NaPoWriMo Poem Day 23 ~~~ Tortured Poet

Tortured Poet

Alliteration, ballads, stanzas
all parts of poems and such
The poet sits, reflects, pouts
his heart so full of doubt

Faraway lands beckon him,
romance, rhymes, verses, tankas
he needs to roam, to experience
how can he write what he knows nought about?

Travelling around the world
to bask in old cultures, rites, history
an ode, limerick, narrative or two
practising his pastoral oratory

Ireland, Japan, Australia are places he goes
years it took, while he wrote his prose
Older he grew, wiser no doubt
walking ancient trails, up hill, around

Rain or shine, elephant rides, camels too
Netherlands, France, even Spain
He wrote, wrote, wrote and never complained
Terza Rima, rhyme royal, his own refrains

His tortured soul grew quiet one day
Home called to him, he headed that way
A head full of poems, heart at rest
He now knew he could give lyrics his best

This poem is also for the Daily Post challenge; Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.

Inside my poem is the top 5 places I’ve always wanted to visit. I’m sure it will be easy to spot them.  Thank you for reading! Comments always welcome. 

14 responses

  1. Excellent poem Jackie, five places grew into six, but hey what is life without a reserve country in case a desired one is not available or its raining!!


    1. Exactly Michael! So glad you understand. And thank you.


  2. The feel of torture surely silled from your words.


    1. Thank you Kim.🙂


  3. OH, to be able to tale away that pain of the poet…


    1. thanks, yes it would be nice to tale away the pain …..


  4. Genuine Poetry | Reply

    Great poem! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.


    1. thank you for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it.


  5. It’s like you’re in my head! I’m often pouting at the computer screen (OK maybe not pouting but engrossed and people often comment on that). Pastoral oratory is a unique phrase but one I like very much. I feel like I am travelling with him on the journey too. Another fun piece.


    1. Thank you David, I had fun writing this one.🙂


  6. Keep this up and I’m going to really LIKE poetry. You make it seem so easy.


    1. Hey I didn’t think I liked poetry either, and I don’t like the stuff I have no idea what they are talking about LOL, I write so I understand it, that way everyone does.


      1. I’m starting to get it. You are a good teacher. You make it palatable.


        1. awww thanks. I did try to make it for people who don’t normally like poetry to enjoy it.


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