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What Do You Do….. (A poem)



What do you do…..

when you feel time is running out

when all you want is to feel again

The touch of a loving hand, a loving heart

What do you do….

when loneliness is more than a word

yet, people make you uncomfortable

in your silent world

What do you do….

when you know your time is no longer limitless

and there is so much of this world

you need to know about

What do you do…..

When the everyday becomes your jail

where time is your enemy

and you long for more

What do you do….

as you realize you have always settled

for less than you wanted

because you thought that’s all you deserved

What do you do….

with the silence around you

that you crave yet hate

with a soul that cries for thunder

What do you do….

when words mean nothing to anyone

and you lay in the dark

watching as more precious time slips by

What do you do…..

with the pain inside

of all the little pricks of hurt

that jabbed you like small knives

What do you do…..

when you long for so much more

then you have gotten in your years

but you don’t know how to bring it to you

What do you do……

What do you do…….

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Tag…I’m It! (Blogger Q & A Tag Game)

I’ve been tagged by Mandy Eve-Barnett to play this blogger Q and A game. Thanks, Mandy!

The rules are pretty simple…… Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Which I did in the first paragraph.) 
Answer the questions you were given by that blogger.
Nominate 10 bloggers, give them 10 new questions and let them know they’ve been tagged.

I’m afraid I’m a bit of a rule breaker. So I won’t be nominating ten other bloggers. I will state that if any of my readers want to play along they are more than welcome to! Just copy the questions or ask me to ask you ten different questions (which I will totally do!) and do your own post. Always happy to see my friends join in.

Now, on to my questions from Mandy.


Which do you prefer – tea or coffee or something else?  Anyone that knows me at all knows I prefer coffee. I love the stuff. Especially from Tim Hortons. (anyone going there soon??)

Vacation destination – beach, city, cruise or adventure? I’m retired, so no more vacations for me. Anyway, I never took that many because I usually worked for myself. BUT….If I could afford to take one I would love to go rent a cabin in the woods by a nice peaceful lake and just renew myself. I love trees and forests and wildlife.

As a writer do you plot your novels step by step or free flow allowing the idea freedom? Oh, I’m definitely on the free-flowing list. I do sort of plot my books in my head and then just go from there. I do have a notebook on hand that I take…well….notes about the book so I don’t get crucial details wrong as I write. I mean you don’t want your main character to start with brown hair and then end up with red. Otherwise, I’m a complete pantser.

Given the choice would you either write your memoir OR the autobiography of someone else? Well, both. I’m greedy. I have written my memoirs already. I mean, they are in very rough draft right now but I have written them down. I did it for NaNo a couple of years ago. I also would love to write my mother’s autobiography one day. I know quite a bit about her life and it’s really interesting. I’m afraid mom died in May this year so I can’t ask her questions so I might have to write it as part fiction with the main details being true.

What inspires you to write? I thought this would be an easy question to answer but once I thought about it, it isn’t. I could say what inspires me to write is the love of the written word. Or the love of books. Or the love of reading. Or something else. It really just boils down to…..life. Life inspires me to write. Life and imagination and the ‘what if’s’ that go through my mind all the time. That and I always wanted to know if I had it in me. If I had it in me to be a writer good enough that people liked what I wrote and wanted more.

Do you prefer one genre or many to read? If one genre – why that one? I’ll read anything worth reading and some that wasn’t. Right now I’m deeply into mysteries and suspense books. I’ve read romances and science fiction and history and…and….and….Well, you get the drift. I’ve read every genre of book out there at one time or another. Curiosity you know is a great teacher.

Which TV show from your childhood was your favorite? I was never much into TV, even when a kid. But, saying that, I would have to admit my favorite show was Dark Shadows. (Not the movie or the later show, the original in the late 60’s) I LOVED that show. Still do. At the time it was scary and dark and romantic all rolled into one. It had mystery and something more. I never missed an episode.

What is your preference for a pet? Dog or cat or some other animal? My favorite pet I have to admit is a dog. But, I love all animals and right now have 2 large cats and a dog for pets. I’ve even had chameleons as pets.

List two items you would rescue in the case of a house fire. That’s easy. My pets and my purse. Everything else is replaceable. I know since I’ve lost everything in a fire once. Wasn’t pleasant but no one was hurt and that’s what matters most.

What skill do you wish you had? To talk in other languages. I love other languages and tried learning French and Spanish in school. I wasn’t very good at them. I’ve always been envious of others that could speak and read more than one language.



That’s it people! Like I said, if you would like to play, please do so! Just let me know and I’ll come visit and read. 








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The Mannequin Challenge ~~ My Way

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the “Mannequin Challenge”. That’s where a bunch of people get together and create a scene to be filmed where they stand still like mannequins.

Well, I decided to have a bit of fun and show you pictures of my interpretation of this challenge. Just for fun. Unfortunately, it won’t be in video form but you’ll get the drift. I think we could all use a bit of fun lately, don’t you?

Here we go!


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How about doing your own Mannequin challenge?




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My Incomplete List of Small Pleasures ~~ November 10, 2016

Hello, People!

This has been a tough week for many people, like my friends in the states, as it was election week. Whew! That one was certainly one for the books, eh?

I’ve been reading so many posts on here and Facebook that are full of disappointment, fear, and anger. Friends are arguing, family members are fighting and even strangers are blasting each other.

Nothing new for Facebook users I’m afraid, but I’ve sensed this underlying thread of something….not sure if it’s just fear or something more. Uncertainty I think.

A huge uncertainty for the future of many people.

Now this is not going to be a political post. I don’t do those. Was I disappointed in the election? Yes, I was. I’m a United States Citizen, living in Canada. I love both countries. I think what a lot of people fail to see is this……One man can not run the country. Even if he has a god complex. That’s just not how it works.

Anything he wants to do has to be approved by many. That’s how democracy works. The only thing that gives me hope is that the man will have many more “handlers” now than in civilian life.

Now, me, I wonder how he plans to redecorate the white house? Hmm, will it turn out to be the ‘Gold House’? 😉

That’s about as political as I will ever get. Enough said on that subject. Let’s move on to my list…….

The Incomplete

Sunshine ~~ Ah, even when I feel bad, as long as the sun is shining I have hope that things will get better.

Friends ~~ I love my friends. They cheer me up, make me laugh, and make me feel like I belong.

My dog Sam ~~ A day without Sam would be a dark day indeed. How so much love can be inside a small eight-pound bundle of fur is beyond me. He accepts me at my worst and cuddles me until I’m ‘me’ again. I love this little dog so much.

Sweet smelling candles ~~ A flickering light, tantalizing fragrance, a feeling of zen, right in my own little room. Blissful.

My stubbornness ~~ It makes me get up and do things even when I feel like crap. It keeps me moving. Otherwise, I’m afraid I would lay down and never get back up some days.

Other people’s talents ~~ There are so many talented people out there. Writers that make me strive to be a better writer. Singers who make me feel each line. Poets who make me appreciate that written word. Artists who make me smile with their drawings, paintings, and carvings.

Beauty in this world ~~ Which there is plenty of it if one looks for it. Take a look around and then try to tell me I’m wrong. No matter how bleak things can look there is always a beauty close by. It might be hidden but you can see it if you try.




Tell me something that gives you pleasure. 






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Here I Go, Talking About Me Again

Good day, People. Hope your weekend was a good one. Now we are on the final stretch of finally getting the US election over with. With all that going on I thought some comic relief was in order. Or maybe it’s just some more weirdness going on…..

This is a post about yours truly, courtesy of Cee’s Share Your World questions. Can’t get weirder than me talking about me…again. I’m my biggest fan, apparently. ha!



Describe your own outlook on life in seven words or less. (NOTE:  does not  have to be a sentence.)

All things are temporary, especially the bad.

Where do you like to vacation?

What’s a vacation? If I want to go somewhere for a break I would prefer someplace with woods. I feel at home in the woods. Peace and serenity come to me through trees and wildlife.

Candy factories (sweets or treats including chocolate) of the entire world have become one and will now be making only one kind of candy. Which kind, if you were calling the shots?

This one is hard. I like really good chocolate. I imagine most people do. So it would have to be something with chocolate and peanuts. I love the combination of the two.

Complete this sentence: Something that anyone can do that will guarantee my smile is…

I was going to say smile. But I’ve had a few people smile at me that just creeped me out. Have you ever seen a clown smile? Talk about creepy! I’ve seen murderers smile….now if that won’t put you off smiles nothing will. So I’m afraid I will pass on smiles. So I’m going to go with……hell if I know. All I can see are creepy smiles now…thanks a lot, Cee. Ha!



Ok, now that I’ve given myself the heebie geebies I’ll leave. Go visit Cee and see what she says and play along if you like!