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Silly Sunday ~~~ Valentine’s Day Edition

Hello People!

Hope your weekend has been good to you. Today’s Silly Sunday is all about Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it?

I know I’m a week early, but next Sunday would be a day too late. So enjoy!







21 thoughts on “Silly Sunday ~~~ Valentine’s Day Edition

  1. Cyanide & Happiness is an awesome comic, as shown by this one.

    When I was in relationships the guys never were into the holiday, so it’s all the same for me now.

    It was cute to see how M would act when he had a girlfriend during the holiday though. 🙂


    1. Not where one gets off work, no. Not as far as I know. It’s just something that has been widely spread through the greeting card greedy corporations and some fall for it.


    1. I’ve been married twice Mark, neither one was what you call a Valentine guy, but that’s ok, I wasn’t a Valentine girl. It just never bothered me single or married.


  2. Awesome! My take on the actual “holiday” is that if you feel you have to wait until a special day some company made up to tell your special someone how you feel, you probably need drugs worse than I do.

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  3. You love the holiday as much as I do, I can tell. Who the heck are they trying to fool. Kinda hate mothers day and Christmas too for all the expectations. I’m with you. Show me your kindness everyday or go away. I’ll do the same. I send cards for no occasion. Loved the comics though.


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