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She strode through the park on angry feet. Arms pumping along with her legs. Her mind going back over the argument with her husband that morning. She was just so  angry! It seemed like they were arguing over everything lately! Everything and nothing.

She was hoping a good brisk walk with nature would calm her down, but it wasn’t working. She started to slow down, thinking of all the petty little disagreements they were having lately. The sharp words to each other, the hurtful words that couldn’t be taken back. She started to wonder when it all started? When had things changed so much that they couldn’t even talk to each other anymore!

Walking slowly, her mind was going over each and every argument. The hurt and confusion snuffing out her anger.  She felt tears well up in her eyes. She loved the man, loved him since the first day they met. He was funny, and smart and had a smile that she used to see whenever she looked at him. She realized that smile she loved so dearly has been missing lately.  She knew he was confused about things between them also. Didn’t he just say that this morning? Before she stormed out of the house? She remembered now. As she was opening the front door, she heard him say, “What is happening to us?”.

Through the shimmer of tears she saw a park bench. She sat, feeling so tired, so defeated. So terribly sad. She bit back a sob, as she spotted an elderly couple approach the bench. They sat on the other side, close together, hands clasped. They were oblivious to her, to her pain and tears.  They had no eyes but for each other. Heads bent close together. One with a jaunty little cap, the other with white hair done up in a bun. She couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other. They were whispering.

Heads touching, hands clasped and wide smiles on their lips. To her they looked so young despite the wrinkles of time, the white hair, the age spots on their hands. They looked young and happy and so much in love. Whispering between them.

She heard a soft laugh as the old couple got off the bench. Still with clasped hands and heads together, still whispering soft words. They moved down the path slowly as she watched. Her tears dry, she watched them. Then she smiled. Her eyes widened and she knew what she was going to do! Determined she ran back home, hoping against hope he was still there. That he hadn’t left yet.

She entered their home and found him. He looked so lost, so alone. He stood facing her, with a wounded look in his eyes. A look she knew was in hers as well.  Slowly she walked to him, put her arms around him and whispered. His arms circled her tightly. Heads bent together, eyes closed in hope. They whispered words of healing and love to each other.

Whispers, soft words that are so much stronger than anger.


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