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Silly Sunday ~~ The Birds! The Birds!














I enjoy reading, writing, and painting. I love animals and at present have one dog (Sam) and 2 cats (brother and sister, Notwen and Pouncer). I've lived in various places in the USA and now in Canada. I've always enjoyed watching life and people and have developed an appreciation for it all. My outlook is sometimes out of the normal.... but that's what makes things so interesting! I am always interested in the opinions of others. Everyone has their own outlook and it's always worthwhile to listen!

11 thoughts on “Silly Sunday ~~ The Birds! The Birds!

  1. Okay, I’m a l-o-n-g time birder, and I take offense at using my feathered friends as humiliating subjects of humor! Well . . . okay, they were kinda funny . . . so, you’re forgiven. Just remember, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (what the heck does that mean, anyway?)! Two birds were sitting on a telephone pole wire taking a midday snooze. One woke up and punched the other awake with a wing and said . . .


  2. I was just about to say the ladybug bird was the best until I saw Delbert. Oh my that is hilarious.


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