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Silly Sunday ~~~ Winter Edition

Most of us are all ready tired of Old Man Winter. So I thought why not throw some laughs in the mix. Lighten winter up just a bit? Here is my Silly Sunday, Winter Edition! Enjoy!











24 thoughts on “Silly Sunday ~~~ Winter Edition

    1. Hey! Wait a minute!! Is it because of the squirrel picture??? Hell then kiddo, we are both always ready for winter! LOL Me much more than you!


    1. Ah, come spend a winter in Canada, you’ll find out soon enough what winter is like Michael. LOL I imagine the cow just walked up on the car. I thought it was funny.


  1. What a wonderful collection of giggles. Thank you. We don’t have the kind of cold you have but I’m ready for just a bit warmer. I hate summer heat more. If it would stay between 60-80 degrees all the time, I’d be perfectly happy.


  2. Hilarious. That squirrel looks large enough to take on my groundhog. 🙂 I’m ready for spring already, but then again I’m never ready for winter.


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