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Finishing The Sentence

Hello People! I hope everyone is having a great day today!

I couldn’t think of anything to write about today. My mind was a complete blank. (Hush those that are laughing!) So, I did what any self-respecting blogger would do. I went looking for a prompt! I found one over at Mark’s. (Mark Bialczak) He put up a list for all us on Team Pepper last month, it’s full of different prompts. So thanks Mark! It’s just what I needed today! Whew, I sure am glad I have other bloggers to save my butt on days like this.

This is the prompt:

Finish this sentence: Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I want to ___________. Now use that sentence to start your post. Extra points if your post is more than 500 words long.

Feeling the way I did this morning, here is my story, finishing the sentence.



Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I want to pack my bags and leave for a warmer climate! It’s been cold here in my corner of Alberta, Canada. Right now it’s -13c (9F). With the sun shining brightly. Now one would think after all my years of living here (13 now), I would be used to the cold.

Nope, I’m not. I hate it. If I remember right, it’s one of the reasons I moved from Wisconsin so many years ago. Because it was freakin‘ cold in the winter! I don’t like being cold, it makes me cranky. It makes my old bones creak, moan and hurt. But, isn’t there almost always a but? But, I love the snow. Go figure right?

I love when the first snow falls and the landscape looks picture perfect. All the dull browns of a frozen fall are covered up. Snow is so pretty when the sun shines on it and it sparkles like a giant white diamond. I even like the crunch it makes when its super cold outside.

As for the cold itself. No, I don’t like it. Why can’t I have snow in warm weather? Or better yet in the middle of summer when it’s 34C out? Now that’s the perfect time for snow! Think how refreshing it would be to jump in a big sparkly pile of snow when it’s hot out.

Sam (my dog) loves the snow too, but like me, not the cold. He loves to roll in the snow, wipe his face in the snow, plow through like a mini black and white snow plow. Now that’s cute!

Here’s Sam and me in the winter snow.


(c) JLPhillips 2014
(c) JLPhillips 2014


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How would you finish the sentence?




15 thoughts on “Finishing The Sentence

  1. Bury myself in my covers and pretend that I never heard the alarm.

    Start checking out prices for flights to different places, book one and then call in sick.

    Throw something at the cat because it is Saturday and I was supposed to sleep in!


  2. Wonderful post for not having a thought in your head. 🙂 Maybe you were just short a sip of coffee. I like to see snow but not have to shovel it. My dog was the same as Sam with snow. She loved to run and play in it but hated the rain or a bath.
    Some mornings I would like to take 30 minutes to just meditate. Never works. I’d fall asleep or have a full list going in my mind of things to do. That’s when I journal and check e-mail with coffee. If I try to meditate at night, I can’t stay awake. Oh well. I wish I could write every day. Maybe soon.


    1. You have quite a bit on your plate all ready Marlene. Writing every day will come in its own good time. I haven’t meditated like I normally do, as like you I tend to fall asleep lol.


  3. Love what you wrote 🙂

    Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I want to find out that something wonderful happened in the night, I don’t know what, but I always grab for my phone to look at emails, facebook etc, just to see if something wonderful DID happen.

    (that was about 500 words right?).


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