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Sam and Me Comic ~~ The Torturous Bed

As many of you know, I hurt my knee a few months ago. It’s been a slow, long healing process that I am still going through. What doesn’t help is that my bed is the bed from hell. I go to bed and my knee is feeling pretty good. I get up in the morning and my knee hurts like hell, I’m tired yet and I have more body aches than I can count. The only thing I can figure out is my bed is the Torturous Bed!

Well that’s my opinion. I know I need a new mattress, but I can’t afford one. Anyone out there want to buy me a new one? No? Anyone? LOL

I thought a new Sam and Me comic was in order today showing my bed as an evil thing…..hope you enjoy!




12 thoughts on “Sam and Me Comic ~~ The Torturous Bed

  1. I know that feeling about the mattress and bed from hell. I put my last mattress on layaway. Took forever but I finally got a new one out of the deal.

    Here’s to continued healing, dear ❤


  2. It’s great to have a comic to vent your frustrations. It’s a common frustration, I can guarantee it. We spend so much time in our beds and that’s where we go to heal and rest. If it isn’t restful, we can’t heal. I’m due a new one too but it’s got to wait a bit too. Several bad nights sleep can make me mean.


  3. The comic is very funny! But I don’t think Sam would abandon you even if the bed is “evil”…I hope you get a new mattress soon! Hugs and ❤


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