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Wednesday Comics ~~ Sam and Me

Something happened the other day that was comical yet a bit scary at the same time. Sam met up with a huge hawk!

We were in the back yard enjoying a bit of sunshine. Which this spring is unusual since it has rained almost every day for a couple of weeks.

I knew we had hawks around as I have seen them several times. This time the biggest hawk got just a tad too close to Sam for mine and especially his comfort! My Sam is little. He looks like a black and white rabbit from a distance. I think that’s what this hawk thought too!

When that hawk got a bit too close to Sam the look on his face was priceless! Scared and fascinated at the same time. I was a bit shocked that it got that close. Now I go out with Sam, just being careful you know. Anyway, the hawk in the comic is not that good as I’m still learning this program I have to make my comic strip. So please use your imagination on the hawk. 😉

I’m sure in Sam’s mind it was just this scary looking! Ha-ha!

(c) JLPhillps
(c) JLPhillps


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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Comics ~~ Sam and Me

  1. 🙂 easy to smile now because nothing happened…but be careful and look up occasionally – I do when I’m out with Bumble. We had a similar incident about three years ago…


    1. I never let Sam out by himself. Not that he would go. But I am always looking and watching now. It’s actually kind of scary isn’t it? And Bumble is not as young as Sam, harder to move fast. I watch Sam like a …well like a hawk now. 🙂


    1. It scared us both, then I thought it was rather funny. Though I do go out with him and watch at all times.


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