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Wednesday Whatever!

My friend Mer over at Knocked over by a feather did this 50 list post where she posted 50 little things about herself most people wouldn’t know. I told her I was going to steal the idea. So here I am….stealing. 😉

I’m not sure what I could possibly tell you that might be interesting or that you might want to know. ha! Goodness, most of you that have been here for a while know a lot about me already but I will try to come up with something new.




  1. I never drank coffee until I was in my late twenties. I loved the smell of brewing coffee back then but hated the taste.
  2. I started smoking cigarettes at the age of nine. Stopped on and off throughout the years, finally quit for good in 2007.
  3. I’m allergic to spider webs. Not the spiders themselves. To their webs. They secrete a protein when they make their webs and that’s what I’m allergic to. I get red itchy welts wherever my flesh has touched one.
  4. I almost got fired from my first job because I refused to give to the Salvation Army. I had read an article back then that stated the donations we gave mostly went to pay salaries of their Board of Directors than to actually helping people. So on principle, I refused to give. My supervisor tried to blackmail me into giving as I was the only one in my department that didn’t give. I dared them to fire me. They didn’t.
  5. I kissed a girl. I was young and wanted to know what it was like.
  6. I use sarcasm as a shield so no one knows how shy I really am.
  7. I don’t wear jewelry. Ever.
  8. I’ve never been baptised. My parents didn’t believe in teaching us kids any one particular religion. They told us to explore. So I did. I have been to lots of different churches. Even Jehovah Witness’. I have come to my own way of believing which leans more toward Wicca and Native American.
  9. I once lived with my ex, his girlfriend, and her daughter because I had nowhere else to live. It only lasted a couple of months before they moved out while I was at work. With all my stuff. Except my clothes, bed, one chair and a tv tray.
  10. My favorite vegetable is asparagus. (Mer and I have great taste!)
  11. The vegetable I hate is peas. With lima beans right there with it.
  12. I’m allergic to beets.
  13. I went through menopause in my early 30’s and would lose my temper so badly that all I could see literally was red. It scared me, then depressed me.
  14. I had an affair with a married man.
  15. I had nightmares for a month after seeing the movie ‘The Exorcist’.  Yes, I read the book too. To this day, I don’t watch horror movies. Or read horror books.
  16. I have never broken a bone.
  17. When I was a teenager I developed ulcers because of my mom. We had a tumultuous relationship.
  18. I love lemons.
  19. I taught myself to type. I now type over 60 wpm.
  20. I hate talking on the telephone and will avoid it whenever possible.
  21. My two best friends are ladies I have never met in person but I know I could tell them anything without them judging me. I trust them.
  22. I never wanted kids.
  23. I never wanted to get married.
  24. Both marriages came about because I was ‘pushed’ into them. Otherwise, I would  have been quite content just living with them without the paperwork.
  25. I have never been on a motorcycle.
  26. I am the only one in my immediate family who has attended a college.
  27. I taught myself to paint.
  28. I used to sell my hand painted items in the Dallas Market Center. 
  29. I never tried pot until I was in my late 40’s. Didn’t try it again.
  30. I’m scared of the dark
  31. I haven’t had my hair cut since 2006.
  32. I used to faint at the sight of needles. Now I’m a diabetic. Karma sucks sometimes.
  33. I am a food addict.
  34. I have never seen a Stars Wars film
  35. I have never read a Harry Potter book
  36. I don’t like chick films
  37. I always wished I looked more like my Native American mother than my German father
  38. I still resent my family for not telling me my dad died until months after, nor letting me say good-bye
  39. I love Mexican food and wish someone would smuggle some to me.
  40. I never wear long sleeve shirts
  41. I hate sweaters
  42. I always wanted to own a mastiff dog
  43. or a pet dragon
  44. I lost all my body hair (except on my head and face) more than 20 years ago
  45. I haven’t shaved my legs or armpits since because of it, I haven’t had to as no hair grows there
  46. I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of HOW I will die
  47. Nothing shocks me anymore, lived too much, seen too much
  48. I have never had a birthday party and I’m going to be 61
  49. I don’t mind getting older anymore (I used to!) because now I can say whatever I want and get away with it.
  50. Someone sent me my ex’s Facebook page last week…..yup, I looked




Some of this might come as a surprise. I hope I have given you some new stuff about me that you didn’t know before. For some of you new people it gives you a chance to know me more than you probably wish. ha!

Maybe some of you feel inspired to do a list of your own. Let me know if you do!

Thanks Mer for the idea! ❤



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Monday Meeting ~~~ January 25, 2016

Hello, People!

I hope everyone survived the blizzards and other weird weather this past weekend. The weather here was warmer than usual and our snow melted. I thought some of you would appreciate that tidbit of news. 😉

Monday Meeting

Today’s Monday Meeting is going to be a little different. As I really don’t have much news to impart.

The husband is on his second round of chemo for his colon cancer. He’s holding up well. Not much in side effects. His blood pressure dropped and he’s more tired. Otherwise not much else, which is great. His cancer doctors said not to worry too much about the blood pressure as they have found out that low blood pressure is not as dangerous as it was made out to be in the past. This is his second month on the chemo, he has four more months to go. We just take things a day at a time.

He even gained a few pounds, so that was good news too. He went from being 5’9 inches and 100 pounds even, to 105 pounds. Every pound on him is a good thing. Even if he shrank a few inches as when we first got together he was 5’11. I keep telling him he don’t watch it he’ll be shorter than me! ha!

So, that’s about it with the news.

I thought I would add something to this weeks meeting. There has been an ABC post going around. I first read it on Holly’s blog, than a few others joined in. So I thought I would do it too. It’s been a long time since I did one of these. And, of course, it’s all about ME!


The ABC’s About Me, Me, ME!

A: Age – Older than dirt! Oh ok, 60. Geesh.

B: Biggest Fear – Not being able to care for myself in my old age. Being in a nursing home. Scares the crap out of me. Not going to happen if I can help it.

C: Current Time – Noon

D: Drink I last had – Anyone want to take a guess? Well if you know me at all you’ll know it’s….Coffee!

E: Easiest person to talk to – I have a really good, good friend that I email all the time. I can tell her anything and everything and she never judges and always has wise advice.

F: Favorite Song – Now this is impossible to answer. I love music. So I’m passing on this one.

G: Grossest Memory – Wow, after 60 years of living there are a lot of them! I would have to say the winner is a restaurant kitchen I saw once. The ex and I owned a carpet cleaning business back in the day. We cleaned mostly business’s. There was a restaurant that wanted the dining room carpet cleaned. We had to fill the machines with hot water from the kitchen. This kitchen smelled, it had bugs, the floor was so greasy we had to be extra careful not to slip and bust our asses. We saw mice and droppings under the sinks. It was the dirtiest, most disgusting thing I ever saw! Not too long after we worked there it was closed down for health reasons. Gee, no surprise there!

H: Hometown – Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Left there when I was twenty, never been back.

I: In love with – Well, I do have an ongoing love affair with…Coffee! Also, with books. Yeah, I’m a word slut.

J: Jealous of – I had to really sit and think on this one. I came up with….nothing. I used to be jealous of people who had a lot of money. Then I got to know a few of them. They aren’t happy people. So I stopped being jealous. I used to be jealous of talented people. You know the ones. The ones that could paint and write and do other talented things. Then I realized I have talent too. I paint and write. I know how to live on next to nothing. Believe me, that takes real talent! The older I get the more I realize there is always going to be people who do things better than me, have more things than I do. And that’s ok. I stopped comparing myself to others long ago. I’m much more content now.

K: Killed someone? – No, I haven’t. I have shot at people before. If I wanted to kill them I would have. I’m a good shot. I only shot at them in self-defense. If I wouldn’t have, I wouldn’t be here now. That’s a whole ‘nother story. Let’s move on.

L: Longest Relationship – Depends on the relationship. Romantically, it would be the husband. This one, not the first one. Will be fourteen years in September. Other relationship I guess would be with my mother. 😉

M: Middle Name – Lynn

N: Number of Siblings – Real ones? Or just the ones I claim? Eh, ok, real siblings….three….one older sister, one younger and one older brother.

funny-family-quotes (1)

O: One Wish – Is this like the Miss America questions? If so, then world peace. If it’s meant for a personal wish, then…..better health. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

P: Person You Last Called – My mom.

Q: Question You are Always Asked – Where are you from? I always get asked this when I have spoken to someone for more than a few words. I lived in the South for over twenty years. I guess I still have a bit of the southern or Texan accent. I’m told with just certain words or if I get angry or excited or nervous. Then my accent gets stronger. Since living here, I always answer this question with a much more pronounced accent….I live in Southern Alberta…..gets a laugh every time.

R: Reason to smile – Hell, just waking up every morning is a reason to smile. My dog Sam. Sunshine. Writing. Music. COFFEE! Friends. Just living life.

S: Song you last sang – A silly little made up ditty to my dog Sam. Where no one else could hear. Believe me, you don’t want to hear me sing. If you even want to call it that.

T: Time you woke up – Midnight, 2 am, 4 am, 6 am, 8 am, finally got out of bed to get coffee at 8:30 am. Getting old is not for sissies.

U: Underwear color – Um, that’s kind of a pervy question…..moving on.

V: Vacation Destination – What is this ‘vacation’ thing you speak of?

W: Worst habit – Swearing…..a lot.

X: X-rays you’ve had – Knee, shoulder, stomach, lung, hand

Y: Your Favorite Food – Lasagna

Z: Zodiac Sign – Virgo, …yup that’s me.




See you next Monday!





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The 15 Questions Tag

Hello people!

I know I haven’t shown up for a while with a new post. Although I’ve been busy. I do have a couple of things I have been working on, but they aren’t ready to be posted yet. One is another chapter to my story ‘The Man in the Fedora’. So stay tuned!

For now, I am stealing an idea from Mer over at Knocked Over by a Feather. She of course got it from someone else. It seems to be the go to post for us that have nothing otherwise for today. 😉

We answer 15 questions. I thought the questions were pretty good ones. So here we go!



What do you think you can do but can’t?

Well, I had to think about this one. Is it a trick question? LOL

I think I can do what I could do 20 years ago, but I can’t. I’m not as young, agile or have the want to that I had back then. Damn, it’s hard getting old. Some days I find just getting out of bed a trial. (By the way, my new mattress is oh so comfy! I had to get used to it! Isn’t that funny?)

What’s a difficult word for you to pronounce?

I find that I have become adept at using different words that I CAN pronounce. There are words that seem to get me every time. Like, cacophony, I never get that right! Or, entrepreneurship. I still can’t say it right the first time.

What are your favorite TV shows from your childhood?

The memories come sweeping back. Let’s see, The A Team, Twilight Zone, Taxi, The Carol Burnett Show, Kung Fu, just to name a few.

What are your virtues and vices?

Virtues; honesty, loyalty, trustworthy.

Vices; my temper, sarcastic, sometimes I’m a bit of a nitpick. oh, and I also like to play devil’s advocate.

What’s more important: love, fame, power, or money?

Love is more important, but I wouldn’t mind having some money for a change, you know, just to see what it’s like.

If you could live in any era/time period, when would it be and why?

Mer said the 60’s and I kind of agree. I also always wanted to try the 20’s, before the depression. Seemed like a fun time to be in. Think of flappers and a more innocent time.

If you had to redo your entire wardrobe with 2 stores, what would they be and why?

Well, this one was hard because I hate to shop, especially clothes. So I had to really think about it. I do know of an online store I love called OneStopPlus. I have found things to wear that actually fit a vertically challenged person such as myself! I can order pants that I don’t have to hem! Plus their t-shirts come long, just like I love them. They are reasonably priced even with shipping and they have a wide assortment of things to choose from. The other store would probably be a thrift store.

Can you recall what you were doing a year ago on this day?

More than likely just what I am doing today. Blogging, taking care of my disabled husband and assorted critters.

Do you have reoccurring dreams? If so, explain?

I do have a few recurring dreams. The first one is that I win the lottery. I have been having this dream for the last 5 years or so. At least once a week I have that dream, I win about 5 million and my family is on the phone wanting part of it and I tell them to kiss my butt. LOL I know sounds terrible, but only if you didn’t know my family.

Another one is I am talking to my Dad. He passed about 11-12 years ago. We are having a conversation. The conversations are usually about fate, our ability to change, and various other topics. I always feel so close to him with these dreams. It’s a nice feeling.

What’s your horoscope?

I’m a Virgo with Leo tendencies. Roar! LOL

Virgo Horoscope for February 19 2015: Family gives you a sense of structure and permanence. Turn to your relatives if you are feeling restless. Are you estranged from your kin? Create a support network consisting of friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Everybody should belong to a tribe. When they don’t, feelings of vulnerability can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you have many fine qualities that people admire. Your wit, intelligence and practicality will make you a valued member of a distinguished community.

What does your dream bedroom look like?

This is what it would look like! Perfect!



What position do you sleep in?

I’m a side sleeper. Lately though I have caught myself sleeping on my back. Never did before. As long as I sleep, who cares!

What are your all-time favorite films?

For me this is a tough one as I don’t watch movies very often. Hardly never, in fact. But, a couple of movies I saw years ago comes to mind.

A Christmas Carol with George C Scott

Anything with Jackie Chan, not because he has a great name (even though he does). Because he’s funny and I love to watch his fight scenes.

What makeup are you currently wearing?

None. Haven’t since I had a job outside the home. Au Natural baby!

Do you have neat handwriting? Show us!

Not sure if it’s neat or not. But, it’s mine!



And so that concludes this week’s questions and answers! If you want to do this, please feel free to do so!

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I’m So Vain, This Post Is About Me! ~~~ Share Your World Week 37, 2014

Hello People! Hope everyone’s week is going super good.

Yes, it’s that time of week again when you get more than your fill of ME! 😉

Cee over at Cee’s Photography is the host of a weekly question challenge, where you answer four questions about yourself. Thanks Cee for this little bit of fun every week. Go ahead and visit Cee, she has more great challenges and beautiful pictures to look at.



List three pet peeves.

1. Rude People.

2. Complainers. Now, I’m not talking about people who have illness’ or chronic pain or something like that. Usually these people are ones that complain the least! No, I’m talking about people who have a good life, good job, money in the bank and STILL find something to bitch about. Or people who complain about everything! Nothing is good enough, no one is good enough. Life sucks! I’ve known more than my fair share of people like this. They could have a million dollars, an easy life, good health and still complain. I’m just glad to be breathing every day. LOL

3. Drama. I hate drama! Not the kind you find in movies, TV shows or in books. I’m talking about being with someone and they make a scene in public, embarrass you in public. There always has to be some drama in their life and they want to tell you every. single. detail. These people usually don’t last long with me. Now again, I’m not talking about people who do have something life changing going on in their lives and need someone to talk to. I’m a great listener. I’m talking about drama queens or kings. They stub their toe on a chair leg and all of sudden they are dying! You all know what I’m talking about. You probably know, or have known someone like that at least once.


What makes you unique?

Besides just being me? Not a damn thing. LOL

Actually I’m of the school of thought that every one is unique. We all have unique talents, unique things that happen in our lives. Unique ways of looking at the world. Some maybe just a bit more than others. But under the sun we are all unique in some way.


What would be your ideal birthday present, and why?

At this moment in time? A maid. Or a maid service. Since I hurt my knee a couple of months ago my house has turned into one gigantic mess. I hate it, but am limited to what I can do right now. The knee is getting better every week, but it’s a damn slow process. So with 3 animals living with me, my house is one big hairy mess! I try to do what I can every day, but it’s a never-ending ball of a mess that keeps getting away from me.


Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?

Well, the ones my cats don’t decide to destroy, over of course. I learned my lesson while living in Texas years ago. I had a roll that you had to reach on the bottom to grab the end. Well there was a surprise waiting for me one day. A black widow spider! Good thing I’m short so noticed it before actually touching it! Since then the end is always on top! Oh and you never saw a person move so fast in your life! Wiping or not! That spider had to go before I could do anything! LOL



So there you go folks! More of me you didn’t want to know. 🙂 So how is your week going?




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Me~Me~Me! It’s All About Me! ~~ Week 33

Another week, means another session of talking about me! It’s all part of Cee’s Photography weekly thing called “Share Your World“. Thanks Cee for doing this every week! Why not come and join us?

But now, it’s all about ME!


Do you believe in ghosts? 

If anyone knows me well, they know I do believe in ghosts. Why? Because I have seen and heard them numerous times. I also have one that lives with me. I call him Abe. I wrote about him on my blog before. If you are interested you can read his story, where him and I first met, and how he follows me where ever I move since I was a child. His story is here.


irregardless of your physical fitness, coordination or agility:  If you could play any sport professionally what would it be?  Or if you can’t picture yourself playing sports, what is your favorite sport?

I don’t and wouldn’t play sports myself. But I love Hockey. About the only thing I watch anymore, sport wise.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself?

I have long hair, will always have long hair. I’m going to be one of those old silver long-haired hippy types. LOL I have never liked myself in short hair. Maybe because my mother insisted I have short hair when I was a kid. But now I have hair that goes past my shoulder blades. I usually wear it in a pony tail to keep it out of my way.

If you were on a small island, who would you want to be with? And where is it?  How big is it?

I would want my best friends. They are the greatest, kindest people I know. They are also fun, witty, smart and a joy to be around. You know who you are!

As for the Island itself. Well, it would have to be someplace warm, but not too warm. Beautiful ocean views, white sand beaches, lots of trees. Somewhere isolated but yet accessible by water or air if necessary. Big enough to feel comfortable, yet small enough to feel cosy.



There you have it folks. My post all about ME!

So tell me. Would YOU like to live on an island?