymore, it’s in shreds. Oh god, I don’t want to crawl through that tunnel, but I have to. The flashlight is on the other side.

I take a deep breath and move my body through the tunnel. I grab the satchel with the flashlight inside. I notice the fire has burnt itself down to nothing. I must have been out for hours. Time to get out of here for good.

I crawl back and join Tee. Taking the flashlight, I shine it’s light around. The place is huge. Dirt floor and dirt walls. There are barrels sitting around, it looks to me like it used to be a wine cellar. I’m under the mansion! That means there has got to be a door leading to the main house somewhere. Then I hear Tee growl. A deep growl from that little dog is unusual. I shine the light to where he is looking and see a couple of red beady eyes.

I grab Tee up with one hand before he can run after those red eyes. I am looking at the biggest damn rat I have ever seen in my life! The thing is huge and it’s staring right at me and Tee.




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15 thoughts on “2015 April A-Z Challenge ~~ The ABC’s of Death ~ I

    1. Hm, I”m thinking that that nest was for it’s smaller cousin. As this rat is bigger than Tee! Which of course is not hard, as Tee only weighs about 6 or 7 pounds. 😉 But, it is pissed off!


  1. This is shaping out really well, Jackie! I find myself waiting to get to read the next chapter every evening….the writing is so vivid I AM right there with her and the dog. Bravo!


  2. WOW! What a story! Now I need to back track to figure out how she got stuck there in the first place! Why did she have to dig through a wall… was there a cave in somewhere? (I know- go read 😉 lol )
    Found you through the AtoZ challenge *waves*!


  3. I’ve been behind a few days so I started where I left off so I wouldn’t miss anything. It’s getting exciting. Maybe a racoon? Those little bastards are mean and deadly but not usually in basements. Mostly attics. Hmmm. Interesting how we all want to help you write this.:)


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